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This is the crux and a key point from where a student needs to start. The marketing dissertation topic must be related to the primary assumption of the research objective to be used.

Dissertation writing is not the same as essay writing and must be around a thesis statement. It should represent complex research, have a methodology, and solve a particular problem. Take time but come up with good sources and literature reviews. The dissertation subject can be narrowed down or expanded.

  • Stay focused while working and choose the topic which shows your skills
  • Use verified and acceptable sources only
  • Think about how important your topic is
  • Maintain a timeline for the completion of the study
  • At the end, proofread and edit the work
  • Use the same tense throughout
  • Keep it consistent with the introduction chapter, as the grader might directly read it.
  • Do not presume. Provide all the data in a simple manner
  • Keep in mind that the findings are for an intelligent person
  • Maintain the standard of writing and follow conventions
  • Stick to a good structure and consistent format

Things to keep in mind before you zero in on a marketing dissertation topic

  • Discuss the topic of your dissertation with the academic advisor.
  • Also, try to brainstorm as many ideas as possible.
  • Look for suitable sources for the dissertation.
  • Use the correct method, and do not compare it with previous practices.
  • Marketing dissertation topics divided by subject
  • Start with careful research
  • Study the guidelines well
  • Try to come up with unique topics
  • Look at the reasoning aspect of research
  • Reflect the objective and course specifics well
  • Important concepts should be explained
  • Reference to case studies or events can also be provided

We list out some of the most popular topics which are relevant to social media:

  • Are small brands able to make better connections with customers through social media videos and online streaming?
  • Pros and cons of online shopping?
  •  Is the brand loyalty of a company affected in the virtual or online market?
  • What significance of the visual aspect of a brand and its product? Are they still relevant for Millennials?

Marketing Dissertation Topics based on subject

  • Post-Brexit, when companies take their business abroad, what are the challenges they face
  • Developing promotional paradigm in developing markets in comparison to the already developed ones
  •  Different marketing styles and the creation of market leaders.
  • In the post-Covid society, what are the challenges of international meetings and promotional campaigns?
  •  Is Artificial intelligence-based tools able to communicate well with intermediaries?
  • Major and minor marketing trends in 2022?
  •  How to build a brand as an international company?
  •  The analytical framework involved in the diversification of the consumer market
  • What do you mean by brand loyalty? The bias and competition in the market?

Brand Marketing Dissertation Topics

When the dissertation is based on working with a brand, it is centered around a creative process. There should be a focus on design, message, objectives, transparency, and other aspects. When students require science assignment help, then a different approach is required.

  • Importance of honesty and moral aspects in retail brands
  •  The difference between emerging and established brands
  • A case study involving the consumer decision and the implementation of rules made by stakeholders
  •  What is verbal construction, and how is it sued in strategic analysis of brands
  •  Use of semiotics in street banners
  • Is the call to action message relevant for the young age group?
  • Comparison of marketing strategies
  • Building a successful brand through limited resources
  • How to know the target audience and consumer relations
  •  Will rebuild a brand retain customer loyalty? ( If the name and logo change?
  • When a brand reaches a recession stage?
  • Did the retail market change in 2022
  •  Is there any emotional factor involved in using animals for advertising?

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Digital promotion and online advertising are a broad spectrum. It is a broad field and not just limited to social media. Digital marketing involves the usage of all electronic means to make your voice heard.

  •  Blogging is used for promotion. Is a long blog post preferred over short graphics?
  •  Using smart phone sfor user analaysis. How far is privacy maintained
  • Effectiveness of online campaigns. How far are people engaged with it?
  • What are the content marketing challenges?
  • Should the customer rely on word-of-mouth marketing to get any brand
  • Availing language marketing to reach out to Generation Y
  • Can technology take one to remote areas by touching upon social issues?
  • Role of digital tools to ensure safety in purchasing. What is compliance with enforcement agencies?
  • Analytical customer styles in 2022 for exclusive purchasing.

Customer Relationship Management Dissertation Topics

 Customer relationship is the central aspect of marketing. One should know the target audience and explore customer markets.

  •  Changes in logistic and customer retention in 2022 after the Covid-19 pandemic.
  •  Can modern consumer behavior be changed?
  •  Are customers influenced by foreign influences during decision making
  • Apple case study: Why customers stay loyal and follow international marketing rules
  •  The pros and cons of target marketing
  • What are the innovations and risks involved in public boycotts

Dissertation Topics On Social Media Marketing

  •  Can microblogs be used to provide discounts and special alerts for customers?
  •  Is it wise for large companies to use social media like Instagram to pitch to the younger generation?
  •  Threats related to user-generated content. Should marketing specialists be cautious?
  •  Is influencer marketing safe? What are the limitations, and is it only restricted to a specific audience?

To sum it up, a marketing dissertation topic must be very inspiring. So, the topic selected must be unique and bring forth any latest issues. Look for subjects that have a lot of scope for research so that you can get out of your comfort zone.

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