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There are many different brands of cues that vary in price. Some of the most expensive cue brands include Schon, McDermott, and Predator. These brands offer high quality cues that are made from the best materials and craftsmanship.

They also offer a wide variety of designs and features that cater to the needs of serious pool players.

There are a few brands out there that cue enthusiasts consider to be the most expensive. Here are a few of those brands and why they are so pricey: 1. Viking Cues – These cues are handmade in the USA from the finest materials available.

They use exotic woods, premium leathers, and intricate inlays to create their unique designs. Viking also offers a lifetime warranty on their cues, making them a wise investment for serious players. 2. Predator Cues – Predator is another US-based company that produces high-end cues.

Their products are used by many professional players on the pro tour. Predator cues are known for their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their prices reflect this quality, with most models costing several thousand dollars.

3. Schon Cues – Schon is a relatively new company, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves in the cue world. Their cues are designed and built in California, and they use only the finest materials available. Schon cues have won numerous awards and have been used by some of the top players in the world.

Expect to pay upwards of $3000 for one of their custom creations. 4 . Joss Cues – Joss is another venerable brand with a long history in the cue industry .

Founded in 1968 , Joss has been responsible for some groundbreaking innovations , including the first mass-produced carbon fiber shaft . Today , Joss continues to produce high-quality sticks , with prices starting around $2000 . These are just a few of the most expensive cue brands out there .

If you’re looking for top-of -the line quality , be prepared to spend big bucks . But remember , you get what you pay for when it comes to cues !

Who Makes the Best Pool Cue?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone has different preferences when it comes to pool cues. Some of the most popular brands include McDermott, Viking and Schon, but there are many others to choose from as well. Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for in a pool cue and what feels comfortable for you to use.

Try out a few different options before making your final decision.

What Makes a Pool Cue Expensive?

There are a few factors that can make a pool cue expensive. The first is the quality of the materials used to make the cue. Higher quality wood, for example, will cost more than lower quality wood.

The second factor is the craftsmanship that goes into making the cue. Cues that are handcrafted with care and attention to detail will be more expensive than mass-produced cues. Finally, any special features or embellishments on a cue will add to its cost.

So, if you’re looking for an expensive pool cue, look for one made with high-quality materials, by skilled craftsmen, and with any extra features or details that you desire.

What Brand Cue Does Efren Reyes Use?

Efren Reyes is one of the most successful and well-known pool players in the world. He has won numerous world championships and is widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all time. Reyes uses a custom-made cue from Predator Cues.

Predator Cues is a high-end cue manufacturer that produces some of the best cues in the world. Their cues are used by many professional players, including Reyes. Predator Cues are known for their quality construction, attention to detail, and use of only the finest materials.

Reyes’ cue is custom-made to his specifications and is made from premium materials. It features a hand-selected piece of wood for the shaft, which is then wrapped in hand-tooled leather. The butt end of the cue is adorned with an intricate design that includes Reyes’ initials.

This Cue Is Custom Made For Efren Reyes By Predator Cues And Is One Of The Finest Cues In The World!

Which Snooker Cue is Best?

There is no definitive answer to the question of which snooker cue is best. However, there are a few factors that can be considered when choosing a cue. These include the weight and balance of the cue, the quality of the wood used, and the size and shape of the tip.

The weight and balance of a cue are important because they affect how well the cue feels in your hand and how easy it is to control. A heavier cue will be more stable but harder to control, while a lighter cue will be easier to control but less stable. The best way to find the right weight and balance for you is to try out several different cues until you find one that feels comfortable to use.

The quality of wood used in acue can also affect its performance. Higher-quality woods such as ash or maple tend to absorb impact better than cheaper woods such as pine, meaning they are less likely to warp or break over time. This makes them more durable and longer-lasting, which is an important consideration if you want your cue to last for years.

Finally, the size and shape of the tip also play a role in how well a cue performs. A smaller tip will offer more control but less power, while a larger tip will offer more power but less control. Again, it’s important to try out different sizes and shapes until you find one that suits your playing style.

Most Expensive Pool Cue Brand

If you’re looking for the most expensive pool cue brand, then look no further than Predator. Predator is a high-end cue manufacturer that produces some of the most expensive cues on the market. Their cues are made from the finest materials and craftsmanship, and they offer a wide variety of customization options to make your cue truly unique.

Predator cues are used by many professional players, and their prices reflect their quality. If you’re looking for the best of the best, then Predator is the brand for you.

Expensive Pool Cue Brands

When it comes to choosing a pool cue, there are many factors to consider. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ll want to check out some of the most expensive pool cue brands on the market. These brands offer high-quality cues that are built to last.

