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The technology evolution has brought a significant change in the education industry, helping learners and teachers to unfold new skills and expand knowledge at a wider level. No wonder, but with the help of eLearning apps, it becomes a cake-walk for even the busiest of us to learn new skills as per our convenience.

Look around and you can see that how beautifully technology has captured every possible aspect of our daily lives, where accessing services becomes a hassle-free activity. In this context, even education industry is not lagging behind, and embraced the trending trends to offer comfort and ease to the users at par.

Are you curious that how this is possible even?

Hold on!

In this article, we have gathered the technology trends that are rising in the educational app industry, and which business model suits your demand.

Let’s find out further with this post…

Different type of educational apps 

  • To learn specific subjects
  • To facilitate kids’ development
  • For supplemental and reference materials
  • For online courses
  • For exam preparation

Features to include in your educational app

The type of features included in the educational app decides how far is it going to be different from other existing solutions. And further, these features will help you create your own education app. Below we have mentioned some basic to advanced features to develop a successful educational app


The signup process must have the least details requirements, and integrate the automatically sign up with Google or any other email. It shortens up the process and makes it less complicated for the users to access the app. Further, there can also be a social media sign up process as well, to make it turn faster. 

User profile

Here students can make adjustments, change their picture, schedule, and do much more through settings. Further, teachers can also set their schedules, upload materials, and fit the requirements

Push notifications

If you want to grab the users’ attention than nothing works faster than push messages, which pop-on the phone screen and provide information. It is a valuable feature, however, its frequency must be decided upon based on the user behavior. 

Search feature

For students, the convenience of searching for the required lesson or course material should be made easier. The search feature allows them to find out their required study material in a fraction of second. 

Scheduling calendar 

It is a must for your app to have a scheduling calendar. And it helps in managing and scheduling the classes. As the major selling-point of these apps is the convenience of accessing services as per users’ demands. 

Statistics and analytics

This feature helps students and teachers both, and they can identify the blond spots to work upon. Further teachers can customize the programs as per the requirements.

Advanced Features

Below mentioned we have compiled a few advanced features, that must be a part of your eLearning app to make it sound engaging and unique from other existing solutions in the market.

In-app Chat

This feature helps students to get in touch with the teachers and vice-versa. And helps in clearing the doubts and queries if any without any hassle involved.

Document sharing

An online repository makes it convenient for teachers /learners/ students to easily share documents. It can be in the form of PDFs, presentations, and spreadsheets, which can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Audio-Video Streaming

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, this feature has turned out to be extremely useful, letting users stream the classes or live classrooms on interactive On-Demand and Audio Streaming m-learning apps.

Quizzes & assessments

An eLearning app increases the engagement and learning rate with the integration of online quizzes and assessments. This further helps the teachers to track, every student’s progress and performance in check. 

Real-time analytics

With this feature, it becomes and easier step for the teachers to track and assess the progress of mobile learning assignments, assessment scores, learner progress, course completion, social learning engagement, and much more.

Dell Inspiron 15 5585


The integration of multiple languages opens a door to a wider user base for your app. And helps you increase your revenue generation goal out of bounds.


Well, it would not be wrong to say that this competitive feature helps students to stay motivated and keep on striving hard to improve their records.

Unique trends which must be included in your educational app


Indeed, you cannot limit learning to one particular region or territory, it is universal, and this is what made possible by app technology. The app technology makes it possible for the education to be accessed across the world without any hassle, therefore it is a great idea to invest in one of them. 

Virtual and augmented reality

Although, these both increase the development cost, but in every true sense they increase the user experience and give an edge to your app to stand out in the market. 


Gamification is the engagement platform that helps learners to stay focused and interested. This is a unique way to bring up the interest of your users and add a different taste in the app flavor.

 Visuals and sound

The inclusion of bright colors and images just change the aesthetic appeal of the app and make it look more appealing. However, along with the visuals, something that lets your users learn faster out of the app is the sound. The audio helps the users to memorize from what they are seeing faster.

Required tech stack

  • For iOS app – Swift
  • For Android app- Kotlin
  • For back-end development- Node.js
  • For database- MySQL
  • For signup- Amazon SES, Amazon SNS
  • For push notifications- FCM
  • For storage- Amazon S3

Different business models for your educational app

Free Trial

In this business model, you provide free access to the users for a specific time, then they have to buy the full version.


This is where you let users access certain features for a certain period of time, and then they are encouraged to further pay for the full-app features.


This business model type must be used smartly, as any interruption between the lesson, can only irk the users. There has to be a well-designed strategy to help your ads to be a well-fitted part of the app.

Paid download

The paid download is another engaging business model, that turns out to be a valid option for education service providers. Although, it works well with the established business having clients already, and helps them to facilitate their students’ learning experience.

How much does it cost to develop an eLearning app solution?

The cost of eLearning app development is actually a bigger concern, that keeps on coming and bugging your thoughts. But you must understand that development cost is not something which can be decided upon abruptly. Rather you need to have a clear picture of the app concept, as features, functionalities, OS, technology stack, and much more that runs behind the picture and decide the development cost.

Therefore, to get the accuracy in the numerical number for your app development cost, you need to share your requirements, and in accordance, you get the précised number that decides the app cost.


For every person, education is an important factor, which is irreplaceable. The technology intervention in the education domain has already opened a floodgate of opportunities for the learners and educators in abundance. It further clears the doubt that mobile apps have made it easier for the education industry to gain benefits from it.

If you have got any query regarding the process to create an app like Byju’s, or what would be the estimate to education app, then hit us on our contact us page now.

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