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Business Remodeling Ideas to Increase Productivity & Real Estate Value

Planning a corporate remodel is a collaborative effort. There is a lot to do from finding the right designer to hiring an engineer or contractor. But we are here to make it simpler.

Planning is key to a successful office renovation. These steps will help you avoid costly design errors and ensure that your budget stays on track.

Why renovate your office?

Business owners should ensure that their employees are safe and productive in the workplace. According to most recent studies 90 percent of workers stated that the design of their workplace directly impacts how productive they are. A third of respondents to the survey said that co-working with their colleagues makes them more productive. If your workplace is not inviting or collaborative, it could cost you money.

Remodeling your office can improve your team’s morale, increase the building’s resale potential and help you avoid a resale nightmare if it has not been renovated in 70s.

How to renovate your office

Step 1: Set goals for your office remodel

Before you begin the design process, make sure you have a clear goal. Every aspect of your renovation should be guided by the end result.

To help you set your goals for office renovations, answer the following questions.

  1. Are you in need of more desks to support your employees?
  2. Your office layout could be more efficient
  3. Do your teams value open spaces that allow them to collaborate?
  4. Are there enough meeting rooms?
  5. Are the bathrooms and kitchens large enough to accommodate your staff?
  6. Are there safety concerns such as tripping hazards, or too few exits for an emergency?
  7. Are you able to make your office accessible for persons with disabilities?

After you have established your goals, you need to ask a few logistical questions.

  • How much are you willing to spend on renovations? Are you able to cover any unexpected costs?
  • Are you going to have to close your office during renovations.
  • Are you able to hire outside help such as a consultant firm for the remodel?
  • Do you need new furniture for your office remodel?
  • When are the renovations due to be completed?

Step 2: Search for contractors and designers

This is the most important step in any office renovation. It is crucial to have a team that works well together when it comes to your office remodel. They will need to work together throughout the entire process. Here are the people you should bring onboard:

  • Interior and Architectural Design Team They will help you bring your vision to reality.
  • General Contractor Or Corporate Remodeling Company
    This individual or group will renovate and maintain the building in accordance with the plans of the design team.
  • Internal Project Manager
    A person within your company who will manage your external relations and internal communication related to your renovation plans.
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There are many benefits to hiring both an interior designer as well as a general contractor simultaneously. General contractors are familiar with building codes and any structural limitations that could impact design.

Step 3: Evaluate your Building

After you have hired the right team, make sure you have a professional building inspection. This will ensure that your business is free from asbestos, lead and mold. Although it may be more time-consuming and expensive, this is worth it to avoid costly errors and ensure a smooth transition for future resale.

You can also evaluate the following areas:

  • The condition of the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems.
  • Status of load-bearing walls or support beams
  • Important historic elements of the building to be preserved.
  • Situation of emergency warning systems
  • If they are available, accuracy of building evaluations in the past.

Step 4: Design Your New Office Space

After the site has been evaluated, you can now start to assign the design team. To ensure that there is a paper trail, refer back to your corporate remodel goal and write down your expectations. Be clear and precise. You can create a workspace that is collaborative for 10 people and has five more cubicles.

Step 5: Communicate the plan to employees

Your employees should be informed about your plans for office renovations as soon as possible. Even if the office will not be closed during the renovation, inform your employees about when inspections will take place and how they will be affected.

How to communicate with your employees during a office remodel:

  • The reasons and benefits of renovation.
  • Teams will work in the office when they are available.
  • Are there plans to move staff to temporary offices?
  • End date for the remodel.
  • For any concerns or questions, who to contact?

Step 6: Start the Renovation Process

Now you have plans, hired people, inspected, and approved. Now it’s time for your office renovation. Keep communication open between the internal project manager, design team, and construction crew. You can schedule times to check on progress if your office is closed during renovations. In case of delays, ensure that you have messages ready for your employees.

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Get the Best Out of Your Office Remodel

A corporate renovation will not only provide enough space for your employees to work but it can also foster a more positive work ethic. You can improve morale and productivity by taking a space that isn’t working for your culture or growing number employees and turning it into a modern, collaborative environment.

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