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One of the top resorts in Coorg-Madikeri, IBNI Springs Madikeri offers the highest calibre services to its visitors. During the stay, our valued client enjoys the highest levels of comfort and elegance.

You will be mesmerised by the magnificence of the top nature resorts in Coorg-Madikeri. The property’s main attraction is the living spring and waterfall.

The resort’s every crevice is distinctive in every way and unrivalled in Coorg.

This country, which embodies Coorg’s rich cultural legacy and tradition, has an innate calmness and eternal beauty that leaves travellers with wonderful memories.

The best spot for travellers and tourists to stay and experience first-rate hospitality, conveniences, cuisine, and elegance all in one location is IBNI Springs. We go above and above to ensure that your holiday is fantastic. Due to this, many of our respected visitors have become part of our extended family.

The Best Resort in Coorg with Contemporary Amenities

Free WiFi at high speeds

One of our everyday necessities is access to the Internet. A visitor always wonders if he will receive free Wi-Fi or not before entering Coorg resorts.

So, there’s no need to worry. Free high-speed Internet service (up to 100 Mbps) is offered inside and outside the five-star resorts in Coorg, IBNI Springs. Stay online all the time to stay in touch with the world. Consider taking a business trip to IBNI Springs as well.


Discover the true flavours of Coorg. IBNI Springs Restaurant serves tantalising, genuine traditional dishes as well as perennially popular multi-cuisines. Enjoy exquisite cuisine in the amidst nature to indulge your taste senses and practise mindful eating. Eat like a Kodava when you’re in Coorg.

Service Taxi

We provide transportation services for an additional facility to make your trip hassle-free. Our drivers are knowledgeable and well-trained. To reserve a cab, kindly email the hotel and/or let them know at the front desk what you need.

IBNI Springs lodging: Deluxe Cottages for a relaxing stay


Stay in one of the magnificent premium cottages. It is one of Coorg’s top resorts for friends, families, and couples.

Enjoy your time off and unwind in the untamed countryside

These luxurious cottages are incredibly comfy and have a 42-inch LED TV, free 100 Mbps high-speed wi-fi, air conditioning, a geyser, a stylish double bed, and gorgeous décor.

Explore the grounds and the natural trails by foot. Experience a luxurious vacation while having an amazing time. Improve your vacation experience by staying in one of IBNI Springs’ cosy, luxurious cottages in Coorg.

Double occupancy with breakfast included: Rs. 4500* Extra beds with breakfast included: Rs. 750 GST @ 12% is applied to the above prices.

Extra fees apply for snacks and beverages. Meal: Various (North/South Indian cuisine).

Stay at COORG RESORT – IBNI SPRINGS’s Wooden Cottages

The greatest accommodations at IBNI Springs are wooden cottages. The best option for lodging in the middle of nature is this. An ideal Cottage retreat for families and couples in Coorg, where seclusion is prioritised above all else.

Get the best sense of relaxation while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

These cottages are calm and comfortable for our guests. Enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones and fall in love with the surroundings.

Best Activities at IBNISPRINGS Resort

At the nicest resort in Coorg, there are plenty of enjoyable and recreational things to do for both adults and children.

The IBNI Springs Coorg resort offers a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational activities that enrich the visitors’ free time and help them get in touch with nature. Sporty, enjoyable activities include:


Dance and listen to music around the bonfire to make the most of your stay at IBNI Springs with loved ones.

Shuttle Badminton:

Do you enjoy playing the game? Show off your badminton prowess at the IBNI Springs Badminton Court to amuse yourself.

Are you a cycling fitness nut?

The greatest way to take in Kodagu’s spectacular natural beauty is by bicycle. By pedalling and inhaling the clean Coorg air, you can feel liberated.


Fishing is available at this top resort in Coorg at a prime fishing location. A captivating location where fishing enthusiasts can satisfy their desire to catch a variety of fish!

Mud Games:

Super thrilling mud games for both kids and adults! At IBNI Springs, it’s a good time. Play mud games with your family and friends to experience the fun of childhood!

Private Waterfall:

Want to do nothing? Watch this waterfall. At IBNI Springs, take a seat next to the magnificent waterfall and unwind. Seek the blessings of nature while experiencing the waterfall’s peaceful and magnificent energies!

Other significant information; Distance from IBNI SPRINGS

Raja’s Seat is 3 km away.

Abbey Falls is 9 km away.

The Tibetan Golden Temple in Bylakuppe is 35 kilometres away.

Iruppu waterfall is 77 kilometres away.

The Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is 125 kilometres away.

Mysore Palace, 125 kilometres

Bangalore, 270 kilometres


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