Magento Enterprise Development & Xero Prestashop Integration

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Magento Enterprise Development is the process of creating a custom Magento eCommerce store. It includes the design and development of a unique storefront, the creation of custom product catalogues, and the configuration of shipping and payment methods. Additionally, Enterprise Development includes enhancements to the core Magento software, such as adding new features or integrating with existing business systems.

Xero Prestashop Integration connects your Xero account with your Prestashop store so you can manage your finances and sales in one place. It can be an excellent solution for businesses that want to streamline their accounting and inventory management processes.

Different Xero Prestashop Integration solutions are available, so it’s essential to choose one that fits your specific needs.

Order Processing And Invoice Management

Custom Xero PrestaShop integration ensures seamless updating of order details from PrestaShop to Xero for quick processing. For every order placed on the E-commerce, Xero will send automatic invoices to customers. The integration also automates most accounting tasks associated with order processing and invoice management – making invoice sending almost instantaneous.

The order statuses change across systems if it is changed either on Xero or PrestaShop, making up-to-date visibility of order processing statuses for your customers and workforce. The integration also allows you to offer customers online tracking options for dispatched orders and minimize the number of customer contacts to your business. With excellent visibility of their orders, customers find your business transparent, trustworthy, and hassle-free.

Why Integrate Xero With PrestaShop?

Lack of cohesiveness between systems is one of the primary obstacles of business operations regardless of the industry. That means the data in a system is siloed within it and is not exchanged with other systems. Therefore, businesses should manually update the data on every system that is resource-intensive and error-prone.

When the order, inventory, customer, finance, products, and other details are not shared between systems, it affects the operational efficiency of the business and leads to customers’ disapproval. A well-connected Ecommerce ecosystem, on the other hand, ensures seamless data flow between systems and automates repetitive tasks. The integrated systems give you total visibility and control over your operations and help you stay aligned to your growth goals.

SaaS Integrator designs custom integration solutions that make your end-to-end process straightforward and fully flexible to your growth needs. The in-built features of SaaS Integrator make your campaigns customized and result-oriented.

How does Xero integrate with PrestaShop?

You have a number of data syncing options, including middleware, third-party integration apps, and manual integration using APIs. However, if you want a custom, codeless integration system with advanced features, SaaS Integrator is the ideal choice for you. The integrator has an intuitive UI that allows you to quickly create data syncing between the systems without hassles.

The integrator also features pre-built templates and box integration apps to guide you create data syncing for common use cases. The integrator also has an interactive Dashboard that gives you a quick view of the most critical data of your business for making decisions.

What this module does for you

Xero module allows you to sync your data from PrestaShop to Xero. The module provides the syncing of customers, products and orders. The customers, products and orders can be synced from PrestaShop to Xero. Admin may also delete these records from Xero. Admin may also import customers and products from Xero to PrestaShop.

What your customers will like

Smooth data transfer from your site.

Better inventory management.

Save time from manual entry.

Very easy to install and use.

One click will sync the data.

Xero Accounting module for Prestashop 1.4

There is a new module available for Prestashop 1.4 that will integrate your sales with Xero accounting.

It creates a seamless automation to Xero Accounting Software.

  • No User interaction required to update Xero.
  • Simple signup process.
  • Easy to use setup wizard to configure both Xero and your Prestashop in less than 5 minutes.
  • Secure Key Generation for the best security practices.


  • No more double entry for your accounts
  • Prestashop Products automatically added to Xero inventory items.
  • New Prestashop customer accounts automatically added to Xero.
  • Cancelling an order in Prestashop automatically voids the corresponding Xero invoice.
  • Adds all customer data including additional delivery addresses to Xero.

You can find more information at

There is an early adopter program which gives the first 3 month subscription free.

You can see it working

and view the setup wizard tutorial

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