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Looking for a pet shop in Dubai that will keep your furry friend healthy, happy and stylish? Look no further than the best pet shops Dubai! We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your beloved pet, whether a cat, dog, rabbit, or any other type of furry friend. We offer a wide range of services to keep your pet healthy and happy, including grooming, boarding, daycare, and more. We also offer a wide selection of stylish pet accessories to keep your furry friend looking their best. From collars and leashes to beds and toys, we have everything you need to keep your pet stylish and comfortable.

Here’s a round-up of the best pet shops in Dubai for their quality customer service.



Pet owners with purebred pets and other unique cold-blooded animals can head to Pet Corner to stock up on food and supplies. The stores boast a selection of top pet food brands from around the globe to suit your pet’s age, weight, and breed. Exceptional food for puppies and kittens is also available from different international brands.

Pet Corner is also a good source for various dog and cat litter. Choose from clumping, non-clumping sand litter, or silica gel non-clumping litter. Order some premium quality odour-control products to rid your home of bad odours.

For online shopping, visit petshopinuae.com for a wide range of products and get them delivered to your doorstep. Pet Corner has several locations across Dubai, so you can easily find one near you.


A top spot for all your pet supplies is The Petshop Dubai. It features a vast range of products at its massive 54,000 sq. ft. megastore in Dubai Investment Park I.

Navigating the store is easy as each brand of cat or dog food has its own stall, and you’ll easily find supplies for fish, guinea pigs, birds, and other pets. Other branches of the Petshop are located on Sheikh Zayed Road and Aswaaq Mall in Al Wasl.

The store boasts an extensive online pet store too. Visit dubaipetfood.com to shop online for cat, dog, aquatics, and bird supplies. Avail free delivery on orders above AED 100. The Petshop also offers pet grooming, health, and relocation services. Additionally, you can use the DubaiPetFood app available on Play Store and App Store for shopping.


Happy Dolphin is a pet store that the Dubai Municipality approves. It has a wide range of cat, dog, and other pet food and supplies. It also features reward snacks for cats and dogs, along with bones for your furry friend to chew on. Special health and digestive supplements for your pets are available as well.

Happy Dolphin has a physical store in Dubai, but they also have a full online pet store with same-day delivery in the emirate.


World of Pets, located at the Dubai Mall, is next on our list of the best pet shops in Dubai. The store specializes in grooming products for dogs and cats. It also offers grooming services for pets under professional groomers. The Dubai Mall branch offers pet products and pet grooming services. World of Pets at the Greens offers aquatic products and a full-fledged pet shop.

Don’t have a pet? You can adopt one from World of Pets, a leading pet adoption service in Dubai.


Pet World UAE is another popular pet store in Dubai with a range of fish, dog, and cat products. Even if you have an exotic cold-blooded reptile, Pet World UAE has you covered!

You’ll find a selection of bird food and an array of rabbit products here too. Water fountains, food containers, doggy chew toys, cat toys, comfortable beds, and scratch posts are some of the products you can easily find at Pets World UAE.

If you’re training your dog, Pet World UAE in Dubai offers treats and snacks that will help with the process. Taking a trip with a feline? Shop for cat harnesses for kittens or adult cats.

Additionally, the store has a good range of pet shampoos and colognes to keep the furry ones smelling fresh. Their official online store is “Petworlduae.com,” where you can order pet supplies and have them right to your doorstep.


Happy pets. There is an interactive online pet shop in Dubai with a massive selection of products like beds, scratchers, and toys. Order loungers and playgrounds for your pets to improve their physical health.

Furthermore, if you have parakeets or other birds, Happy pets. ae has a dedicated range of edible toys and healthcare products for them. Similarly, if you have an aquarium or plan to own one, you can shop for aquariums, water purifiers, fish food, and other products — suitable for fresh and salt-water fish.


Pet’s Delight is next on our list of the best pet shops in Dubai. From wet and dry food for puppies, kittens, and adult pets to equestrian supplies, the store has something for every pet owner.

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Customers can also order online via the brand’s easy-to-use Pet’s Delight app and get 15% off on the first order. You can also visit the official website to order products and supplies. Visit the website for more details on discounts and special offers.


Are you on the lookout for a pet shop on Sheikh Zayed Road? Check out Pet Zone, a prominent pet shop in Dubai. The store has an array of products to suit your pet care needs.

Pet Zone’s official website is a great option for shopping for pet food, grooming tools, and other online products. Check the official website for amazing discounts and deals.

For Online you may check the following to get the best what you want for your pet


PetHaus.com offers dog, cat, small animal, bird, reptile, and fish supplies. As pet parents, we know your pet deserves the greatest food, treats, and accessories. We’re committed to making pet care easy and an authentic experience from when you land on our online store or mobile app until we bring your order to your home.

With home delivery, we make pet shopping easy and exciting. Your dogs are also our customers.

We sell many well-known, high-quality brands from around the world. PetHaus Our goal is to only sell the best products for you and your pets. Our pet food and treat brands are healthy and nutritious. We have the proper products for your furry, feathery, or scaly pets.


When you have a pet and live in Dubai, you first need to find a pet shop in Dubai for your new friend! Whether you keep a dog or a cat, it’s only natural that you want to pamper your fur babies. Luckily, there are many pet shops in Dubai where you can find everything from treats and toys to pet food and wellness products. Some places offer pet adoption, grooming, nutritional consultancy, and other services.

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