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Surprising Facts Of Logo Designs That No One Tells You About Before  

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When we talk about our favorite brand, one thing that comes to mind is the logo of our same brand. As we all know, a logo is something that defines your brand and your true identity. If you take an example from the logo of Facebook, you will see a vector F logo that justifies a versatile social media platform. 

We have talked about Logo Design Company. benefits and how you can enhance these skills so many times. But the actual question that so many professionals and beginners ask includes the facts. Yes, beginners and professionals are always trying to learn surprising facts about logo designs. In this blog, we will discuss the following facts that will blow your time.  

First Fact: Black And White Logo Is The Trendy Flex 

We understand that being a logo designer, you want to add fancy elements to your brand’s logo to make it look appealing. But, this is a genuine fact that if you are a beginner who needs to make your logo look professional. Then, you can make it with a black and white theme. 

Suppose we take examples from the logos of some top-notch products like Adidas, Nike, FedEx, Ferrari, Apple, and Lacoste. You will see all these top-tier brands have black and white logos. So, I would suggest adding elements of a black and white theme for your upcoming logo project. You will see the magic of your successful logo designing services.  

Second Fact: Want To Save Time? Talk With Your Client In Detail

Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and guru provide a wide range of logo designing services. Along with that, there are so many agencies that provide logo symmetry London services as well. When they hire logo designers, one thing that looks into the client is how much a logo designer is paying attention to the project. Yes, your client will notice that. And not only that if you are paying attention to the details. It will also save your time from future logo failure as well. 

If you are one of those individuals who work with the agencies, you still have to pay close attention to your logo project details. Because once you adopt this habit of paying attention to the details, you will save time. 

Third Fact: Less Is Always More 

Always remember that less is always more in logo designing as well. Adding fewer elements will always make things clear for your clients as well. For example, if you are adding a mixed combination of colors along with the typography and 3D graphics. It will make your extra logo fancy, or maybe your clients will get bored of it too quickly. It doesn’t matter what your domain and niche are. For example, if you are working in the domain of makeup or clothing, a simple touch of pastel colors will be enough. The same goes for the food, traveling, and digital marketing agency logos as well. 

Fourth Fact: Your Competitors Can Also Be Your Motivation 

As we all know that in digital marketing, the competition is tough. From content to web development, and from web development to logo designing. Every professional wants to stay on top of the other. That’s why our professionals suggest that you can also take creative and informational ideas from your competitors as well. A logo designer with a lack of attention can take proper inspiration from their competitors smoothly. 

Fifth Fact: Asking For The Advices Will Make Your Logo More Concise 

In digital marketing, people never ask for advice and suggestions. This is the biggest fact that if you want to stay in the logo designing domain, then you have to ask for advice as well. If you ask for advice from experts or from a beginner, this habit will polish your ideas and concepts as well. However, when you get ideas from different resources, your clients will definitely get satisfied with your work. On the other hand, you will get a chance to learn as well. 

Basic Rules That Every Logo Designer Should Follow

Logo designing also depends on following the rules and guides. However, in logo designing, many experts and professionals set some rules to make logos. What are those rules? Let’s explore. 

  • Maintain Color Theory 
  • Keep Your Logo Simple 
  • Think Creatively 
  • Research And Explore 

Maintain Color Theory 

Paying attention to color theory is essential in logo designing. Many excerpts suggest that avoiding color theory can create a mess. Because if you are not using proper color tricks, your logo won’t be considered engaging and attractive. So, always prioritize using suitable color theory. 

Keep Your Logo Simple

Keeping your logos simple and concise could be the easiest way to highlight your logo. The new strategy in logo designing is all about making Unique logos simple yet sophisticated. If you take examples from the logos of some top-notch brands, including Google and Nike, you will realize that simplicity can also be the key to boosting your logo. 

Think Creative 

In logo designing, if you want to be an expert and professional, then you have to think out of the box. Thinking out of the box defines creating and developing your own ideas and bringing your own innovative concepts to the logos. This is the only way to be successful in the era of logo designing. 

Research And Explore 

In digital marketing, if it’s content marketing, web development, or logo designing. You have to research and explore the things and elements. The concepts are entirely up to you and what references and links you want to follow because researching and exploring will enhance your skills as well. 

Wrapping Up 

While wrapping up the final words, I will suggest you follow the rules of logo designing. Above mentioned facts will definitely blow your mind. 

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