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 Public Liability Insurance Quotes & Rates

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If you are running a business, people can make claims against you. Public liability insurance protects against claims that can cause distress and cost you money and time. We can cover you in legal costs, expenses, and compensation irrespective of what you are serving.

What is public liability insurance?

It is a sort of business insurance that is designed to cover legal and compensation costs if members of customers or the public claim they have experienced personal injury or damage to their property as a result of your work.

When an accident occurs on your assumptions or when your employees are out and about, this sort of insurance helps to protect your business against unexpected costs. Even when you do everything right, accidents can still happen. Any business can face legal fees and compensation claims whether you are a freelance professional or a sole trader working with equipment or have a small business. With the right cover, you are covered.

Product liability insurance is usually included as part of your public liability insurance. This will generally give you an additional layer of protection if a product you supply, sell or distribute is subject to an insurance claim.

What will be included in public liability cover?

Public liability insurance covers a large range of unexpected situations giving the comfort of knowing your business is covered. Making sure you get the right insurance is particularly important.

It also helps to cover your business if you are prosecuted by a customer, a member of the public, or a supplier as a result of damage to the property. It also includes claims concerning products your company was involved in distributing, supplying, or selling. Product liability can assist to cover this and is the main part of your public liability insurance.

You will get cover if:

  • Some have got injured or become ill and blame it on you, your employees, or your business activities.
  • There is damage to a customer or member of the public property as a result of your business.
  • One of your employees causes damage to your property.

Do you need public liability insurance?

Although having public liability insurance is not legally required in our country, it is important to consider. If your employees work off-site, if you are a tradesperson, or if clients visit your premises, this insurance can give protection from related risks. For a moment, if you have an office and own it, someone passing by could claim they were injured by a falling sign that was not cleared properly.

Each trade comes with its own risks, but any business that works with people can be held responsible for injuries and damage to property. The employees you work with may ask for your business to hold a public liability insurance quotes policy as part of the contract. Usually, the more contact your business has with members of the public, the more chance there is for a claim to be filed against you. Some companies may need just 1-day insurance for their events. In this case, they need to get special event insurance.

What is the purpose of public liability cover?

As mentioned earlier, it helps to cover you against compensation payments and legal fees if a member of the public or a client were to claim against your business. If you are a tradesman, your work could cause damage to someone’s property it can be your client. If you are repairing something and something goes out of the ordinary, public liability insurance could assist you.

When do you need to get public liability insurance?

While public liability cover is not legally required, an insurance policy can provide your business coverage against the many eventualities you can’t plan for.

If your small business pacts with other people or you are a sole trader meeting customers even sometimes, you might need to think cover.

How much public liability cover do you need? 

The value of the public liability cover you will be required will depend on the costs that could appear from the work you do and any injuries, illness, or damage that might happen. Keep in mind that it is also possible to purchase public liability insurance for just 1 day. Get one of our public liability insurance quotes online and we will assist you to select the right cover for your requirements. With our cover, you can entirely focus on running your business.

What is the cost of public liability insurance?

When you look for public liability insurance, there are some decisions you will be required to make along the way including how much cover you include. To find this out, it helps to estimate how much insurance you need according to your individual business profile.

Every structure is different. How much you pay for public liability insurance cover can differ depending on the size and nature of your business, its profile, and the risk related to your work. Although average costs are tough to specify.

How to calculate the cost of public liability insurance?

There are various factors that can have an effect on the public liability insurance price provided by insurance providers. When calculating insurance premiums, insurance providers will estimate how likely you are to make a claim and how much they believe that claim would cost.

Before your purchase your policy, you will want to estimate how much cover could be best for your business and the risks to its operations. Your public liability insurance cost may be higher if your business is.

  • Distributes or even sells goods to the public
  • Takes out manual work at third-party suppositions
  • Has a large turnover
  • Experience a high volume of visits 

When you purchase your public liability insurance, you set a limit of cover based on your knowledge and preferences of how much cover you would require. These are the most common and primary factors that can affect the cost. Insurance providers also use information about your business to calculate the cost of your public liability insurance.

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