Physical Therapy Service: What You Should Expect

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Age, injury, medical conditions, and surgery can affect the way a person’s body moves. When this happens, the next recommended option is to seek physical therapy services in Los Angeles. Physical therapy services will not only ensure you have functional mobility but also help to prevent injury.

Depending on the goals and abilities you want to achieve, physical therapy exists in different forms. The most common type of physical therapy includes the following;

• Muscle retraining
• Physical exercises that cause flexibility improves strength and other range of motion and mobility
• Gait and balance training 
• Strategies that help to manage pain
• Working on different activities for daily living  

Who Is a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are licensed professionals that work for people with impairments, disabilities, or limitations that affect their general physical function. This can either be due to an injury, disease, surgery, etc. For instance, doctors may recommend physical therapy to someone who went through surgery to help them fully recover and move around safely, especially after the operation.

What to Expect from Physical Therapy

From creating balance, strength, and flexibility, physical therapy starts by evaluating a patient. It is during this evaluation that your physical therapist assesses the general mobility function of your body. This process includes cardiovascular performance, joint mobility, pain, and neurological function.

At the end of an evaluation, your physical therapist works with your physician to create a plan that will help you reach your mobility goals. This plan will always be unique to your lifestyle and may involve a couple of physical visits to the hospital. Now I didn’t have to worry about accidents and injuries occurring due to unsafe body movements.

How Long Does Physical Therapy Last?

As someone considering physical therapy, it is normal to want to figure out how long this physical therapy lasts. As simple as this sounds, it is actually more complex. This is why your physical therapist needs to first carry out an assessment that guides them through creating a plan that meets your goals. You should note that achieving these goals can take up to a week or more.

When Do You Recommend Physical Therapy

There are several conditions that may lead to the need for physical therapy as a treatment option. This kind of therapy does not only focus on the body system but also on population groups, disorders, and several types of treatment, including;

• Orthopedics
• Oncology
• Pediatrics
• Cardiovascular and pulmonary 
• Electrophysiology
• Women’s Health 
• Neurology
• Sports
• Geriatrics
• Wound management

As soon as you notice any problems that cause difficulty or pain to your normal functional mobility, you should consult pain management in Ventura county. After all, these professionals are trained to help you recover faster and continue your normal daily activities.

There are cases where people do not know if they need these wound care Services in Orange county. If this is similar to you, then you should consult your healthcare provider. This is because these healthcare providers are most qualified to treat your condition.

Moreover, most states will prefer you see a physical therapist even without seeing a healthcare provider first. You can also check their insurance to help you determine which healthcare prescription is necessary.

Difference Between Physical Therapy and Other Therapy

Asides from physical therapy, doctors may also recommend exercise and occupational therapy for their patients. Below we will discuss the difference between these different therapies.

Physical Therapy VS Occupational Therapy

Although physical therapy and occupational therapy work together, they have one major difference. While physical therapy helps improve body movement, occupational therapy helps improve a person’s ability to perform daily tasks.

For instance, a person with an injury will need physical therapy to regain spine movement ability and eliminate pain. On the other hand, occupational therapy will help that same person resume basic activities like cooking, dressing, driving, and other activities that can be termed as important.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

The truth is that physical therapy and exercise go hand in hand; however, physical therapy aims to improve the function of targeted areas in the body. For instance, after an orthopedic surgery, it is the responsibility of a physical therapist to work with your surgeon to develop a program.

This program should contain exercises that improve the movement, functioning, and strength of the area affected. Here your physical therapist dies an assessment to determine which area is your current limitation. Thereafter he or she measures your improvement and tracks every progress you make along the way.


Generally, you and the physical therapist are responsible for deciding to continue therapy as soon as you reach your targeted goal.

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