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Mobile App Development services company in Miami

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Designing and developing mobile applications is an exciting and challenging activity for everyone involved? More than a million apps are now available from the Apple App Store alone, so the competition is fiercer than ever. Building an application suitable for market use requires careful planning and technical implementation, as well as a creative marketing strategy.

We provide comprehensive solutions for our customers, who want to design, develop and launch their own iOS or Android mobile applications. We offer comprehensive services including pre-research and design, creative design and development, and marketing campaigns.

The process of developing our mobile application

Creating a working application is similar to inventing and launching a new product. The concept should be compelling and unique enough to give it an early boost, and the final product should be skillfully tailore to its audience.

Stage in strategy

 Business analysis and purpose

 Competitive research

Application design and user experience design

stage of design and development

Creative design

 Application development

Pre-release stage

Pre-launch marketing

 Beta tests

Uploading apps (in Apple or Android stores)

Application confirmation and launch

 Sales after launch

When do you need a mobile app?

Mobile applications or native applications often perform special functions that require an operating system connection to a particular device, geographic location, or offline access to the content. Good examples are Instagram (access to the phone’s built-in camera), Yelp (content service based on your location), and Spotify (allowing users to record music and listen offline). None of these nice apps work as a web app (like a website designed for mobile devices).

Here are three questions you should ask yourself when you are wondering if you need a different mobile app.

Did users benefit from 24/7 access to your content?

If so, a mobile app could be the way to go. Examples of content distribution applications include Facebook, NYTimes, Spotify, and all RSS readers.

Do users need offline access to your content?

Did users benefit from using your content offline? Then a mobile app would be the right choice. Mobile applications can be used when users are not connect to a mobile network or Wi-Fi network, giving users more convenience and maximum cost.

Is your app a game or a utility?

Games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush and utilities like Sound Recorder and Photo Editor can only be develop as mobile apps.

When do you need a web app?

A web application is a mobile version of a desktop site and requires an Internet connection to function. Web apps are bundle with their desktop versions and host on subdomains (e.g. mydomain.com).

Miami Mobile App Development –Contact Core Mobile Apps Expert App Developers You may have a vision for your next great Android or iOS app.

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