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Vertical Blinds: Major Do’s And Don’ts

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Everything has some dos and don’ts. The same goes while covering the windows. In some things, there is an exception of not so proper finishings but in interior design things are strict.

Things are strict if you want proper finishings. First, you have to analyze the right type of window covering for the specific dimensions of your windows.

Then you have to figure out the conditions of your interior, then you come up with the right design with the right type of material for the window covering. This is just a touch-up, things are more than just that.

So, vertical blinds, you know them right, you have to. Indeed, a very classy window blind type. Quite differently designed and that’s why do not consider them as other standard window blinds.

Window blinds are specific around the window sizes and places you want them to be. So, by that vertical blinds surely have some dos and don’ts.

Do Buy Vertical Blinds If You Have Tall Windows

Vertical blinds alongside roller blinds are the best window blinds solutions you’ll ever find to cover tall windows affordably. It is because of the vertically oriented functionality of both of these.

Vertical blinds if not completely then surely design-wise different from the standard window blinds like wood blinds and Venetian blinds. These have horizontally positioned slats.

Vertical blinds have vertically positioned long slats. This change in the position of the slats changes the whole game. This is not just the design change but importantly the way how a window blind can provide its service.

Because they are vertically positioned, that’s why they align with the tall dimensions of the window very sleekly, indeed.

Also, tall windows require a window covering solution that can dynamically enhance the overall functionality of a window. Vertical blinds are perfect for that cause.

Just like others, the slats they possess have a tilting functionality. They tilt at a certain degree and shut completely overlapping each other.

Do Buy Vertical Blinds If You Want Good Privacy And Light Control

Vertical blinds can be installed over and even on the sill of the window. In both situations, vertical blinds are ok. But when privacy and light control are regarded then it is smart to install them on the sill.

Vertical blinds cover the window quite impressively. If there are good measurements and fittings then they are in the best state to provide the right level of intense privacy and light control.

Choosing the right material is also crucial. Opt to have material with high opacity. The level of privacy is totally measured by the level of opacity.

The more the opacity the high is the privacy. If the opacity is high you are not going to have good light in your place and can’t have a view outside.

For that purpose, you have two possible ways. One to open the slats to have a view outside or you have to buy a vertical blind with a medium kind of opacity. Then you’ll have minimal privacy, light, and view outside.

Do Buy Vertical Blinds If You Want Longevity

There are waterproof, that’s all. That’s their seal for longevity. I’ll explain, to have longevity a window blind must be durable to the conditions of the interior.

And to be durable a window blind must have high-quality material and also it has to be waterproof. Vertical blinds may not have that high-end and natural material like wood blinds and metal blinds but they are waterproof.

They can stand tall in those humid places where expensive wood blinds and metal blinds can’t stay in their best form.

Do Not Buy Vertical Blinds For Blackout

Vertical blinds are good for privacy and light control but they are not just even considerable for blackout purposes. As usual with other window blinds, vertical blinds also have slats and because of that, they have gaps among their slats.

And also it is not just their design that is the main cause behind their light control it’s the fabric opacity. No matter how good the material is, opacity is not just 100%.

By that, it is obvious that there will be light even when the slats are closed. So, at night maybe you’ll get good results if there is not an artificial source of light outside. But at day, it is impossible for vertical blinds to provide you with a so-called blackout.

Do Not Buy Vertical Blinds For Small Windows

As I said, some window blinds are specific for specific conditions or situations. Window sizes are also a specified thing, which just can not be neglected.

Vertical blinds are like, just not designed for small windows. Trust me, vertical blinds look stupid in small and narrow dimensional windows.

Vertical blinds are great for tall windows but didn’t just look stupid in small windows, but when they function they look more disturbed. I think anything vertical is not just good for a small window. Anything horizontal can be good like curtains or mini blinds are also there as a good option.

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