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The world is changing very rapidly, especially after the pandemic hit. It is like everyone is living a day at a time and trying their best to make a difference each day. The pandemic has given a productive push to technological development worldwide. As a result, there have been huge developments and changes. All sectors of society have experienced massive innovations, starting from the health sector and education sector to the entertainment sector. Even tremendous technological developments are likely to occur in the next twenty years. 

By 2040, the world is going to change entirely. Like no one could imagine, students will rely on online homework help providing websites for their homework twenty years ago. People today also cannot imagine what does the future beholds. The world is more likely to be run by technology far more or entirely. Few of such technologies that are going to change the course of human life to a great extent are –


Metaverse is an already known element. It is not a fad for sure. Instead, the metaverse is going to be the future of human civilisation. This idea of a virtual universe is likely to receive investment from big giants and spread widely in the next 20 years. The world will look like a 3D film or 3D game within 2040.

DNA Computing

The whole idea of computing and Artificial Intelligence is to implement complex human thinking power into technology. DNA computing will be a convergence of biology and computer technology. Instead of using silicon, biology will be used to solve complex computer problems. Just like DNA works as the powerhouse of the human body and DNA computing will work as a building block for the development of computer technologies. 

Smart Dust

Smart dust is nothing but a swarm of tiny sensors which are as tiny as dust. The main objective of smart dust is to gather a massive amount of information from over a large area. The speciality of smart dust is it can be spread over large regions unnoticed, also can enter small spaces and store vast amounts of information without any hustle. 

Digital Twins

The digital twin already exist, but the application will increase massively in the coming decades. They are nothing but a digital facsimile of the physical belongings of an individual, which modifies as its coequal. These digital twins will help a great deal in collecting information throughout the life cycle of its counterpart and contribute to the further development of new functionalities. 

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Brain-computer or neural-control interface is a connection pathway between the wired or augmented human brain and an external tool or device. For example, a chip will be implemented or injected inside the brain, which will help record the host body’s internal data. This data will be used for advancement in the medical field. 

Level 5 Autonomous Vehicle

Within the next twenty years, the world will experience the advent and spread of self-governing vehicles. As the name suggests, it will not need any human intervention to function. This will act as the catalyst for developing smart cities, having roads with sensors that track all the vehicles, stop lights, etc.

Permanent Lunar Base

After setting foot on the moon, now it’s time to develop lunar bases to change the future of astronomy and the asteroid mining industry. Moreover, this advancement will likely generate considerable revenue in the coming decades. 

Hypersonic Airliners

The new generation of airliners is ready to set its foot in the commercial world. The speed of these jets is incredible – seven times the speed of passenger jet planes and five times the sound’s speed. The runway sound will also be much lesser than regular planes, and also it will weigh much less. This idea of next-generation airliners will lessen the traveling time and the hectic schedule of long-distance travel. 

4D Painting

When a 3D printed element changes its properties by applying any particular catalyst, it changes to a 4D printed element. Therefore, the application of 4D printing will be a profitable step in healthcare, fashion, etc. 

Carbon Nanotubes

Tubes with a nanometre diameter and made of carbon contain the capacity to reach thousands of miles. In addition, these carbon nanotubes have a hundred times stronger than that steel. Therefore, these tubes can be used in various ways, such as bulletproof vests, water purifiers, lightweight air bodies or automobiles, etc. 

Zettascale Supercomputers

Zettascale Supercomputer is a hundred times faster and more potent than the faster computers or supercomputers. Millions of less powerful components will be linked and work together to make this supercomputer work. This data-centric approach will provide a space for millions of volumes of data.

Zero-knowledge Proof

A specific cryptographic tool will be used to prove something without revealing the information underneath the proof. This will help prevent data leaks and easy identification of a living or non-living entity. 

Orbital Solar Power

This artificial satellite will use micro-waves or transmit laser power to send the solar energy to the cosmic antenna on the earth. This satellite will be built in high orbits, and the energy transmitted through this orbital solar satellite will be used as a healthy energy source. This healthy energy source will not be polluting, just like the conventional ones. 

Hyper-personalized Medicines

Customised genetic medicine designed for a single individual patient will change the course of treatment. This medicine will make it feasible to cure incurable or long-lasting diseases. 

Secure Quantum Internet

Quantum calculations will enable us to leap the complex calculations that a computer does. This means no password will be impregnable in the future. Anyone who is trying to hack will disrupt virtual communication. 

Hyper Loop

There is a low-pressure tube beneath the ground through which capsules containing passengers and products travel. The capsules will be hoisted by an electromagnetic elevator mechanism, which removes air from the tube and friction on the ground. 

Deep Ocean Mining

With the advancement of technology, deep ocean mining will be possible and will become as normal as land mining. First, remote-controlled robots will make it possible to construct undersea mining platforms. Then, with the help of hydraulic suction, the rare metals will be pulled up to the surface.

Commercial Available Fusion Power

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), the world’s largest fusion power project, could be operational by 2040. It has the potential to generate 500 million watts of continuous electricity. Fusion power has the advantage of being both plentiful and cheap. 

Autonomous Fighting Machine

As frontline military personnel, highly mobile fighting machines will be deployed in the future. The future of world warfare will look entirely different with such technological advancement. They will be able to aim with uncanny precision because of their sophisticated machine vision and can be deployed for weeks and months without maintenance. 

Gene Therapies

Modern Technologies such as Gene Therapies, CRISPR, etc., will make it possible to cure and minimize incurable diseases. A broad spectrum of contagious diseases, including AIDS, etc., may be treatable in the future. Genetic disorders may also be cured with these technologies.

In every field of life, the world will advance with the help of technological development. Now, which changes are constructive and destructive is yet to be known. Time will speak it out loud. 

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Author Bio: Steven Parker is a professor who has done her PhD in Computer Technologies from Queensland. he has been associated with EssayAssignmenthelp.com for the last seven years, where she offers essay assignment help to the students. 

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