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In the organization of events, forecasting is essential and the first thing we value when we have an outdoor event is the weather conditions of the place.

Whether it’s hot or cold, renting a tent is the perfect solution for outdoor events, but it not only protects you from the weather, but also pays attention to all its advantages.

Advantages of renting tents for events

1. Outdoor events

The main advantage of tent rental is that it allows you to hold outdoor events. Being a temporary construction site allows you to take advantage of land, plots or gardens at your disposal for the celebration of all kinds of parties without giving up enjoying an outdoor space.

2. Assembly

Quick assembly and disassembly, in a matter of hours, and without damaging the surface where it is installed.

3. Versatility

As it is an open space you will be able to:

Celebrate an event adapted to the number of guests

Customize the layout of the space to your liking: tables, chairs, carpets, stands, material storage, platforms, and stages.

4. Decoration

It admits a wide variety of decorative possibilities: You can decorate both the interior of the tent and the exterior to your liking.

5. Tents for all types of events

  • Private events: rental of tents for weddings, communions, baptisms, birthdays, retirements, anniversaries,
  • Corporate events
  • Sports events
  • Fairs, congresses and conventions
  • promotional events
  • Concerts
  • exhibitions
  • Festivals and patronal fairs
  • popular foods
  • Oktoberfest

Tips for renting tents at parties and events

1. Types of tents

Polygonal tents

They are large and very resistant tents, ideal for holding events with a larger number of attendees such as concerts, fairs, festivals, conventions or large celebrations. They are constructions that reach 10 meters in height and as their name indicates, they can take all kinds of polygonal shapes.

Gable tents

They are large and resistant tents, of simple construction, which are distinguished from the polygonal ones by having a peak-shaped roof and reaching a maximum height of 6 meters.


This type of tents reproduce the Arab jaimas, which are a kind of portable houses or tents that are still used to protect people in the desert.

2. Make a list with the characteristics and needs of your event

Before looking for providers to request a tent rental quote, we recommend making a list with the characteristics and needs of your event, taking into account the following aspects:

Installation place

The provider will need to know the type of soil or terrain to know if it can be drilled or if the tent must be fixed with counterweights.

Calculate the dimensions of the tent

  • Make a forecast as accurate as possible of the number of people who will attend the event.
  • There is a recommended tent for each type of event or activity. It will make it easier for the supplier to know what type of event you are organizing. Define if it is an event in which the attendees are going to be sitting or standing, you will need more space in case the event requires furniture such as chairs, tables, bars, stands, platforms or stages.
  • Event duration: if the event is going to last days or hours

3. You can add extra elements to your tent

The rental of the tent is not limited to the installation of its structure, you should know that there are decorative elements and accessories that may be necessary for the successful completion of the event.

Air conditioning : heating and air conditioning

Floors : wooden floor, flooring, carpet, platforms

Types of canvases : transparent, opaque, colored, English type windows, rectangular windows,…

decorative lining

decorative curtains

decorative flysheet

decorative double wall

lighting and sound


Pergolas enabled as a hall or hall

Furniture: chairs, tables, modular stands, bars, stands, dance floor,…

panic doors

Portable toilet rental

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