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The roof is probably the most neglected part of your home or corporate structure. When one thinks of maintenance and repairs, the roof rarely makes the cut. The reason for this may be the sturdiness of the materials used to create this part of a building.

In addition to this, it is entirely possible that since the roof itself is out of view focusing on its repairs and maintenance becomes secondary. Unfortunately the out-of-sight and the out-of-mind method doesn’t actually work here. 

Much like the other parts of a structure a roof is bound to feel the passage of time. Wear and tear that happens to a building are also going to show up on the roof in terms of cracks, water damage, and such.

Moreover, it is imperative to understand that the roof is practically the building’s first line of defense against the harsh elements and pollutants that are present in the environment. As such attention to the maintenance and repairs of the roof is essential.

Working with a general contractor such as Knoxville Urban Renaissance Builders can be quite useful in managing the health of your roof. That said, one must understand what to look for when examining the roof and the reasons why a roof experiences deterioration.

Things That Can Cause Roof Damage

Tree Branches

While a broken branch may not have much impact on a concrete roof, it can certainly affect a cedar or timber roof with shingles and such. And if not the actual roof, then the corresponding fixtures such as downspouts, fascia, and more can be damaged.

Branches and such break during harsh weather and the force with which they fall impacts the roof causing some serious damage. 

Downspouts and Gutters 

Water damage is a leading cause of roof damage across the U.S. Downspouts and gutters are the primary contributors to this concern. This is why when buying a house, it is crucial to maintain and repair these fixtures consistently.

Since the roof isn’t generally in the line of sight the water from damaged gutters and spouts seeps onto the roof, stays stagnant, and starts causing structural damage.

Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing is a thin strip of material used for weather-proofing your roof around vents, chimneys, and along the edges. Flashing can become damaged, it can cause water to seep underneath the fixture and into your home. 

Over time, the compound used to seal the flashing can become loose or dry out which can cause water damage.

Moisture Damage

Moisture is easily the biggest culprit in causing roof damage. In almost all cases water becomes the problem. If it stays in the roof gutter for too long critters and insects make it their home, mold forms and moss covers the entire space.

In addition to this, the water causes minor cracks in the gutter’s eaves causing the water to reach the fascia further damaging the structure. This can lead to ceiling and insulation damage which will rake up billing costs.

Why a Damaged Roof Is Hazardous


A damaged roof can give way to water and damage the interior of the structure. Loose tiles or compromised grout means rainwater or water from the damaged gutter can get inside your home. 

In some severe cases, flooding is also possible, especially after a heavy rain season or snow-melting season. 


A damaged roof is a gateway to a wide range of problems you will find mold, moss, and everything in between growing here. Asbestos is one of these problems. This is a substance that can be life-threatening and cause serious health problems.

Since asbestos was used as an insulation material in older homes, you are likely to face this problem if you live on a vintage property.

Electrical Problems

A damaged roof can also be problematic in terms of electrical problems. Water from the damaged roof can seep into the attic and cause damage to the wiring or interfere with electrical appliances.

This can also be life-threatening as faulty wiring can cause fires, sparking, or put you in harm’s way. 

4 Easy Ways To Prevent Roof Damage

  1. Regular Maintenance is Necessary

Preventing roof damage starts with the right type of maintenance. Cleaning up the gutters and the roof isn’t enough. You need professionals to handle the maintenance for you. Quarterly maintenance is recommended for homes especially those with downspouts and gutters.

Seasonal maintenance is also a necessity as most problems are related to water damage. Melting snow, rain, and harsh weather can put the integrity of your roof at stake. As such it is wise to invest in regular maintenance.

  1. Gutter Cleaning Is Necessary

A clogged gutter is a home to many problems. From a growing list of insect populations to debris collection and then preventing water from going down the spout, it can open doors to several concerns.

A clean gutter ensures the smooth removal of water from the roof after heavy rain or after the snow melts. In addition to this regular cleaning will help you keep an eye out for cracks and other structural damages.

  1. Tree Trimming and Yard Maintenance

Dead or hanging branches have the potential to snap and fall onto the roof. They can be quite damaging especially when the weather isn’t so favorable, make sure to trim these branches or tie them away from the roof.

Moreover, any sharp objects or debris around the lawn means that these will fly right onto the roof or the windows when a strong wind or hurricane takes over.

  1. Professional Inspection

This isn’t something you have to do every day. You can ask professionals to inspect the roof every six months. The difference between their inspection and yours is the devices they use to examine the place and their ability to detect minor problems as well.

Who To Call?

Knowing whom to call especially during an emergency is crucial to the longevity of the roof. You can get in touch with experts at Knoxville Urban Renaissance Builders to make sure your roof stays damage free for the long run.

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