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How to Draw A Cartoon Mother. The bond between mother and child is indeed something very special! When a baby is born, the mother will do everything to protect and care for her offspring.

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Moms may not always be perfect, but they always try their best, and that’s easy to take for granted.

For this reason, we are going to learn how to draw a cartoon mom, as it is a wonderful method to show your gratitude!

By the end of this manual, you will also know how to draw an adorable portrait of a loving mother and her baby.

How to Draw A Cartoon Mother

Step 1

Let’s start this tutorial by drawing a cartoon mother with the outlines of her face and head. You can start with his eyes, these are drawn with some circles surrounded by some curved lines.

We can draw his nose with a simple curved line and add his smiling mouth.

These, too, are drawn with subtly curved shapes, with his teeth featured in the center. Next, draw the chin, jawline, and side of the face using slightly curved lines.

We can then add her hair with wavy shapes with pointed tips at the ends.

Once it looks like our reference image, we can carry on to the following step of the guide!

Step 2

This cartoon mom drawing has a big and beautiful hairstyle! This hairstyle looks impressive, but it can also take some work.

Because of this, you should replicate it exactly as it appears in our reference image. This is where you can take your time while adding all the niceties.

There will also be some small details like a bow in the hair.

You can draw in pencil and add pen lines over these planning lines if you get stuck. Recognize, it’s not a race; you can take your term!

Step 3

This cartoon mom drawing will also have a cute baby holding her, and we will start by drawing just that baby in this third step.

The baby’s head is quite small and round, with a curvy tuft of hair at the top.

He also has large, expressive eyes with circular highlights.

There will also be rounded eyebrows above it, and the nose will be a small curved line like the mother was. Remember the smiling mouth!

Finally, we use slightly more curved lines for the sling that holds the baby to the mother’s chest. We will be adding more to this harness shortly.

Step 4

For this fourth step of our how to draw a cartoon mom guide, we’ll add mom’s arm with a few more details.

Once this step is complete, we will complete the final details in the next step of the guide. As you can see in our example image, the top of his shoulder is covered by his shirt.

Then you can use a few more curved lines to extend the arm down from the shirt and bend slightly at the elbow.

Next, we’ll add another harness that extends behind the back. Once those are added, it’s time to add the final details we mentioned as we move on to Step 5!

Step 5

This design already looks great! It’s almost time to get done with some paint, but first, we need to add some final details.

First, use a few small curved lines to refine the contours of the harness holding the baby. Next, let’s draw her little hand and arm, reaching out to hug her mom for a cute touch!

Draw A Cartoon Mother

Once you’ve counted these points, you’re ready for the final phase! Before that, you can also add some extra details.

You could draw a background to make this picture pop!

Another thing that might be fun is to change up some details to make this look like your mom or a mom!

How will you finish this beautiful drawing?

Step 6

You’ve reached the final step of this adorable drawing, and now you can finish with some coloring fun!

Cartoon Mother Drawing

We showed you how to colorize this image in our reference image, but this is a step where you can get creative.

If you like how our example looks, you can mimic the colors, but be sure to experiment with color!

If you’re aiming to make this mom look like you know her, you can use colors to encourage that. We can’t stay to see what you do to complete it!

Your Cartoon Mother Drawing is Finished!

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