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In the year 2015, PewDiePie became famous all over the world for making a millionaire amount by making videos for Youtube. According to Forbes, the young Swede was at the top of the rankings with a collection of US$ 12 million that year alone.

A little later, in 2019, he appeared again for being called “the first youtuber to have more than 100 million subscribers on his channel”. And this legion of fans has been around since 2010, when he started recording videos of his video games.

Who is PewDiePie

For those who don’t know, PewDiePie is Felix Kjellberg, and to this day he is considered one of the highest paid youtubers in the world. In the 2015 listing, other successful names were Smosh, Fine Brothers and Lindsey Stirling.

In 2019, Forbes estimated that the youtuber had achieved a current net worth of $50 million. What few people know, however, is that he dropped out of college to become a YouTube millionaire , as we’ll tell you later. 

Now, how much does he earn today with Youtube? He says, “I don’t know exactly how much I make a day, but the figure of $3,000 doesn’t seem too far off.” But we went after a history that shows the earnings in each year, check it out below.

The biography of Felix Kjellberg

From Gothenburg, Sweden, Felix is ​​the son of a former IT director of a famous clothing store in the country. His father is executive director. And he entered the faculty of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at Chalmers. 

However, he dropped out of college and soon began working as a hot dog salesman. And along with that, he had time to record his videos. In one of his interviews, he even said that:

“To study Industrial Economics at Chalmers you need high grades. But somehow I was happier selling hot dogs and making my own gaming videos.” The result today is that he has practically all Youtube cards.

dropping out of college

He started recording videos in 2010. But, the following year, the idea was so successful that Felix was forced to drop out of college, at Chalmers University of Technology, to just pursue a career as a youtuber.

He focused on recording new videos and that’s how he reached his first million subscribers at the end of 2012. To this day, he keeps to the same formula: videos that show the reactions of games with good humor. 

In 2013, he broke another record, for having the most subscriptions on a single channel, and he managed to earn US$ 4 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. In 2014, it had 33 million subscribers and 4.1 billion views in a single year. 

Earnings in subsequent years

Since 2014, with each passing year, PewDiePie has more annual earnings. In 2015, for example, his channel became the first to have 10 billion views in total. With that, he appeared on the Forbes YouTube Richest People list.

In this case, we go back to what was mentioned above, when in 2015 he made US$ 12 million. Based on another study by Money National, at the end of 2015, he had an accumulated net worth of $68 million. 

In 2016, it launched the series “Scare PewDiePie” for Youtube, on what is called Youtube Red, which is a subscription channel. This was another source of income for the video game player. And in 2016, he had an even greater net worth of $90 million. 

The fall from 2016

From 2016 onwards, he kept making money from Youtube. But, in the latest studies that have been done, he no longer appears to be the one who most profits from the platform. Thus, in 2019 he was in the 6th position.

According to the research report, the owner of the PewDiePie channel had a gain of US$ 12 million and at only 28 years old he is a reference on the platform. Called a “game commentator”, he is seen as one of the “richest internet celebrities”. 

That’s because he managed to accumulate a net worth of more than US$ 50 million that comes from the internet alone. But, the same study says that “after the peak, his profit comes in decline”. Therefore, Felix was quick to invest in other areas, such as book launches.

Who are the other richest YouTubers on youtube

Still using the 2019 study, know that the list of the richest starts with Daniel Middleton, who has the DanTDM channel. He earned $16 million and got all of that money from a single game, Minecraft. Born in the UK, he has several books published. 

But in addition to books, there are also TV shows and series on Youtube Red. Thus, a good part of the income comes from the videos about Minecraft. Following Daniel and before reaching Felix, we still have Evan Fong, Dude Perfect, Mark Fischbachk and Logan Paul. 

And there is also the case of Anastasia Radzinskaya, which we will detail below because it is an eccentric and very curious case of how a girl managed to be one of the richest on Youtube. Keep reading to find out. 

The youtuber Anastasia Radzinskaya

It’s an unlikely case, but it worked. This media star is Russian and has cerebral palsy. Doctors feared she would never be able to speak again. To document the treatments, the parents started recording videos for YouTube.

And the girl took a liking to the presentations. The videos were children’s games with the father, with the mother, with the cat. In 2018, she took a trip to the zoo with her dad and recorded a video dancing to “Baby Shark”. The success was resounding.

This video alone had 767 million views, which earned the family $18 million between 2018 and 2019. Called Nastya, she has 107 million subscribers across seven channels and over 42 billion views. 

The YouTuber Lilly Singh

Here we will also mention another story that deserves to be told for two main reasons: it shows the strength of women today and how they can be inserted anywhere they want, such as in the video game market. 

Photo: (playback/internet)

Lilly is a comedy video producer, singer and very popular for being called Superwoman. She is also always remembered among the highest paid youtubers today. Active since 2010, she got 2 million views in 2018.

Other than that, he always appears in movies, like Dr. Cabbie, Fahrenheit 451 and Mothers on the Go. 

how to make money on youtube

Now that you know some of the most amazing stories about making money on YouTube, like PewDiePie’s, you might be wondering how this thing about making money from videos works, right? Let’s explain some of this to you.

Basically, Pewdie’s earnings come from the channel views he has. This means that every time someone watches a video of him on Youtube and sees an ad, part of the money paid by the advertiser goes to Youtube and another part to Pewdie.

The calculation is done through a model called COM – Clicks per Thousand. That is, for every 1,000 views that a person has on your channel, Youtube pays you a cash amount. Youtube does not disclose the exact value of this, but it is believed to be as low as $2. 

How much does PewDiePie earn from views

If we do a quick math here, we can see that it has an average of 544 million views per month. Soon, he had to earn more than $1.8 million from views on this platform. 

Now, we also need to consider that this is not Felix’s only source of income, right? He also has sponsored videos, where he has partnerships with companies in the gaming universe. And apart from the ads, we know that he profits from his branded products.

That’s right, as he has a legion of fans, he ended up releasing pieces of clothing, such as t-shirts and hoodies, in addition to a catalog of decoration accessories, stickers, etc. Another source of income is the book, which became number 1 for young adults.

PewDiePie’s clothes

For those who were curious about this last way that Felix makes money, consider that you can find his clothes from R$96, such as t-shirts. And they are distributed among men’s, women’s and children’s fashions.

In the case of children, the biggest demand is for a “mr bast youtube” sweatshirt, which costs R$ 151 without shipping. Currently, several websites sell this brand of clothing. The tip, however, is to be careful not to buy from fake websites.

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