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Do you wish to see your cosmetic brand at the highest level and enhance its revenue? People become a little mindful while choosing their cosmetic products. They prefer trendy and hygienic packaging of products. Suppose you sell an exceptional quality product but fail to increase sales. Then it would help if you came towards customization.  Our company provides numerous customization solutions to create exclusive custom bath bomb boxes. We give a free choice to our beloved clients to design their deluxe boxes so that their brand’s products get appreciation.

What are the Fundamentals of Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale?

Bath bombs are a necessity in every house.  Our bath bomb boxes wholesale are of great significance and prove helpful in various ways such as:

  1. Bath bombs with catchy designs, captivating illustrations, and colorful prints catch the attention of onlookers at one sight.
  2. Boxes with die-cut styles and windows display your bath bombs and make them visually attractive.
  3. A custom box with logo and business tag lines gets imprinted in the buyers’ memory and helps them recall your brand in the future.
  4. Bath bombs are also vulnerable to damage due to their sensitive nature. So, their packaging gin durable cardboard stock keeps them secure from external harm.

Manufacture Your Bath Bomb Packaging in Diverse Styles:

In customization, you first need to finalize your box’s style. The entire manufacturing procedure acts according to the type of box. If you are unaware of choosing an appropriate box style for your products, then you can get the help of our experts. Similarly, bath bombs need personalized boxes as they come in bigger and smaller sizes and shapes.

These are the most famous types of boxes for custom bath bomb packaging:

  1. two-piece box
  2. tuck-end box
  3. tuck-front boxes
  4. bath bomb box with window
  5. die-cut style boxes

All these boxes, either two-piece, tuck-end, or tuck front, give a stylish look. Besides this, they are convenient to handle as well.

Kraft and Cardboard: Most Desirable Printing Stock for Bath Bombs Packaging:

Are you worried about the safety of your fragile bath bombs and exploring 100% guaranteed material? Then you must pick up our services. We utilize high-end kraft and cardboard paper in the production of a custom box. both of these material choices have the following characteristics:

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • biodegradable and recyclable as well
  • cost-effective
  • create an enduring and long-lasting packaging
  • an optimal choice to pack light-weight and heavy items as well
  • secure your breakable bath bombs secure from shocks and breakage
  • keep products in their exact place during storage and shipping
  • give an elegance appearance to packaging

Why are Coatings Essential for Custom Bath Bomb Packaging?

Are coatings a must? What role do coatings solutions play? Coatings are one of the significant components of the customization method. Coatings compliment your empty bath bomb boxes packaging. We primarily utilize four types of coatings; their names are:

  • matte lamination
  • gloss lamination
  • spot UV
  • aqueous coating

Conversely, gloss and matte laminations give a shiny and velvety texture, respectively. On the other hand, their use makes packaging irresistible to water, dirt, and germs. Similarly, spot UV also enriches the packaging surface and outstands the specific printed area. Moreover, aqueous coating, one of the most affordable options, prevents packaging from smudges and stains.

Excel the Competitors by Adding Exciting and Impressive Add-Ons:

It is the dream of each brand to beat its competitors. You can outshine your brand by adding several add-ons and finishings to your packaging. These are:

  • embossing
  • debossing
  • foil stamping
  • gluing
  • inserts/handles
  • windows cut-outs
  • PVC sheets

How Can Wholesale Services Facilitate Your Cosmetic Brand?

Are you in a small business and wondering about choosing a wholesale option? Eliminate all your reservations. Wholesale services benefit low- and high-level companies equally:

  1. It gets you rid of repeated orders.
  2. It lessens environmental pollution and saves in large quantities when orders are shipped once.
  3. A significant part of your income is protected as we offer a discount on large-quantity orders.

Why ICustomBoxes?

Our company is a well-known name in the packaging industry due to the provision of remarkable services. Our skilled team of designers strives hard to create boxes according to your desired sizes and colors. Moreover, we comfort our customers by supplying our services wholesale and with free shipping.

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