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In Foldable Hair Extension Boxes, What Functions Do You Need?

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Today hair extension is part of everyday preparation, and it completes your personality. Most of you have spent thousands of dollars to get the best strand for yourself, but sometimes it gets damaged and useless. What is the way by which you can keep it away from any damage? If you study the packing style of the brand, they go for the custom hair extension packaging. If you plan to start the hair strand business and want to make money from it, then focus on its packaging because users do not like to ruin their hard-earned cash but buy costly hair extensions without proper packing.

Custom Hair Strands Boxes:

Without the suitable system cases for hair packaging, it can get tangled, and if you want to export your items Vis shining, you need something that keeps them perfect. Here is the ideal solution at the domestic and commercial level: foldable extension cases for the items. Do you know these foldable boxes have many features that will make the thing charming? This factor will bring the user to boost the business revenue and sales. For all the reasons mentioned in the section, they created foldable cases for the sprays and extensions. So let us find out what else you want in these bespoke boxes.

What Feature Do You Need In The Hair Extension Boxes?

Here is the list of the qualities you want in the foldable cases for the strands. So get ready to find all about this in the blog.


Now the hairs strand has become a vital part of our lives. In a few minutes, you can take your entire look. It is the best means to boost your beauty most naturally. Most women like to wear it often because, for this reason, you need top-notch quality hair strand boxes. Why do you need the top-notch box for the items? It is because the quality of the foldable cases reflects the status of the item inside them.

Moreover, these foldable Kraft boxes give a professional appearance to the products. The quality of the product matters to all clients, and users always prefer status rather than quantity. The client always gives choices of top-notch custom cases before placing an order for any quality. So whenever you talk about shipping and packaging, these wholesale hair cases are the best solution because it preserves the hang-able hair strands. So here are other top benefits of these cartons:

  • You can protect the strands for an extended time 
  • It uses less space
  • Secure the items from external factors like moisture, dirt, heat, etc.

What Stuff Must You Prefer In Foldable Cases And Why?

You can find various types of stuff for a king these types of boxes in the sector, but not all of them are best for the hair. The best material for the extension cases is Kraft paper and cardboard boxes. Why is this stuff best for the packages?

  • You can customize it easily.
  • Structurally ideal for the packing
  • You can fabricate and mold the raw cardboard as per your need.
  • This stuff is highly affordable as compared to others in many ways.

Furthermore, hang-able hair strands and spray cases can tailor and print to various color schemes. Many firms in the USA, like the Custom boxes, offer a wide variety of hair boxes. In addition, these businesses use suitable cases for reliable items while shipping ad trading.

Can You Customize It? Why Should You Go For The Custom Box?

Custom boxes are vital for packing, whether a hair spray box or extensions. In addition, it holds an important place in bringing clients toward the items. Hence, online packaging and print firms such as Amazon and Print Cosmo offer a massive variety of choices to impact their target buyers via boxes.

Here is the list of printed foldable cases for hairs strands:

  • lithographic
  • laser printing
  • digital printing

All of the printing, as mentioned earlier methods, transform the entire look of an ordinary cardboard foldable carton. You can print the image of the model using them and more. It does not end here; you can also add:

  • various color schemes
  • go for metallic or glittered surface

What will it do?

It will turn the plain foldable hair extension boxes into gift packaging, making the buyer feel special. You can place the strand in pillow-shaped hinges boxes clamshell drawer cases that add an x-factor to the package.

Is It Laminated? What Are It And Its Importance?

What is all you need once you get the right size, printing, and dimension? It is time to give the final finishing appearance to the case, so lamination is required. The smooth box maker uses a thin layer of plastic on the custom cases. What is the purpose of it? They apply the thin layer of lamination and ship the things. The plastic coating secures the box from atmospheric and physical effects like:

  • dirt
  • dust
  • moisture
  • heat and other

Such items like changeable extensions require a shield from the outside and inside heat and moisture that can damage the object. Furthermore, these gloss and matt also boost the Extension cases’ shelf life.

Have You Used Die-Cutting Method For Hair Extension Boxes?

For glamorous items, you need beautiful packaging that brings the customer to your articles. There are many means by which you can boost the aesthetic appearance of foldable cases. Among all other options, custom cases are one of them. You can add the window to the box to increase the image of the box. Do you know the clear pane is beneficial for both the retailer and the buyer? It allows the stores to showcase the item without uncovering it and permits them to see what is inside the case.

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