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Here’s How To Develop A Freelance Marketplace Like Upwork

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Mobile app development has provided the world with a platform where businesses and individuals can expand. Freelance Marketplace is just one of those platforms that are answering to the needs of many. Not only it brings employment and introduces users with different modes of revenue generation techniques, but it also opens up a doorway to unmatchable opportunities. Lets us look at some of the aspects that would help you to develop a freelance marketplace like Upwork. 

Top Features of The Platform

Freelance services marketplace is basically an online portal where businesses can hire and find individuals for completing the work remotely. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms in this business. It is basically an intermediary platform that provides a safe and easy way to contact experts remotely for small or one time projects. These marketplaces can largely vary depending upon the type, engagement, services, type of work, preferences, and much more.

As the market is full of these applications, developing another app would require extra effort. To make your platform feature-rich, take a look at the list present below. 

1. Registration & profile

These online platforms usually have two different types of users. One of them is a customer and the other is a freelancer. In some cases, one can also opt to introduce one more profile type that is known as an agency. Take a look at the additional profile information for a user or a freelancer that cannot be missed-

  • Photo
  • Bio
  • Skills
  • List of completed projects

2. Rating and reviews

Other necessary details for registration and profile must include-

  • Show the number of completed projects
  • Overall satisfaction rate

These are the two very necessary information deemed to be very helpful while choosing contractors or bidding for any small/ large scale project. This is the reason why it is highly important to implement a transparent and reliable rating and review system. This feature plays a huge role in deciding the quality of the platform. 

3. Portfolio

Freelancers can also demonstrate their experience with the help of code samples, diplomas, product screenshots, and much more. The portfolio section must be properly designed for the freelancers.  

4. Skills tests

The skills test is a great option if the client is willing to test the efficiency of a free-lancer and hence make the aptest choice as a customer. Not having this feature would further increase the complications and make the section more difficult.   

5. Verification

Let us jump on to another important factor of the app to ensure safety and authenticity. It is a must to make sure that the person who has created the account on the platform is not a scammer. It is important for both parties (client/ freelancer) to feel and trust the platform. Hence, a mechanism needs to implement that allows to identify the freelancers or the clients and properly verifies their identity. One seamless way to do the needed verification is with the help of an ID and/or video call. 

6. Job listing

Users or customers must be allowed to post the details about their projects in the online marketplace. This would send out an alert to all the freelancers. Hence the righteous ones would know if they have the specific skill that the user is looking for. 

7. Advanced search

Users must be permitted to browse through all the available projects or the freelancers. They must be allowed to use several filters like domain, specific skills, rate, time of posting, and much more. One must not neglect the inclusion of having advanced search as a feature. 

8. Messaging

The platform must provide a private chat room. This could be the room where the customer can converse with the pre-selected freelancers. They can discuss the project details. Once the project is given to a free-lancer, this private chatroom, if necessary, can be used as a communication tool.   

9. Bidding mechanism

All the freelancers must be able to send the reply to all the relevant job postings and hence offer their services. This feature clears up the complications and provides a smooth mechanism.  


These are the top nine features necessary for the development of a freelance marketplace like Upwork. But that is not all, as there are a lot of technicalities involved. If you are dedicated enough to build a project similar to this then it is a must to have more unique features. This cannot be possible if you work with a bootless team.

To know more about the technicalities involved, reach out to the leading mobile app development company. The brood of skilled, talented, and headstrong professionals can help you to hit the nail and jump on a larger platform with a better user base.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with us for more information.    

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