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Healthy Skin: Natural Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Acne

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Everyone desires glowing and healthy skin. There is no particular way to get your desired skin but one can always try. There are many skin issues that can be a hurdle in your way of getting clear skin. One such hurdle is Acne. 

Acne is a skin issue that can damage your overall look. Acne is a condition in which due to excessive production of oil and dead skin pimples forms. These pimples can have blood or pus in them. The confidence of a person can be shattered if their skin is embedded with acne. But there are many ways to cure acne and one can easily get rid of it by taking care of it the right way. Brands like Califolia are providing natural solutions to treat your acne. 

Following are some more ways to say goodbye to acne naturally:

Fuller’s Earth 

Fuller’s earth is one of the oldest methods to treat your acne. It is used as a mud mask mixed with apple cider vinegar or rose water to treat acne, especially for oily skin. It is famous not only to control acne but also the oil on the face. 

Turmeric and Its Masks

Turmeric has been used in herbal medicine for its use as an antiseptic and an antibacterial. The antiseptic property of turmeric makes it a good choice to use against acne. It not only helps you clear o0ut your skin but also helps you to improve the skin texture and the overall complexion of your skin. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for its amazing results on human skin. 

You can use turmeric as a mask on your face. You can make a mask using turmeric, rose water, and gram flour to make a thick mask and apply it all over your face. Once it’s dry, wash it off and end with a moisturizer. 


It is undoubtedly all rounder of the vegetable group. Lemon contains citric acid and can be used to dry out your pimple. You can use lemon in your face masks or toners and will see the result soon. To use only lemon you can put its juice on your zit to make it burst or dry out in a few hours. This way you will have clean and acne-free skin. 


Honey is a super food and to get its benefits on your skin you should start using it right away. Honey contains antibacterial properties and it can heal acne scars as well. Putting honey directly on your skin can help you get rid of the acne and acne scars on your face. 

Honey not only helps you against acne but also minimizes the appearance of your face leaving you with smooth and soft skin. 

Aloe Vera Gel 

Natural aloe vera gel can proceed to be your best friend in terms of healing and repairing your skin. Aloe Vera gel is a great way to soothe irritated skin and get rid of unwanted activity on your skin. It has regenerative properties and can really save your skin from acne marks and scars. 

Align Your Eating Habits 

Eating junk food or food that contains unhealthy ingredients may satisfy your tastebuds but it gives a boost to your acne most likely. The junk has been prepared and cooked in unhealthy oil and fat that eventually increases the level of oil in your skin, giving rise to breakout. 

Therefore, experts suggest improving diet for people who struggle with acne issues. It’s no rocket science what you should eat and avoid in order to keep your skin healthy and acne-free. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to dieticians instead, start your day with a glass of water, avoid junk food and eliminate white sugar from your diet. 

Once you start following these basic diet rules, you will start observing their miracles on your skin and overall body. 

Consumption of Green Tea 

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. According to Dr. Shireen Furtado, Consultant Dermatologist at Aster CMI Hospital, “Studies have proven green tea’s photoprotective and photocarcinogenic potential. These compounds scavenge the free radicals and modulate several signal pathways. Oral and topical use of green tea can prevent UV-induced inflammation as well.” – (ndtv.com)

You can utilize green tea to make a mask or scrub and take advantage of its beauty-enhancing properties. 

Wonders of Sulphur Mask 

For many years, sulphur has been used as acne therapy. It can be the best method for getting rid of those irritating areas on the face because it has properties that reduce pores and irritation.

You must try a sulphur mask on your face to get rid of acne. If you don’t want to cover your entire face, you can also use it just on the affected area. Keep it for around 30 minutes. To notice the change, repeat the technique frequently. You will quickly notice that the number of your acne spots has stopped increasing and that they are gradually disappearing one by one. In fact, you will notice that your skin starts rejuvenating and glowing. 

Hydrate Yourself 

Water is the most underrated option to consider when talking about fighting acne. It not only hydrates yourself but purifies the skin, and other organs and eliminates toxic elements from the body. It is an amazing process of detoxification that is harmless and imposes other benefits on your health. 

Physicians and medical experts advise everyone to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water which is around 8 t 9 glasses of water a day. Start drinking water and follow the ritual holistically and the result will outshine your face. Hydrafacial treatment can also provide great results but it’s maintenance cost is high.

Last but Not Least

Other than external factors, internal variables such as hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, and taking birth control pills affect your skin a lot. You have to treat these issues to get rid of acne and consulting with your trusted physician is the right option. Also, you can consider discussing with trusted service providers such as Califolia.

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