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How To Manage Freetress Water Wave Hair

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If you adore freetress water wave hair for passion twist and are considering buying one, you have made the perfect decision! Water wave hair has a comparable texture to the waves on the sea’s surface. Large curls give the hair a natural look while also making it beautiful and trendy.

Human water wave braiding hair is formed of incredibly light, smooth, and glossy hair, which looks fantastic on any head! Water wave hair is a popular hairstyle due to its lovely appearance and ease of maintenance.

Let’s look at 5 simple ways to care for freetress water wave hair, as well as where you can buy one and why you should.

Wash Human Water Wave Hair Braiding Hair With Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Keep your water wave hair bundles clean at all times. When hair is unclean, and sweat accumulates, it tangles. You need to wash your hair once a week. 

Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your human water wave hair braiding hair in cool or lukewarm water. Soak your hair in the water from the ends to the top, and brush it with your finger. Do not rub or twist your hair. And rinse thoroughly.

After-Wash Ritual

Once you’ve washed your freetress water wave braiding hair, use a towel to soak the excess water out. Once your twists are 70% dry, remove the towel and apply oil to restore moisture. Focus more on the roots and the tips as they tend to be more prone to dryness. 

To revive the twists, use a hair mousse throughout the braiding hair to smoothen flyaways. Use an edge control to restyle your edges. Wrap everything up with a satin scarf for 10- 15 minutes to let your freshly washed hair set. 

Before Going To Bed, Wrap Your Water Wave Braiding Hair

Wrapping your hair with passion twists is an excellent solution if you don’t want to wake up with a head of unkempt hair in the morning. We advise you to wrap your hair in a silk scarf or headwrap because silk is less stressful on your hair than on other fibers. You can also sleep on silk/satin pillowcases instead of regular ones.

It is convenient to avoid hair damage and breakage when you get up.

Hair Treatment & DIY Remedies For Human Water Wave Hair

And don’t forget to keep maintaining the long hair every 2 weeks. This is to deliver nutrition to the hair to maintain it well and make it not effortless to feel dry. Then will not have issues with tangle and shedding. You can go for hot oil messages or a hair mask made from home ingredients such as avocados, eggs & coconut oil. This way, your hair will regain its nutrients & moisture to stay healthy for longer.

Where To Find The Best Water Wave Hair For Passion Twists?

If you scrutinize the best water wave hair for passion twists, the answer is Indique Virgin Hair! 

Indique’s water wave hair packs have a wavy structure and medium sheen. It is entirely made of human hair collected from temples in India and treated with the most cutting-edge hair innovation technology.

It is versatile and easy to maintain. Indique’s water wave hair packs can be easily curled or straightened hair. It can also be colored and trimmed. Finally, it will function similarly to your hair and will allow you to do whatever you want with it. It is the best water wave hair you can ever get for passion twists.

3 Reasons To Buy Water Wave Braiding Hair From Indique

Why Should you Choose Indique’s Water Wave Braiding Hair?

●     Natural Human Water Wave Braiding Hair

It’s impossible to argue that a real hair water wave weave feels better than one composed of synthetic fibers. While synthetic hair is less expensive, it does not provide the natural appearance we desire. It is identical to our natural hair because it is obtained from donors.

Water wave hair will blend perfectly with your natural hair, making it difficult for others to notice you’re wearing extensions. 

●     Durable Water Wave Braiding Hair

One of the main reasons ladies choose water wave weave hair is its durability. With proper care, your water wave hair packs should last at least 12 months and can preserve the style for an extended time.

Water wave hair is popular as an exotic alternative to boring and lifeless hairstyles. It appears more natural the longer you use it.

●     Best Water Wave Hair For Passion Twists

Water wave weave hair is thick, silky, and stunning. It is thicker in the roots and thinner at the tips, lending a more natural or realistic aspect to any hairdo. Yes, a water wave wig is a versatile and adaptable hairstyle that is easy to style and color.

This type of hair is really simple to care for and maintain. There will be no fading of your water wave twists. You’ll spend less time primping and more time enjoying your water wave hairstyles or any other hairdo.


We believe that the best hair allows you to use fewer products to achieve a rich appearance and experience. There is no better feeling than purchasing some of the best water wave hair packs on the market to have your desired hair.

The product and service quality are the most important elements when buying water wave braiding hair. Indique Virgin Hair offers both!

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