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Emergency Truck Lights

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Sirens and Emergency Truck Lights 

While they might annoy you when you get stuck behind one when you’re in a hurry, some trucks are often essential to maintaining traffic order and safety. We’re, of course, talking about first-responder vehicles, such as tow trucks and fire engines. More precisely, we’re talking about emergency truck lights.

Whenever there’s an accident on the road of any kind — crashes, road cavities, fires, fallen trees, etc. — there’s always someone behind a truck wheel rushing to the scene. However, urgency comes with potential dangers of its own, especially on busy roads where you have to maneuver fast and avoid vehicles coming at you from both directions. That’s why emergency truck lights are essential.

Emergency vehicle sirens and lights are crucial for letting other traffic participants know that you’re coming and making sure you stick out on the road. Being easily recognizable as a first responder will ensure you can get to your destination quickly and without much fuss, and it will signal to those unaware that there might be some kind of danger ahead.

What Vehicles Need Emergency Lights

Let’s cut the chatter. Here are some details on what kind of emergency lights different trucks need as well as where to get them!

Police Lights 

Police lights? Aren’t those for cars? Sure, but the police operate with trucks, too, especially pick-ups (just think about all those DEA guys rolling in their Hummers). Besides, fighting crime often demands improvisation and creativity, so you never know what kind of vehicle you’ll need on your quest for justice. 

Police vehicles usually use a combination of red and blue strobe/LED lights in combination with loud police sirens that need no introduction since you probably hear them every day, especially in metropolitan areas. However, light color rules are not set in stone, and they might vary from state to state. Sometimes, white and yellow lights are just as common, for example, and private police forces might need to use different lights to differentiate themselves from the regular police.

Need police lights? Scroll down to the bottom! We’ve got some good recommendations!

Fire Engine and Rescue Vehicle Lights

Next up, we’ve got fire engine trucks and heavy rescue vehicles. Make no mistake, though — just because we’re putting firefighters second doesn’t mean their work is less important. On the contrary, they’re essential whenever there’s a more serious car accident or if there’s a natural catastrophe making our lives on the road hell. 

Typically, fire engines sport red lights, although white and amber are also an option. In addition, they usually have a horn or a siren to make their presence known from afar. If you see a vehicle with an additional single-light beacon, know that it’s the commander’s vehicle and that the beacon is there to let the team know the command post status. 

In addition to alerting everyone of potential hazards, fire engine lights also need to be powerful enough to illuminate the area and make the job easier, especially at night and in unfavorable weather conditions. 

Utility Truck Lights

Naturally, not all truck lights are for emergencies only. There’s always a lot of work to be done on and along the road that is not necessarily the result of a calamity or accident. Of course, if we’re talking construction work or repairs, well, such affairs can be dangerous to everyone involved, which is why lots of vehicles utilized for such work need proper lighting.

Load vehicles, tow trucks, construction vehicles (say, bulldozers) — they all need to be visible at all times, especially if there’s work to be done at night. The same goes for larger farm vehicles and farming equipment such as combine harvesters and tractors. 

As for the colors, they will, again, depend on where you live. However, we can say that the rules will probably be less strict than they are for, say, police vehicles. 

The Kinds of Emergency Lights

Just as the vehicles that need them, emergency lights are diverse. And we’re not just talking about color — there’s also mounting and optical tech to work into the equation. Let’s start with the former.

  • Dashboard Lights — These are exactly what you think they are, i.e., lights mounted on the dashboard of your truck. However, you can move them around and place them elsewhere in the cabin.
  • Light Bars — These are similar to dashboard lights, although they are mounted on top of the vehicle. They are usually long, rectangular bars and they are probably the most common lighting solution for trucks.
  • Grille and Deck Lights — Grille and deck lights are compact, and they usually go at the front of the vehicle and work as two synchronized units, displaying alternating flash patterns.
  • Hideaway and Vehicle-Integral Lights — These are a perfect solution for those looking for compact light that won’t be visible until turned on. Thanks to their small size, they can be mounted anywhere.

As for the optical types, they can be divided into:

  • LED — LED lights are probably the most popular. They are bright, energy-efficient, and affordable.
  • Strobe — Strobe lights are similar to camera flashes. They are perfect for those who need quick, powerful bursts of light.
  • Constant burning — These are, essentially, a kind of lamp. They are usually white and serve to keep the area visible at all times, but they can be used as signal lights too.
  • Rotating — Rotating lights are very famous in popular culture. They usually consist of a single rotating bulb and a mirror mechanism used to create flashes.

Where to Get Police Sirens for Car Rooftops and Dashboards?

Since safety on the road is paramount, you want to make sure you buy the best possible equipment from the most reputable vendors. While that might sound like the beginning of a sales pitch, our intentions are far from it. Our goal is to make your shopping simpler and decision-making quicker, which is why we’re proud to present SpeedTech Lights.

Looking for police lights and sirens for sale? Look no further! SpeedTech Lights boasts a huge collection of police sirens and lights by trustworthy brands only and at more than competitive prices. No matter whether you need strobe lights, LED bards, or emergency speakers, SpeedTech Lights has got you covered with its reliable, energy-efficient, and easily mountable products.

Of course, SpeedTech Lights understands the importance of safety on the road and does its best to provide it for you, no matter your line of work. Even if you’re not a police officer and need, say, a siren for truck repairs or towing work, you’ll find plenty of products that will accommodate your needs on SpeedTech Lights shelves.

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