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Have you ever watched Amazon Prime, Netflix, or YouTube videos? If yes, you must know the concept. In the past few years, video streaming apps have created a buzz in the industry and disrupted the media world. It’s not just replacing traditional TV shows with streaming apps. It also makes people watch their favorite shows at any time. The popularity of video streaming apps is increasing day by day. 

Benefits of Building the Video Streaming App for Your Business

With the help of professional streaming app development experts, you can start a streaming platform to broadcast events even if you have minimal technical knowledge. 

  • 1. Connect With the Right Audience:

Video platforms is a great place to connect between streamers and users. It builds trust and provides an opportunity to interact with creators and followers. Customers can inquire and receive information directly and quickly.

  • 2. Increased Conversion Rate:

Let’s say you deliver timely and valuable content to your audience through high-quality audio and video streaming. In that case, it means you can easily grow your audience, who can convert without problems.

  • 3. Availability in different formats:

Your audience will appreciate the convenience of a video stream app. Your viewers can watch your live video from the comfort of their homes or on the go with the touch of a button. As a result, your viewers won’t feel the need to rush home and watch your video. 

  • 4. Variety of Content:

You can use video and multimedia formats such as photos, text messages, and video calls. You may turn it into on-demand entertainment. This will help you reach more viewers.

  • 5. Easy to Use 

The apps are obviously mobile-friendly. However, please note that mobile usability will vary from app to app. For this reason, it is important to consider choosing a live-streaming app. 

How to Create a Video Streaming Application: Must-Have Features?

There are many features that you should consider when planning to create a video streaming app development.

  • 1. Watchlist

Once you start defining what your app’s users like to see, the recommended watchlist feature will come in handy. They will appreciate your advice. The watchlist is an extremely useful feature from a viewer’s point of view. This feature will save time browsing before watching. Users can browse the entire library and add desired videos to their watchlist. This is one of the important features to create a video streaming app.

  • 2. Screen Mirroring

It allows presenters to work on or display content from more accessible devices, such as laptops, but presents content for the entire room to view. For example, you can mirror your home if you want to show pictures of friends and family.

  • 3. Multiple user accounts

Allow your members to set up multiple user accounts. This way, the whole family or group of friends can use one subscription. But they have their own personal account. Each user account has a watchlist, watch history, and video recommendations. This feature is very helpful to build a video streaming app in a unique way.

  • 4. Mini Video Window

Mini video windows have become a common feature on all video streaming app builders, from YouTube to Netflix. This feature allows users to shrink the video in progress into a smaller window. Users can browse the rest of the platform while the video continues playing in a small window. Users can then maximize the window and go back to the video or switch to a new video.

  • 5. Chapter marker

Chapter markers help viewers scroll through your video. This feature is essential to create a video streaming app that allows you to label sections of your video content within the video player timeline. Viewers can move their cursor to the video player timeline and see the label for each part of the video. Chapter markers are especially useful when you want to find a particular segment in video content quickly. 

  • 6. Region-specific content

To make a video streaming app, the language of content and geographic location is of paramount importance. A prominent platform offers multilingual content to attract a global audience. But given the saturation of services in the global market, it might be worth considering a deeper audience base. Content on your platform should be geographically relevant to your audience. And this relevance is not just limited to language. It also includes genres, themes, authoring styles, and more. 

  • 7. Multi-Language Support

If you want to create a video streaming app android globally, First of all, you should add support for multiple languages. This feature will make your platform more user-friendly and attract users from different regions, so make sure to use different languages. 

  • 8. Smart Search

Smart Search is a powerful tool that turns hours of watching footage into milliseconds. It helps business owners get fast and accurate results.

How much does it Cost to Develop a Video Streaming App?

You have to consider various factors. That decides the cost of video streaming application development. The cost and design elements of the application will depend on your objectives. The type of video you want to stream, preferred language, other special features, and so on. 

  • 1. Platform: 
  • You can choose an app platform based on the market searches you perform. The video streaming app development cost will increase or decrease depending on the complexity. You always use cross-platform technology to reduce costs where possible.
  • 2. Video Streaming Servers: 
  • Your choice of video streaming app developer may affect your integration costs.
  • 3. Payment Gateway: 
  • If the app is free for users without a payment gateway. Efforts will be less. If the user has to pay for the content, you need to integrate payment gateways into your app for Android and iOS. Third-party payment gateways will be rejected by Apple and Google during the app review process.


The cost of the best video streaming app, such as Netflix, Disney Hotstar, and Amazon Prime depends directly on a number of factors. If you want to create a streaming platform, you already know that the video and the live streaming market are very successful and exciting. 

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