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Many options are available to physicians looking for efficient EMRs (electronic medical records). It is vital to choose software that can aid you in simplifying clinical operations. IKnowMed and Liquid EHR are two of the year’s most popular alternatives. This post will compare iKnowMed vs Liquid EHR. It will assist you in determining which option is best for your practice. It will reveal their features and prices to simplify your decision. 

What is iKnowMed EHR? 

iKnowMed is an electronic health record system for oncologists and hematologists. It is a cloud-based system so that users can keep files in a secure system. Its goal is to help practices reach Meaningful Use, Stages 1 and 2. It includes tools for documenting patient data and histories. It provides e-prescribing, charge capture, and notes beside the basic EHR operations. iKnowMed also supports oncology-specific criteria. 

What is Liquid EHR? 

Liquid EHR is a system for optometry practice administration and electronic medical records (EMR). It includes an appointment scheduler, e-prescribing, and electronic insurance filing. Patients’ records can be accessed, appointment availability checked, and appointments booked and rescheduled. The scheduler also allows physicians to check waitlists. Users can handle billings and patient records as well as access patient appointments. Clinicians can also review diagnoses and recollections, as well as set reminders. They can connect family members to the primary insurer, among other things. 

What is iKnowMed Best Known For? 

Let’s take a look at iKnowMed features: 

Appointment Scheduling 

The appointment scheduling feature in the iKnowMed program is quite helpful. It automates the procedure and can even send reminders to patients. This boosts total capacity and profitability while decreasing no-shows. The patient portal allows you to arrange appointments. Patients can use the patient portal to request appointments on their own. 

Diagnostic Accuracy  

The iKnowMed Service Value Plus regimen support tool improves diagnosis accuracy. It focuses on evidence-based therapy options. It enables you to provide clinical and reimbursement information at the point of care. 

Oncology Support 

iKnowMed EHR offers cancer practitioners many valuable features. It includes patient charts that can be accessed using a mobile app. In a secure portal, you can manage patient data records and access them anytime you need to. 

Medical Billing  

The iKnowMed EMR software provides a comprehensive solution for medical billing needs. It makes it easier to create medical bills and manage billing difficulties. Users do not need to learn codes to manage the bill. It is ICD (international classification of diseases) compatible. This billing software aids users with their medical billing needs. Clinics can use it to create invoices, increasing the practice’s efficiency. Using intelligent billing, you can cut overhead expenditures and keep on top of costs. 

What Are My Pricing Options if I Opt for iKnowMed EHR? 

Contact iKnowMed customer service for a customized quote for your clinic. The pricing of the iKnowMed software is determined by the size of each practice and the number of users. 

How Can I Access a Demo of iKnowMed EHR? 

To be able to use iKnowMed for best practices, it can be helpful to see it in action. You can book an iKnowMed EMR demo through the vendor profile. 

What Are Users Saying about iKnowMed EHR? 

On Apple, the iKnowMed EMR app has a rating of 4.2/5. 

Here is what iKnowMed software reviews have to say about the tool: 

Users enjoy how the training team assists them in “merging the old system with the new.” 

When utilizing iKnowMed, physicians can access data “from anywhere.” 

A possible setback is that iKnowMed tends to slow down during the day.  

What is Liquid EHR Best Known For? 

Here are the Liquid EHR features: 

Electronic Prescription 

Users can include lab test findings and add lab test results. They can also review summary reports and issue patient reminders. Access controls, audit logs, and encryption are also available. 


You can save patient data in a secure gateway and access it as needed. Because it is a cloud-based tool, you can access it from any location. Liquid EHR has no user limit and can be scaled without sacrificing security. 

Integrated EHR 

Clinicians can also access patient memories, drug interactions, and allergy interaction checks. They can also access issue lists, active medication lists, and medication recommendations. The system also provides educational material, smoking status, vital signs, and other information. Besides, users can check lab tests, examine clinical summaries, and send patient reminders. Access restrictions, audit logs, and encryption are all included. 

What are My Pricing Options if I Opt for Liquid EHR? 

There are two subscription options for Liquid EMR. The In-Office pricing option is $199 per month per person. A monthly membership to the cloud costs $299. The installation is completely free. You can build either local or global workstations based on your requirements. Customers will also have unrestricted access to technical support. 

How Can I Access a Demo of Liquid EHR? 

You should see a demo before purchasing the Liquid EMR. The Liquid demo will provide you with enough information about the features and functions to decide if it suits you. 

What Are Users Saying About Liquid EHR? 

The Liquid EHR is rated 4.7/5 on Software Finder.  

According to Liquid EHR reviews, the application offers a wide range of accessibility choices. 

It is popular among users because it provides “access to tools for online processing insurance claims.” 

Liquid’s system, on the other hand, occasionally lags. 

Final Remarks  

iKnowMed assists cancer practitioners in better managing their practices. Meanwhile, this EMR supports around seventy specialties. It ensures that medical professionals have access to cutting-edge technology. Its goal is to help with remote clinic administration. 

Liquid EHR is intended for small to medium-sized optometry practices. Among its core services are medical billing, scheduling, and records management. Its highlights include workflow systems, compliance checks, and mailing list generation. You can also use it to create audit trails, document management, and prescribe medication. 

You can choose the best option by comparing the features of iKnowMed and Liquid EHR. Before making a selection, you can also watch demos of these tools. 

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