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If tarot illuminates the soul, it makes sense that queries about love are the most frequently posed to the cards. Tarot love spreads come in a wide variety because of this.

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The tarot can reveal a few things about your desire, your relationships, or what might make your heart skip a beat in the future, whether you’re in love, out of love, in love with love, or hoping you’ll never again have a shattered heart.


We don’t always know what we desire. I understand. Try one of the straightforward tarot love spreads below if you’d want to use the cards to gain insight into your romantic energy.


The one card you draw indicates the current state of your romantic relationship. You won’t be surprised by this card too often. If you draw a Major Arcana card in a tarot reading, significant events are taking place in your life. You may be reacting to significant changes in your life, such as the introduction of a new theme or the repercussions of a choice you and your partner made together.

A Minor Arcana card typically refers to a more minor emotion, argument, or discussion. In general, Cups and Pentacles suggest developing relationships and making emotional connections. The energy of wands introduces something fresh that might be exhilarating or overwhelming. When they appear in a love reading, swords can help you understand how your communication style and personal truths are affecting your romantic life. They don’t always signify tough love.


A three-card tarot spread is a fantastic choice if you are thinking about another person, such as a potential love interest or companion. The first card in a classic three-card tarot love spread represents you, the second card the other, and the third card your relationship as it is now or has the potential to be. Some readers position the third card, which lies between the previous two, around it.


Pull one card to represent the past and one card to represent the future to add a little more detail to the simple three-card layout. The future card should be placed above the three original cards, with the past card placed beneath them.

Pulling two more cards can offer hints or suggestions to help you understand the situation if the three-card spread leaves you with some unanswered questions. This reading would make it clear that, while you two might make good creative collaborators, you are not necessarily meant to be romantic partners. The cards might lead you in a different way even in a love reading!


Thus, you now possess a particular someone. This individual might be a crush, someone you’ve flirted with online, or someone you’ve gone out with once or twice. When it comes to new relationships, a five-card tarot spread variant can be used to ascertain your compatibility.


Pull the following five cards for a basic cross:

  1. Your thoughts regarding the partnership
  2. The opinions of your partner toward the relationship
  3. The key element of the relationship dynamic is (place in the center)
  4. Conflicts or obstacles affecting this quality (place below the third card)
  5. Possibility of the connection (place above the third card)

The first and second cards you choose in this tarot love spread will indicate how well you and your spouse are now linked. The third card depicts a relationship tone, which may not be representative of your partnership as a whole if a special circumstance is now affecting it.

The fourth and fifth cards, like with other five-card crosses like this one, shed light on the significance of the interpersonal dynamic.


A period of closer ties and commitment follows the initial stages of falling in love and the honeymoon period. The tarot may be a very effective tool for identifying relationship needs and developing trust with a partner during this period.

Check out the suggestions below for these objectives.


Tarot cards can be a very efficient way to start conversations in your relationship. With a partner, you can schedule some time to draw one or more cards and utilize them as discussion starters. Excellent places to start are the following inquiries:

  • What exactly do I seek in a relationship?
  • What am I in most need of right now?
  • What do we accomplish well as a team?
  • What about the partnership that isn’t working out so well?
  • How can we resolve our relationship’s issues?
  • What words or feelings should I use to express my love for my partner or to address a specific issue?
  • What part do I play in the relationship’s unresolved tension or conflict?
  • What areas do I need to work on personally to overcome relationship issues?

Each partner draws one card in response to each of these questions. The similarities and contrasts between the cards are then discussed by both of you. Where your attitudes, values, perceptions, or opinions are in agreement is revealed by similarities. Differences make differences clear! Conflict isn’t usually the result of differences. Instead, they can serve as a wonderful starting point for gaining a deeper knowledge of one another, which can ultimately result in contentment. 


Another approach to utilizing tarot cards is to use a particular tarot love spread that you decide on and return to together to check in with your spouse on occasion. Even though you can conduct relationship check-ins alone, doing so with your spouse allows you to immediately address any questions you may have for one another.

The three rows in the following ten-card tarot love spread are for you, your partner, and the relationship.

Draw three cards, then arrange them in the first row in the following order:

  1. What do you think about yourself?
  2. How do you feel about your spouse?
  3.  How do you perceive the partnership?

Your partner should draw another three-card row. The same items can be represented by any one of the three cards, but only for the other person.

Pull a four-card row for the connection to finish.

  1. A favorable rapport
  2. A flaw in relationships
  3. The direction of the connection
  4. Suggestions on preserving the relationship
  5. As long as you can recall what each of these three rows signifies, you can arrange them in any way.


You’ve reached your breaking point, and now is the time to choose whether to stay or leave. Your best course of action may be shown to you by using a straightforward four-card tarot love spread.

Pull the following three cards to form a row first:

  1. State of the relationship at the moment (place in the center)
  2. Motives for remaining
  3. Causes of leaving

Place the last card on top of the middle card. This card either forecasts the result or offers advice for the circumstance.


When things are truly difficult, a tarot spread may be required to examine the situation and, in some situations, plan for an end.

I suggest a five-card spread variation for this, with further pulls if more information is required:

  1. You’re accountable
  2. Your partner is accountable
  3. Your options for action
  4. Relationship outcome (an ending, a change, or a resolution) card. Action your partner can take.

In the middle of the spread, place the fifth card. You can arrange your cards in a column on one side, and your partner’s cards can be arranged in a column on the other side. Pulling clarifying cards for issues like outside influences and your views about the partnership’s future may help if you’re still interested in finding out how the relationship will turn out.

These pulls are based on the precise queries you have after pulling the aforementioned five cards.

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I prefer to choose one item from my life to reflect who I am and what I want to create right now to begin a self-love reading. You could decide on a precious stone, a written statement, or some other object, for instance.

This spread should be set up with the item in the middle and the four cards surrounding it in a diamond pattern:

  1. There is something about you that you can love.
  2. Choose one area of your life to treat kindlier
  3. A self-limiting notion to discard
  4. the energies or behaviors you should exercise to love yourself

Set a goal or create a strategy that enables you to access the energies represented by the card for the fourth card you draw in this spread.

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