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Pakistan is a land of many cultures and traditions. One of the
most important aspects of Pakistani culture is its food. Pakistani cuisine is
known for its spicy dishes, and one of the best ways to cool down after a spicy
meal is with a refreshing drink.

Here are some traditional drinks of Pakistan that you should try on your next
visit to the country: 1. Mango Lassi: Mango lassi is a delicious yogurt-based
drink that is perfect for hot summer days. It is made by blending mangoes,
yogurt, sugar, and ice.

You can find mango lassis all over Pakistan, but they are especially popular in
Punjab province. 2. Nimbu Pani: Nimbu pani, or lemonade, is another refreshing
drink that is popular in Pakistan. It is made by mixing fresh lemon juice,
water, sugar, and ice.

Nimbu pani can be found all over Pakistan but it originates from Punjab
province where it is also known as “Punjabi lemonade”. 3.. Sohan Halwa: Sohan
halwa is a type of dessert that originates from Punjab province.

It is made with semolina flour, ghee (clarified butter), sugar, nuts, and
cardamom powder.. This sweet treat can be found all over Pakistan but it
originally comes from Lahore city in Punjab province where it was first created
by famous confectioner Haji Habibullah more than 200 years ago!

Pakistan Drink Alcohol

In Pakistan, alcohol is not as easily available as it is in
other countries. There are only a few places where alcohol is sold, and it is
expensive. The legal drinking age in Pakistan is 21.

Drinking alcohol is not common in Pakistani culture, and most people do not
drink. Those who do drink usually do so in private. There are a few reasons why
alcohol is not as popular in Pakistan.

First, Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol. This means that many people
in Pakistan do not drink because they are Muslim. Second, Pakistan is a
conservative country, and drinking alcohol is not considered to be appropriate
behavior for women.

Finally ,Pakistan has a high rate of poverty, and many people cannot afford to
buy alcohol.

Cold Drink Price in Pakistan

A recent study has found that the price of cold drinks in
Pakistan is on the rise. The research, conducted by the Consumer Rights
Commission of Pakistan (CRCP), found that the prices of cold drinks have
increased by an average of 20% over the past year. This increase is
significantly higher than the rate of inflation, which was just 6% over the
same period.

The CRCP’s investigation also found that most brands have stopped providing
200ml bottles and are now only selling 300ml or 500ml bottles. This means that
consumers are paying more for less product. In some cases, prices have
increased by as much as 50%.

With summer temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of Pakistan,
demand for cold drinks is high. But companies are taking advantage of this
demand by hiking up prices. This is unfair and unjustifiable – especially given
how essential these products are during a heatwave.

The CRCP has urged the government to take action to regulate the prices of cold
drinks so that they are fair and affordable for all consumers. In the meantime,
we urge everyone to be mindful of these price hikes and to drink responsibly
this summer!

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