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Top Landscape Errors that Homeowners Frequently Do

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As homeowners, you are bound to make changes, upgrades, and fixes here and there. Maintenance is an integral part of the process. However, in the chaos, the exterior is left untouched. The most residents do is clean up the lawn and give the driveway a pressure wash.

What they forget is the landscaping. This is an essential part of curb appeal. Despite homeowners being aware of the process and how landscaping can change their property, they tend not to get into the hassle.

62% of all landscaping business comes from residential homes states zippia.com. Despite the statistics being significant, homeowners either tend to keep landscapes as they are or neglect them till an upgrade is needed.

Most believe that landscaping is expensive or are unaware of the elements of landscaping. If you have never dealt with an exterior renovation or aren’t sure what qualifies as landscaping, read on:

Elements Of Landscaping Every Homeowner Must Know

To bring the perfect balance it is necessary to align the key elements of a landscape design. Whether you are going with a thematic flow or want to add a flair to the view, these are the elements you must focus on:

  1. Line

These are elements that add direction to the space. This is a versatile element that can be curved, straight, or wavy and zig-zagged the straight line gives the place a more formal look while curves and other designs tend to add a flair to the space.

These lines can be created with paint or with landscaping materials such as stones, vegetation, or brick and mortar.

  1. The Size of the Beds

Making landscape beds is a tiresome job. Most homeowners or landscapers simply clear out a narrow strip along the foundation and plant every plant in the middle of the strip. Plants vary in size, therefore some will quickly outgrow the thin beds and hang over the lawn, become one-sided or rub against the house. Sizing the beds according to the mature size of the plant is the way to go. In other words, cut the beds to fit the plant instead of cutting the plant to fit the beds.

  1. Organizing the Landscapes

For many homeowners, landscaping means a project that can start and end on the same day. Therefore, their landscapes are an assortment of little individual landscapes that don’t have any overall theme or flow. When making landscapes opt for the “paint with the big brush first,” thinking. This means that good landscapes have a theme that ties everything together, with the little details filled in over time.

  1. Plant Types

The plants you choose to add to the landscape must fit into the style height and color theme of the landscape. Many home gardeners bring home plants they fall in love with, plants were given to them by friends and family, or castoff plants, without having any idea where the new plant would fit in the overall landscape. The result is a collection of plants arranged with no rhyme or reason. Often the landscape becomes overcrowded, making the place look unorganized or unappealing.

This can also affect the growth of plants that are sown in close proximity. Therefore if you are expecting a specific plant to grow big and lush it might not get the appearance because the wrong plant has been sown next to it or there isn’t enough space.

  1. Dwarf Plants aren’t all that

The word “dwarf” is very popular with plant sellers, enticing people to buy “miniature” plants like weeping cherry trees and “burning bushes” that grow vastly larger than anyone ever expected. Planting weeping cherry trees just a few feet from the corner of the house is probably the most common mistake in landscaping. 

These are often sold as dwarfs but they grow up to be quite large and then expand all over the place. Therefore it is better to hire a professional landscaper who understands how plants and landscaping work before choosing random plants that may seem on-trend.

  1. The Corner Must be Considered

The corners and narrow strips in the landscape where the lawn mower cannot reach must be considered. Narrow strips and corners where the riding mower can’t reach take time and effort to trim by hand. Mowing is much easier if obstacles like utility poles, guy wires, mailboxes, fire hydrants, fences, etc. are included inside landscape beds and not dotted around the lawn.

  1. The Scattered Look

The scattered look is one of the most common mistakes a homeowner can make. This is when the seeds around the landscape appear to have fallen at random places causing the plants to grow.

It creates a style-free obstacle course. No plant likes to compete with lawn grass choking it right up to the trunk, but maintaining mulch circles around all those randomly scattered plants rarely happens, so the plants struggle.

  1. The Water System

Professional landscapers ensure that the plants around the scape have access to water. Depending on the type of plants you have chosen for the space, you might need a fully operational sprinkler to keep the soil wet.

If not then you can opt for low-maintenance plants that don’t require additional care. They use tiny watering pipes that are placed directly into the soil. The water can be released when needed and stopped accordingly.

The water system in the landscape must be placed according to the structure, design, and plants in the venue. 

Doing Nothing

We’re constantly amazed at how many homeowners postpone landscape improvements, even small ones so that after years or even decades, their houses are still naked. Not a single tree provides relief from the hot sun. Nothing but weeds and crabgrass and open lawn. We like to say that the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The next best time is today.


Hiring professionals such as Landtech Scenery Inc can help you stay out of trouble and make the right decisions when it comes to landscaping.

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