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Business intelligence is an essential component in the modern world of business. The power of BI across the enterprise pushes a business towards more agility, innovation, and productivity.   

And the situation is different for companies that use Microsoft Power BI’s capabilities. The rationale is that Power BI’s complete potential in business intelligence helps businesses become more productive and future-ready. 

Moreover, Microsoft has risen as the top powerful analytics tool provider in the form of Power BI, with a market share of more than 35%, the highest by any power BI tool provider. Microsoft has an established track record in the technology industry with this report creation tool, intuitive and customized platform, and easy integration capabilities.  

So, what makes Microsoft Power BI so popular among businesses, and what are the benefits that make Power BI the best choice for all sizes of enterprises.   

Before reviewing the benefits of Power BI, let’s briefly look at the Power BI definition.  

What is Power BI? –  

 Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. It helps you visualize data, share insights, and monitor your business on a single dashboard. 

Power BI is available as a cloud-based service and desktop application. It is designed to be user-friendly and to enable users to create professional-looking reports and dashboards quickly and easily. With Power BI, you can connect to various data sources, create reports and dashboards, and share them with your team or the more comprehensive organization. 

Unknown Benefits of Power BI – 

Here are some Power BI features that businesses may not be aware of that might help them turn obstacles into opportunities:   

Advanced Analytics Services – 

Microsoft Power BI offers a business analytics service that provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities. 

It includes a suite of tools for analyzing data, creating dashboards and reports, and sharing insights with others. Some advanced analytics features in Power BI include Data modeling, Data visualization, Integration with Azure Cloud, Collaboration with AI, and Blending with Machine Learning.   

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Connect to a wide range of data sources –  

Power BI allows you to connect to various data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, and cloud services such as Google Analytics and Salesforce. 

Some common data sources that you can connect to in Power BI include: 

  • Excel files 
  • CSV files 
  • Text files 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database 
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse 
  • Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) 
  • SQL Server Analysis Services 
  • Oracle (such as MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL) 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Adobe Analytics 
  • Azure DevOps 
  • Google BigQuery 
  • Azure Blob storage 
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 
  • Azure Table storage 
  • OData feeds 
  • Web pages 
  • SharePoint lists 

Create interactive reports and dashboards –  

Power BI lets you create interactive reports and dashboards that can be easily shared with your team or organization. You can use a variety of charts, graphs, and maps to visualize your data and uncover insights.  

Moreover, with the integration of AI and machine learning technologies, the Power BI platform can predict upcoming trends, customer choices, and trends that help businesses with seamless decision-making, more productivity, and agile profitability.  

Monitor your business in real-time – 

With Power BI, you can set up alerts and notifications to stay up to date on key metrics and trends in your business. You can also create live dashboards that update in real time as new data becomes available.  

Moreover, it monitors all spheres of your business. It provides an analytical overview of each sphere that help the organization outline which sector is performing well and which sector needs more concentration or to perform well.   

Businesses with geographical business centers can leverage the benefit of Power BI’s monitor in real-time feature. That gives companies a complete overview of each center and offers more productivity.   

Customize and extend –  

Power BI allows you to customize and extend its capabilities using custom visuals and third-party integrations. This will enable you to tailor the tool to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

The best benefit that Power BI offers is a customized business platform; businesses, with the aid of a Power BI consulting services provider, can develop a Power BI dashboard that can be customized per business needs and requirements.  

Enterprise can blend various applications with Power BI like Azure, Office 365, CRM, and more. That enhances productivity and employee engagement and keep makes decision-making seamless.   

Conclusion –  

The modern world is searching for a litany of technology, and technology is pursuing advancement up to the skies. So, to thrive in the business world, enterprises need to embark on advanced technologies. And Power BI is one of the advanced embedded technologies business platforms.  

Organizations can get in touch with Power BI development service providers and pull the capabilities of Power BI to transform business with technology, power, and analytics.   

Author Bio:

Michael Donald is a senior IT Consultant at leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP Development Partner Company, Bitscape. He has unified experience in adding values to the existing technological architecture of various businesses. During his professional journey, he has tackled a wide range of challenges and have built the ability to work through challenging issues for any industry

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