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Family expansion or pregnancy planning and having success in it differs from one couple to another. For some of you (females), it is really easy and comfortable while some have to go through several complications such as infertility, multiple pregnancies, and preterm births. And when it comes to having multiple pregnancies, many people take it as a result of IVF pregnancy. However, the fact is quite different. Have a look at all associated points on multiple pregnancies in brief here in this post. 

What are multiple pregnancies?

Multiple pregnancies are a state when more than one baby develops and takes birth at the same time. It occurs due to the transfer of more than one fertilised egg in the uterus and the development of all the transferred embryos into the foetus. Based on the available data, it can occur naturally or is a result of IVF treatment for conception/family expansion. 

Types of multiple pregnancies

Usually, multiple pregnancies are of three types. The types are as follows:

Signs of multiple pregnancies 

  • Identical – It occurs when a fertilised egg gets divided into multiple embryos. Only 30% of babies of multiple pregnancies are identical and these babies are of the same sex and have almost the same facial features and identifications.   
  • Fraternal – It occurs when two eggs have fertilisation with two different sperm cells. The babies are different in sexes and have different identical features, as they don’t look alike.  
  • Triplets or higher-order multiples – These can be identical, fraternal, or a combination of the above two. 

There is nothing except an ultrasound to know whether you have a normal pregnancy or multiple pregnancies. However, there are some symptoms that may indicate you have something abnormal in your uterus. In the case of multiple pregnancies, you can experience:

  • Severe vomiting and nausea 
  • A rapid increase in pregnancy weight 
  • Very tender or sore breasts 
  • High levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)
  • Higher amount of protein alpha-fetoprotein in your blood 

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How to identify having multiple pregnancies

You should consult your gynaecologist or obstetrician if you notice any significant thing that doesn’t happen with a normal pregnancy. After interacting with you, the expert can advise you to have:

  • Ultrasound examination 
  • Doppler heartbeat count 
  • Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) screening

Side effects or complications of having multiple pregnancies  

Multiple pregnancies carry some risks and complications. Some females with multiple pregnancies can experience:

  • Preterm delivery/birth
  • Postpartum depression such as insomnia, intense irritability, loss of appetite, and difficulty bonding with the baby
  • Low body weight for an individual child
  • Preeclampsia
  • Elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy
  • Heavy bleeding due to placental abruption
  • Foetal loss/miscarriages 
  • Malformation in babies 
  • The necessity for C-section delivery  

What can increase your risk of having multiple pregnancies?  

Several factors are responsible for making a female give birth to more than a baby at a time with a little interval. You have a higher risk of having more babies if you are:

  • Older than 30
  • Using fertility drugs 
  • A twin in your family 
  • Having IVF treatment 

How to stay healthy if you have multiple pregnancies?

Some risks and complications are associated with multiple pregnancies. However, there are ways that can help you manage your multiple pregnancies and stay healthy. Here are some effective steps for your support:

  • Visit a respective doctor frequently 
  • Get enough rest 
  • Follow your diet chart provided by a dietician at a maternity centre or fertility clinic 
  • Take the prescribed medicines as per the mentioned dosages and never miss any dose 
  • Sip water at a regular interval 
  • Do prenatal yoga poses 
  • Prefer walking and swimming 
  • Never make a delay in consulting a respective doctor if you notice any abnormal thing
  • Consult only a registered, skilled, and experienced doctor or fertility clinic to have IVF treatment for your family expansion 


Multiple pregnancies are rare and happen to a few females. They can happen naturally or artificially, as a result of any misconduct during IVF treatment. Being aware of every associated point and doctor consultation can help you avoid it or stay healthy and manage it if it occurs to you. Without any hesitation, you should make the right move and interact with your doctor to know how you can manage it. You will give birth to healthy babies if you detect having multiple pregnancies.  

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