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Samsung Galaxy Fold: day to day with a folding device analysis in 2023!

The MWC 2019 proposed to us what would be the hot topic this year in mobile telephony: 5G and the connectivity to come were eclipsed by showcases and showcases of folding devices . One of the first to appear was that of Samsung, although its release to the market was torpedoed by some design flaws that were corrected according to the manufacturer , and we have been able to put it to the test in the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Fold .

Colloquially, the latest mobiles in Bangladesh. we usually refer to it as a smartphone, but the truth is that, as they suggested from the beginning, it is more like a small folding tablet. It is therefore a new division of devices together with the Huawei Mate X and those that are to come , hence we consider doing a different analysis and adapted to this category. And we are going to tell you from five points of view.

One device, two possibilities and five usage profiles

In Xataka we were already able to test this device in its first attempt to go on the market, having a contact in which we were already able to perceive if the Fold provided any extra or not in the user experience. The proposal: maximise multitasking and give the user more screen when they want it, so that when it is not the case, the terminal is stored more comfortably.

Our conclusion after making contact, in addition to considering it a good first step, was that it seemed like a product for a relatively small group of users.

Our conclusion, in addition to considering it a good first step (with tasks to improve, which proved itself later), was that it seemed like a product for a relatively small group of users. Wanting to clear up doubts in this regard, what we have done is try to test it as much as possible while considering different scenarios and usage profiles:

  • Antonio Ortiz , editorial director of Webedia and editor at Xataka: general experience and productivity.
  • Ángela Blanco , Webedia video team: general experience + ordinary user.
  • Mario Merinowski , Webedia Video Team: General Experience + Skilled User.
  • Daniel Esplá , Webedia video team: general experience + photography.
  • Anna Martí , senior editor at Xataka: general experience + technical analysis.

There are some common points in each of the experiences, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Price in Bangladesh. but also many differences both in first impressions and once the device had been tested more. We tell you the conclusions in each case.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold in productivity

Does a folding device help us, and specifically the Galaxy Fold, with respect to productivity and more work use? Does it give us more than a standard device or is it the opposite?

Antonio comes from a Huawei P30 Pro and, although it is much lighter than the Fold, the latter did not seem very heavy to him. Of course, he comments that he is used to carrying two cell phones and that influences him so that he does not have the feeling that he is particularly heavy.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Antonio 01

It has focused its use in the workplace and to exploit that multi-window promise that has been highlighted in this Fold. He qualifies that what changes is not only the size of our screen, but the ratio changes a lot: suddenly, this is very different from what he was used to.

”In the end, everything is based on the premise: “I have a bigger screen, I’m sure I’ll be more productive”. The history of mobile telephony (with the transition from such small screens in old mobiles to large “phablets”) that there is something true in that, but we cannot expect miracles.” Anthony Ortiz

In his case, the use is based on a lot of mail, a lot of messaging, web browsing, some office automation and social networks with a professional focus , and this ratio does not represent a substantial improvement with these timeline -type apps . It’s a wider panel, but you don’t really find a gain (see more content, scroll less , etc.) or a marginal productivity improvement.

Antonio also does not see a clear superiority of the device over others in terms of office automation and email and he is not very optimistic. As the smartphone-user interaction remains the same, he doesn’t see a substantial change regarding how this device is used compared to others (it’s taps, pinches, scrolling and everything we do on current mobiles).

Antonio also does not see a clear superiority of the device compared to others in terms of office automation and email and is not very optimistic

He qualifies that Samsung has been part of the manufacturers that have wanted to get the most out of the multi-window (already with the Note). In his experience, the folding screen of the Fold is the one that has given the most sense to multitasking , and despite the fact that it is not applied in the most intuitive way (there is a learning curve) that change in ratio is what makes the most sense to the multi-window And that has a direct effect on productivity.

“I can have an Excel open while I take notes in another application without having to make context switches, which in the end distract you from what you are doing and make productivity suffer on the mobile phone.” Anthony Ortiz

Samsung Galaxy Fold Floating Window

It’s easy enough to add apps in the form of a floating window, but it’s not quite intuitive.

What has convinced Antonio a lot is the use as a reader . In fact, in combination with the blue light mode, it has reminded you of what your current e-book reader is (the Kindle Oasis ), although the Fold has the plus of that multi-window that allows you to make notes when you need it: vertically the reading a book and next to it the app to take notes, in the next window.

And that’s where he missed something: a pointer . A stylus with which to write without interfering with the main task, such as One Note (the one he uses). Of course, there is a technological barrier in terms of development: in folding screens there is still a long way to go to reach the level of sensitivity for pointers that has been done in “classic” screens (such as that of the Note for the S Pen ).

The Samsung Galaxy Fold for the user on foot

Ángela usually uses an iPhone XR , a relatively large and wide mobile. She commented in relation to her design that it is not slippery for her and that the rear camera module does not protrude so much that it sways, so she does not dance when leaving it on a table. She considers that the flexibility is correct and works well, clarifying that she used it half open on many occasions .

