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There is more to blockchain technology than algorithms, regulations, and code as it permeates practically every area of our economies, including finance, supply chains, and real estate. There are more online resources providing information about this technology as blockchain use cases change our lives and financial systems. We have compiled a list of the best blockchain blogs available to assist you navigate the cryptocurrency market.

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Here are some of the best websites for coverage of blockchain news and the cryptocurrency markets written by those with their finger on the decentralisation movement’s pulse if you are sick of the constant price speculation in places like Reddit, Telegram groups, and the more popular crypto websites.

Listed below are the top 10 cryptocurrency blogs and influencers

Table of contents:

  • CoinDesk
  • Cointelegraph
  • Vitalik Buterin’s blog
  • CCN
  • BitMEX Research
  • Bitcoin Magazine
  • BitcoinTechWeekly
  • A16z Blog
  • Jimmy Song Blog
  • Multicoin Capital


Today, one of the most widely used news sites for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins is CoinDesk. In fact, it is cited as a source of information by other cryptocurrency websites. Although it is highly insightful, some of the terms used in their blog posts may be tough for cryptocurrency beginners to understand.

It is operated by CoinDesk Inc., which also hosts the Consensus Summit, one of the most well-known events in the cryptocurrency world, and regularly produces analytical content covering all blockchain use cases. In general, CoinDesk is one of the greatest and most widely read cryptocurrency blogs, covering news about cryptocurrencies and anything pertaining to the blockchain business.


Cointelegraph began operations more than seven years ago and is totally independent. The portal disseminates a tonne of analytical news about cryptocurrency markets, global blockchain events, groups of altcoins, and general knowledge about mining activities. They focus on four main areas: blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency and blockchain news, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Surprisingly, they cover every aspect of digital currencies, contrasting them with the medium of exchange, the unit of value, and the standard for payment transactions. Cointelegraph examines everything that occurs in the cryptocurrency sector and searches for real-world applications for blockchain technology. This features a straightforward layout, a news feed, a cryptocurrency rating, regulations, and details on impending coin offers.

Vitalik Buterin’s Blog

It is challenging to summarise Vitalik Buterin’s work in the blockchain industry in a single blog post. The Ethereum blockchain, its native currency, and its native programming language were all successfully created by him. Vitalik is one of the key figures in the development of blockchain because of the success of the Ethereum network, particularly in paving the way for the development of decentralised apps.

Vitalik covers a wide range of topics in his crypto blog, from the creation of ideas on several degrees of fault-tolerant consensus to how the blockchain sector should be controlled, to the background and difficulties of the Ethereum blockchain. This should be one of your top objectives if there is a cryptocurrency news website that you should think about reading as an investor seeking for informative articles that will help you grasp blockchain technology more technically.


Launched in 2013 as Cryptonews.com, CCN offers in-depth analysis along with news on cryptocurrencies and the crypto markets. Clear graphs and statistics that provide useful information on trade volume, currency rates, and shifting market patterns support the text. Initially concentrating on Bitcoin, the blog has expanded its content offering to include the other, contemporary coins being offer in the cryptocurrency market.

The company has established itself as a trustworthy resource for bitcoin news. The crypto community appreciates how well-organized, succinct, and, above all, how they provide a wide range of references to supplementary literature. To receive the most recent news directly in their emails, readers can sign up for their newsletter.

BitMEX Research

Many people are unaware that BitMEX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, also runs one of the most in-depth research blogs in the industry. The BitMEX journalists cover every aspect of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency markets in their writings, which are written in the style of a financial magazine.

The BitMEX team works hard to provide in-depth analyses of the reasons for and mechanisms by which one or more recent events are impacting the crypto world in a particular way. An excellent illustration of this would be their efforts to cover stablecoins, which concludes with a discussion of which existing stablecoin initiatives are reliable and why, supported by financial metrics. These and other elements make it simple to classify their blog among the top crypto blogs.

Bitcoin Magazine

One of the most reputable sources of Bitcoin news, information, market analysis, and professional commentary on Bitcoin, its underlying technology, and the entire industry that has sprung up around it is Bitcoin Magazine, the first magazine ever published in the world. The media and publishing division of BTC Inc., BTC Media LLC, is the magazine’s owner. It has been providing in-depth analysis, research, teaching, and thought leadership at the nexus of finance and technology since 2012.

The publication aims to provide the crypto community with accurate, timely, and relevant content.

Bitcoin Magazine, in particular, is enthusiastic about Bitcoin and eager to share news about people, companies, and technology developments that are changing the world. The website seeks to inform and educate you with high-quality material that complies with international editorial and journalistic standards, showcasing both the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency business, whether you are a blockchain novice, knowledgeable developer, investor, or entrepreneur.


For one key reason, BitcoinTechWeekly stands out significantly from the rest of this group of websites. It is specifically target at those who are not just looking for Bitcoin news but also have a working knowledge of blockchain technology.

It is the greatest option for blockchain enthusiasts who are technically aware because the majority of their postings concentrate on the most recent software development tools, technical analysis, and network changes in the market.

They specifically state that they cover “weekly bitcoin tech news,” therefore it is likely that their views will adhere to this school of thought.

A16z Blog

One of the creators of Netscape and Mosaic, the first widely used web browsers in the world, is Marc Andreessen. Then, in 2009, he founded the Andreessen Horowitz Venture Capital Company alongside Horowitz, which maintains the A16z Blog.

Although this venture capital firm invests in both existing businesses and early-stage start-ups, its cryptocurrency blog is distinctive in two key aspects.

First of all, they have valuable insight into the institutional side of the cryptocurrency market as one of the original large-scale Bitcoin investors.

Second, to actually provide one of the most balanced cryptocurrency blogs in existence, the A16z Blog does not hesitate to give market observations, including important facts relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Jimmy Song Blog

Jimmy Song was a pioneer of all things blockchain, much like Vitalik Buterin. He was one of the original programmers to work on the Bitcoin blockchain.

He uses his ideas and the information he has learned from working on blockchain projects to provide expert insight on blockchain-related topics on his Medium blog.

His explanations in some of the publications are targeted at developers and relate a blockchain concept to a coding-relate concept.

In other publications, he focuses on educating the general public about ideas, such as the true potential of Asset-Backed Tokens (ABTs). Generally speaking, Song’s publications strike the correct balance between the readers they serve and the topics they cover.

Multicoin Capital

Look no farther if you’re looking for cryptocurrency hedge funds. What the Multicoin Capital site refers to as the key podcast regarding the blockchain sector and cryptocurrency markets is regularly curated.

The majority of what they discuss is how to succeed as a cryptocurrency investor utilising more conventional investment strategies, such getting the ideal alpha. In other words, they work to educate both novice and seasoned cryptocurrency investors on how to navigate the market’s ups and downs. As a result, it is regard as one of the top cryptocurrency blogs available.

Final thoughts on the top crypto blogs

You can stay up to speed with blockchain, financial markets, and cryptocurrency news from across the world by adding these sites to your bookmarks. These sites and individuals were carefully select since they have already made a name for themselves as trustworthy and reputable sources of information. Keep in mind that public sources can only provide you with guidance if you examine data from various sources, doubt everything, and assume manipulation behind every examination of “unique” information and statistical facts.

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