They also come with hefty price tags, so be prepared to spend a bit more if you want one of these beauties. But what exactly makes these brands so special? Here’s a closer look at what sets them apart from the rest:

1. They use premium materials. The first thing that sets expensive pool cue brands apart is the quality of their materials. They use only the finest woods and other materials in their construction, which results in a better-looking and longer-lasting cue.

2. They’re handcrafted by experts.

Most Expensive Jacoby Cue

If you’re a pool player, then you know that having a great cue can make all the difference in your game. And if you’re looking for the best of the best, then you’ll want to check out the most expensive Jacoby cue on the market. This cue is made with the finest materials and craftsmanship, and it shows in its performance.

From its sleek design to its superior balance and weight distribution, this cue is sure to give you an edge over your competition. But be warned: with a price tag of over $2,000, it’s not for everyone. only those who are serious about their game – and their bankroll – should consider investing in this top-of-the-line cue.

Original Balabushka Cue Value

There are a few things that affect the value of an original Balabushka cue. The first is whether or not it was made by George Balabushka himself. If it was, then it will be worth more than one made by someone else.

The second is the condition of the cue. A cue in mint condition will be worth more than one that is well-used. Finally, the size and weight of the cue also affect its value.

A larger, heavier cue will be worth more than a smaller, lighter one. Original Balabushka cues can range in value from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on all of these factors. If you have an original Balabushka cue that you are thinking about selling, it is important to do your research to find out how much it is actually worth.

Most Expensive Cue in 8 Ball Pool

Most Expensive Cue in 8 Ball Pool If you’re an avid 8 ball pool player, then you know that having a good cue is important. But did you know that there are cues out there that cost upwards of $1,000?

That’s right – some people are willing to spend a small fortune on their game! So, what makes these cues so special? Well, it depends on the person.

Some people simply prefer the feel of a more expensive cue, while others believe that the quality of the cue can actually improve their game. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that these cues are serious business! If you’re curious about which cues are the most expensive on the market, then check out this list:

1. The Predator BK2 ($1,500) – This cue is made from African blackwood and features intricate hand-carved detailing. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful (and expensive!) cues out there. 2. The McDermott Lucky ($1,250) – Made with Irish linen wrap and exotic woods like cocobolo and rosewood, this cue is truly stunning.

Plus, it comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by none other than Ewa Mataya Laurance herself!

Most Expensive Meucci Pool Cue

If you’re looking for the most expensive Meucci pool cue, you’ll want to check out the Diamond Pro series. These cues are made with premium materials and feature intricate designs that make them stand out from the rest. The Diamond Pro cues are also built to last, so you can be sure they’ll hold up over time.

These cues come in a variety of styles, so you can find one that fits your personality and playing style. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line cue, the Diamond Pro is the way to go.

The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue

If you’re a pool shark, then you know all about the Intimidator Masterpiece Cue. This cue is known for its superior quality and craftsmanship. It’s made with premium materials and features a beautiful design.

The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue is perfect for those who want to take their game to the next level. With its sleek look and great performance, this cue will help you dominate the competition.

Balabushka Pool Cue

If you’re a pool enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard of the Balabushka pool cue. Named after its creator, George Balabushka, this cue has become one of the most iconic and recognizable cues in the world. But what makes the Balabushka so special?

In this blog post, we’ll take a detailed look at the history and construction of this legendary cue. George Balabushka was born in Russia in 1907 and immigrated to New York City with his family as a young boy. He began working as a pool cleaner when he was just 13 years old, and soon developed a passion for the game.

When he was 19, he started making his own pool cues by hand in his apartment. His first cues were made from inexpensive materials like broom handles and dowels, but they quickly gained popularity among local players. In 1942, Balabushka opened his own cue-making shop on West 48th Street in Manhattan.

He continued to experiment with new designs and materials, and his cues soon became known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Today, original Balabushkas are highly sought-after by collectors and can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. The key to the Balabushka’s success is its simple yet elegant design.

Thecue is made from a single piece of wood (usually maple), with no joints or ferrule . This gives it superior strength and durability compared to other cues that use multiple pieces glued together. TheBalabushka also features an intricate hand-carved point pattern that is designed to provide maximum accuracy and control during play .

If you’re looking for a high-quality pool cue that will last a lifetime (and beyond), then look no further than theBalabushka .


The blog post lists the most expensive cue brands, with prices ranging from $600 to $4,000. The brands are listed in order from least to most expensive, and the list includes information on where the cues are made and what materials are used.


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