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Purchase Outstanding Gojek Clone App with Modern Features

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Buying the Gojek Clone App means that you would be able to launch an ultra-modern app! Why call it ‘ultra-modern’? Well, because it has all the latest features in-built and once the entrepreneur launches it, people would be able to use them! You can bet that there is no other app that offers so many advanced features in a single app along with the convenience of booking 101+ services.

Do you want to launch such a fantastic app and see your business shoot sales percentages? Well, there is no better chance than to launch this awesome app!

Benefits of Launching an Advanced Feature-rich App

Listed below are some of the benefits of launching an advanced feature-rich Gojek Clone Appfor your multi-service business.

Have a look:

Offer added value to your customers

When you offer your customers something extra with what they already have, they are able to churn this added value. Moreover, they see you as a platform that offers them more with a single installation as compared to other apps.

For example, this app offers 101+ services to customers but with the advanced features, this app enables them to easily book the services, track them, and provide feedback.

Here are some of the most valuable features integrated with this app:

  • Service schedule: customers can schedule the services if they want to by selecting their preferred date and time while booking.
  • Estimated time of arrival: customers who have booked the service can track the provider and also see the time of their arrival. This way, customers can stay updated about the time when the provider will arrive.
  • View booking history: the user’s Gojek Clone App also allows customers to view their booking history and see the details like the provider’s name, services booked, the price paid, etc.

Establish a competitive edge in the market

Having a competitive advantage in the market is always fruitful for the business because customers will always be drawn to your platform!

You will not only be able to keep up with the competition but also establish your own name with all the pre-integrated modern features of this app.

Here are some features that you can call ‘futuristic’ and integrate into your app:

  • Bidding in real-time: handymen can bid for the posted task in real-time while the customers can start negotiating with them on the app itself!
  • Video calling the providers: the app allows customers and delivery drivers to communicate over video calls apart from voice calls and text chats.
  • Sending voice notes to delivery drivers: customers can now easily record their voice messages on the Gojek Clone Appand upload them. Once the delivery driver picks up the package from the store/restaurant, they can play the instructions given in the voice message. Customers can instruct drivers regarding which route to take, parking rules, where to place the package, etc.

Provide unique facilities to customers

With the help of this application, you can easily offer your customers unique features. Here are some examples:

  • Booking an appointment at the provider’s location: not all apps allow booking at-home services along with the facility to book an appointment at the provider’s location. However, with this multi-service app, your customers can book an appointment with the doctor, beauticians, masseuses, etc. within a few clicks.
  • Multiple credit card management: your customers can add/delete multiple credit cards and manage to pay with them accordingly! They can manage the cards without worrying about security. All the information is stored safely in the vaults of the payment gateways and not the app or its database.
  • OTP verification to start the task: providers can start the task only after they enter the four-digit code in their Gojek Clone App. This is the OTP that’s sent to the customer’s registered phone number or email address.
  • Login with biometric authentication: with your app, the customers can easily log in to the app using Face ID (for iPhone users) and Fingerprint (for Android users). Gone are the days when customers had to remember their usernames and passwords whenever they wished to book a service via the app.

In Conclusion:

Now, what do you think about launching the Gojek Clone App in your region? Won’t it be easy for you to beat the competition, gather more audience, and make generous profits just by launching this single app?

It will be, dear entrepreneur!
So, why are you waiting? Get the on-demand multi-service app from the best white-labeling firm ASAP!


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