What stands out: the multi-screen mode and the display of certain applications in full screen . The multi-window seems to him the most useful thing about the Fold, since it is beneficial to have two or more tasks open simultaneously.

“One of the aspects that I find most useful is the multi-screen mode: being bigger, everything can be seen quite well […]. And something that is also appreciated is seeing certain applications: Instagram (the timeline ) for example looks much better, as well as Twitter or Calendar.” angela white

Of course, it qualifies that there are apps that are not optimized for the device , as is the case with Instagram Stories (they do not fit the screen and the upper and lower parts of the Story are not visible). This obviously happens especially in third-party apps, depending a lot on the interface in each case (in this one, in fact, one function looks very good and another worse).

For Ángela, the front screen (the 4.5-inch one) is “too small to be fully operational: in the end, you always end up opening it, except to make phone calls

At the hardware level, Ángela gives positive points to the Galaxy Buds (which come with the mobile), defining it as a “fantastic experience”, but also highlights two negative points:

  • The front screen (the 4.5-inch one) is for her “too small to be fully operational: in the end you always end up opening it, except to make phone calls.”
  • The fingerprint reader is on the side and does not seem comfortable.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold for the gamer user

Mario the Fold conveys the feeling of something elegant , premium . He also comes from an iPhone XR and, as was the case with Ángela, it does not seem heavy to him.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Mario 02

From the beginning, the idea of ​​a folding device caught his attention, emphasizing that it is not a question of one screen limiting the other, since both are fully functional. The 7.3-inch screen has surprised him for good by having a better touch than he expected, but he finds some downsides to the panels :

  • It sees pixels and sawtooth, so it thinks the screen is too big in this regard (image is pixelated).
  • The aspect ratio is atypical and many games are not optimizing, causing cutouts on the screen: there are elements that are below the internal camera module and we cannot tap on them, for example in ‘Call of Duty’ or in ‘ PUBG’.
  • Flipping the software does not act on the system in general or on the lock screen (we will point this out later), so if we are using the device horizontally and it locks after a pause (if we have it configured at the factory, it will auto-lock at 30 seconds), we will not be able to unlock it horizontally (the virtual keyboard does not reorient).

(it is not that one limits the other). Although the front seems small to me, too small”. Mario Merinowski

As for the software, although we will dedicate another specific section later, we can anticipate the Game Booster by coming to the thread of the Mario experience. Merinowski explains that it is a menu with some options related to the game that can be useful to take screenshots and have some more options at hand (block calls, etc.).

Samsung Galaxy Fold Gamebooster 01

At the speaker and audio level, what sometimes happens is that the sound output is accidentally covered by holding the Fold horizontally. We remember that it has stereo speakers located on the upper and lower edges of the half with the external screen, which coincides with the area where the mobile is resting in the hand.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold in photography

While Dani tried to focus on the Galaxy Fold’s cameras, he also collects feedback on design, display, and other features. She points out that from the beginning she was struck by the fact that the front screen seems off-center , perhaps misleading as it has the hinge part.

It comes from an iPhone 11 Pro , a lighter mobile, but although it seems like a heavy device, it does not perceive anything out of the ordinary given its dimensions. In fact, he qualifies that he can handle it relatively well with one hand and can even deploy it.

Although overall you find it to be well finished, you do notice the crease (i.e. the back of the hinge) on the large screen, both when you swipe and when you tilt the panel slightly, though it’s not uncomfortable. And as was the case with Mario, Dani also qualifies that he likes the concept.

”I like the concept of the Samsung Galaxy Fold: it is having a tablet and a smartphone at the same time. As soon as I first held the Fold in hand, it was a “wow moment” for me.” Dani Espla

Regarding the flexible screen, Dani also agrees with Mario and appreciated that it is less plastic than he thought . Although yes, she qualifies that although she thought at one point that this 7.1-inch panel would be useful for anything, over time she discovered that it was not, or that the experience did not meet expectations in some aspects.

  • Movies and series: the aspect ratio is unusual and in video playback there are those huge black bands above and below, which is logical (film content is usually in 16:9) but with this the screen is not used more than a standard smartphone.
  • Video games: it depends on the case, but for now all the games we have tested (‘Asphalt 9’, ‘Brawl Stars’, ‘Call of Duty’, etc.) have some problem with the internal camera module overlapping as we have already mentioned . We will have to wait and see how the apps adapt to these increasingly varied screens ( notches , holes, etc.).
Samsung Galaxy Fold Pubg 01 Horizontal

Esplá speaks a little more deeply about the experience with the operating system on this mobile . Although the navigation solutions and the structure that we see in One UI (Samsung’s customization layer) are maintained in all Samsung phones to date, having two screens and a different form factor the experience is different.

