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Find out what it does, what are the professionals who work there and how to choose it.

SEO agency what is it

An SEO agency is made up of professionals who work in unison to ensure a good positioning of websites on search engines, it is no coincidence that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, literally: optimization for search engines.

The role of the SEO agency is to increase the online presence of a company , just think that, according to estimates, about 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day from desktop and mobile, without considering those carried out on other search engines.

It follows that to optimize your site to position yourself well in the SERP, or the search engine results page, it is essential to choose a good SEO agency .

It is important that your company’s website is well positioned in search engines because it will bring you a significant traffic of people who are truly interested in what you write and will therefore also be more inclined to request advice or make a purchase.

Who works in an SEO agency?

There are many  professional figures who are part of an SEO agency and each with a well-defined role.

Fundamental for each of these figures is a clear project and work in synergy with each other. Each of these figures will have to concentrate, for the field that belongs to them, to ensure that your site is able to position itself in the top positions.

Not only SEO Specialists therefore, but also graphic designers, specialized copywriters, SEM Specialists and web marketing specialists, to implement a winning all-round strategy.

SEO Specialist

The work of an SEO Specialist is very vast, he carries out what is called an SEO-Audit which translated is an SEO analysis, analyzes the search results of your site and those of your competitors, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each and identifying the strategy to increase traffic to the site.

Fundamental is then the search for Keywords or Keyphrases (in jargon Keyword and Keyphrase), most sought after by users.

Through this search it is possible to carry out a strategy that aims to optimize both the structure and the contents present on the site and return to the user a specific result for his search.


The graphic designers take care of optimizing the pages, articles, graphics and images of the site , which must be not only pleasant and captivating for the user, but also pleasant to read and quick to load.

It is essential that your site has an aesthetic that reflects and identifies you, to respond to the objectives you set for yourself when you decided to open it and that this is clearly understandable for the reader.

Programmers or Web Developers

Fundamental to the structure of the site, programmers work on the HTML code to allow users a pleasant user experience of the site, in practice they deal with optimizing the structure of the site itself.

They ensure that the site is easily navigable from a desktop and that it has a good configuration even from mobile, so that in any situation it is easy to access the site’s contents.

SEO Copywriter

It is important that the concepts you want to express are made according to specific criteria, indicated by Google and that they are expressed in correct Italian, even if it may seem strange for a machine, just know that Google has a very high understanding of the text.

For this reason it is important that the contents that will be produced for you are written correctly , use specific keywords and are unique, a good copywriter cannot simply limit himself to a trivial search, he must investigate and then rework everything, using the most congenial tone to your site.

Link Builder

The link builder must create that network of external links I mentioned earlier, using off-page SEO techniques , to ensure that your content is present on other sites, relevant to your area and authoritative.

Alongside the external links, it must also create a network of internal links to your site , which refer to other pages dealing with a related and similar topic. This helps your positioning in the SERP a lot and helps speed up the result you set for yourself.

I am a specialist

The SEM Specialist manages all marketing practices on search engines, for this reason it is important that such a figure is present within an SEO agency .

It is therefore important to associate SEO, especially for those who have an online store, with an advertising activity that is clearly visible within search engines, which aims to increase the visibility of your site.

SEO E-Commerce Specialist

An e-commerce is not a site like the others, it is important that within an SEO agency there is a dedicated figure such as the E-commerce Specialist , who knows the architecture of the software that deals with online stores , like Shopify or Magento for example.

It’s an essential figure who knows how to manage the sales funnel and who knows the AIDA method to ensure that the company’s sales goal is achieved.

Social Media Manager

It is not enough to write your content well and optimize the site, for a good marketing strategy it is necessary to include all means of communication , for this reason a Social Media Manager is essential in an SEO agency.

You must be able to communicate on the main social networks what you offer on your site and to do this it is good to rely on professionals in the sector, who know social networks and know how to adapt the contents of your site to this world. Social media can be a very interesting form of advertising that can greatly increase visits to an online store or site, also helping you to make your brand known.

How an SEO agency works

An SEO agency only works if all its components work in concert according to a strategy that is set at the beginning after a careful analysis by the SEO Specialist.

All the figures must communicate with each other and must cooperate, they must be able to work in a team even if the strategy needs to be revised in the face of the continuous analysis that is carried out from time to time.

Remember that Google’s algorithms change, as well as user requests, a good SEO agency is able to do a continuous and constant analysis to adopt the winning strategy for your site every time.

How to choose the right SEO agency

To choose the right SEO agency, is it important to identify the figures that make it up and ask yourself a fundamental question? Am I able to respond to my needs?

You need to know your goal and understand that working with an SEO agency is a long-term journey , which cannot end with a consultancy.

A good agency must not leave you alone to manage everything, it must follow you along the way and make you part of its strategy and above all its analysis, remember that traffic on your site, as well as sales for an e-commerce, are measurable data, which you can and must expect to see.

Another important feature to evaluate is whether it is able to provide you with a personalized strategy , in SEO each client is different from the other, the sector of competence and the target of your website must be analyzed.

An excellent advice is to look for the agency that you have identified directly on search engines and see how it is positioned, if it has not managed to position itself in the first results of the SERP how do you think it can do it with your site?

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