In this case, Dani has moved without any problems or jumps, also emphasizing that any app can be run without difference, both on one screen and on another. But he would propose two types of use according to each panel:

  • 4.6-inch screen: if it is for something quick (take a photo, reply to a message or even watch a short video).
  • 7.3-inch screen: multi-window and tasks that involve more time, it is much more comfortable to use and view the content.

Regarding the split screen , Dani highlights the facilities in the software to take advantage of the split screen with the accessory bar that allows you to add apps to it.

“The split-screen features, like the sidebar to launch apps and put them in floating windows, is one of the coolest things I see on the Fold. We can have several and minimize them in a bubble that is also floating, so that when we want to use the app again it has been exactly where we had it and in the dimensions it had.” Dani Espla

Speaking of photography , Dani first clarifies that it is not comfortable for him to take photos and videos. The small screen is fine for more candid shots but the large one, which allows better viewing, is much more uncomfortable to hold and use, although they have added a floating shutter that can be placed anywhere on the screen and helps a lot to make it a little more comfortable.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Int Cam 45

Camera app interface on the front screen.

The results remind Dani a lot of those of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ , in fact the optics are practically the same. The dynamic range stands out , since even with source backlights it saves the information of the photograph quite well, taking into account that it is a mobile phone and not a camera.

Also appreciate the versatility , having the trendy combination on the rear camera (standard, wide-angle and telephoto lens), as well as the dual front-facing camera on the inside dedicated in part to having more data for portrait mode. Of course, more is not always better and less when the lighting is lower, since the quality experiences a drop when giving pastel tones, more noise, etc., although it is not something too below what you expect in a mobile of super high end.

As for the dynamic blur (portrait mode), he comments that by specifications we should notice a difference between that produced by the external front camera and that of the internal front cameras and that from his point of view there is. The bokeh that is applied in the case of taking a selfie with the cameras of the 7.3-inch screen is somewhat more accurate, but it is still flatter (and less realistic) and non-progressive, finding a lot of improvement here.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Angulares Comp 01

Speaking of the video , when there is good light the results are good and Dani highlights the stabilization in the wide angle. When the light is scarce, it is the standard lens that holds up better.

However, the 7.3-inch panel wins points when it comes to photo editing . You see more content and apps like Lightroom are more comfortable to use, just like the iPad and other tablets. Fun fact: You can use the hinge line on the screen as a guide for photos (like a ruler or grid).

The Samsung Galaxy Fold at a more technical level

Personally speaking, I am one of the relatively few people who was able to test the first version of the Galaxy Fold and now the new one. The main changes have been in the construction, which is noticeable if we have had the opportunity to see the first design (especially due to the covered slit), but in a general glance we probably do not notice anything.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Fold Profile

The panels that we see in this renovated Fold are twins to the previous ones. Same type, resolution, density and diagonal as what we saw in the first edition , with a Dynamic AMOLED that, as my colleagues have said, has a better touch than expected, although very different from what we can notice with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ or any other of the brand’s standard mobiles.

The touch sensitivity is correct in both the 7.3-inch and the small one, without any accidental touches

The touch sensitivity is correct in both the 7.3-inch and the small one, without any accidental touches. This is helped by the fact that in both cases we have generous frames , whether they are those left by the chassis itself with the external screen or the protective edges of the internal one. And yes, the external screen also seems off-center to me, like Dani (but I didn’t have the caliper handy to clear up any doubts).The resolution is more than adequate on the 7.3-inch screen, as is its contrast. The automatic brightness works correctly and the maximum brightness complies the more ambient light there is.

“With the 4.6-inch screen, I repeat the same sensations that I had when I first made contact and in fact I verify them: it is residual, anecdotal, testimonial.” anna martiWith the 4.6-inch screen, I repeat the same feelings that I had when I first made contact and in fact I verify them: it is residual, anecdotal, testimonial. I come from an iPhone 7 (4.7 inches and marks, things as they are), but even so, this panel is uncomfortable and in a certain way “overwhelming “, especially due to the large size that it gives to the One UI elements in its factory settings. In the end he falls into oblivion, almost as a punishment.

Turning to performance, there is no need for more RAM or processor having one of the most powerful processors in the house and 12 GB of RAM . Absolute peace of mind when executing heavy tasks, opening several at the same time and looking for tickling, noticing some heating in the parts closest to the hinge but within normality (also according to what CPU-Z indicates). Later we will give you the benchmarks that we have been able to carry out.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Horizontal 01

The software is well suited when it comes to switching from one screen to another. In the settings we find options to customize this as it suits us and according to apps, so that in general we can choose which apps can continue running when going from one screen to another from the external to the internal one, but as Mario commented if we go from the 7.3 to 4.6 inch screen the task can be reset.

What is also a bit confusing is flipping . As Merinowski also explained, the tasks are flipped automatically, but the same does not happen with the system. Lock screen and desktop are always vertical and flips, when they occur, are not always fine. There is work to be done to have a smooth and satisfactory experience, it is in fact where we see more lag (rarely when maximizing or minimizing).

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