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Emerald: A Perfect Birthday Jewelry Gift

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Looking for a beautiful birthday gift for your loved ones? Your eyes might get stuck to emerald gemstones, then! Emeralds are known as one of the most valuable and precious gemstones and are the ideal present for everyone. It is also regarded as the May birthstone. The lovely stone speaks of renewal, tranquility, and new beginnings. The stone is connected to May because of its deep green hue. It exudes a sense of newness and a fresh start. It is, therefore, a lucky stone. Consequently, it is an ideal birthday present especially for the May babies. They can receive it if they are born in May.

Additionally, you can give it to anyone as a piece of jewelry. It will make a lavish gift and fill the area with good vibes. Emerald gemstone comes in several shapes and designs, making them versatile jewelry pieces. If you are looking for a suitable birthday gift for your loved ones, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will share how an emerald birthstone is a perfect gift. Moreover, we will discuss how you can choose the best emerald stone. 

Various shapes of emerald rings for birthday present

Emerald gemstone makes a perfect ring stone. You can also buy necklaces or bracelets crafted with this wonderful green gem. However, if you are looking for a versatile and budget-friendly gift, then rings win. You can always wear a ring without hassle, which is impossible with other jewelry pieces. However, bracelets and necklaces have their place in any jewelry box. If you are looking for a grand gift that radiates larger-than-life vibes, then choose a bracelet or necklace. There are several beautiful emerald ring designs, some of which are shown here.

Leaf and vine shape

The leaf and vine shaped emerald rings are very famous. They give very vintage and nature-inspired vibes. However, if you are looking for a ring with mysterious yet royal vibes, look for vine and leaves. The striking green color of emerald birthstone with beautiful vine shape metal gives a completely ethereal finish. This combination makes a classic ring gift for everyone. 

Diamond and Emerald bracelet

Emerald and diamond make a stunning pair. A bracelet with these two priceless stones will undoubtedly win someone over. Emerald and diamond’s strikingly brilliant disposition perfectly accentuate each other’s complementary shades of green and white. One of the best bracelet combinations is chain bracelets with thin strips. Bracelets can easily be customized in a number of ways.

Olive shaped necklace

These days, pendants in the form of olives are highly popular. They exude a magnificent and stylish look that complements nearly any attire. A gorgeous piece with a natural feel is created by the design of an olive branch covered in green emeralds, partially or completely. It would be ideal jewelry if you were attending a garden party or a destination wedding.

Flower-shaped stud earrings 

Are you looking for jewelry that goes with everything? Choosing a flower-shaped stud earrings can easily fulfill your desire. It is the ideal present for a fan of simple patterns. One of the most well-known jewelry designs is a pair of exquisitely carved earrings in the form of little flowers. In flower patterns you can find innumerable petal shapes and choose the one that fits your taste.  Some of the designs even allow for customization based on your preferences.

Heart-shaped rings 

Are you looking for a perfect romantic birthday gift? Or do you want to confess your feelings to someone? Then, an emerald heart-shaped ring is the perfect birthday gift. The beautiful heart-shaped emerald beats every other gift idea. You can also customize it with other stones, such as diamonds, to make it more beautiful. The sparkling diamonds will make the ring more valuable. Moreover, they will bring out the shades of green from the emerald, making it look more beautiful. 

Halo shaped pendants 

Halo-shaped pendants are one of the famous emerald designs. The rectangular shape of the emerald gemstone makes it look natural and raw. Moreover, it comes in several combinations, like diamond or gold. 

What does the emerald gemstone signify?

The emerald gemstone makes a perfect birthday gift. It is renowned for its cultural values, health, and immortality. Additionally, it has connections to the ancient past, which increases its importance in terms of values. For instance, emerald jewels were employed in the funeral practices of the ancient Egyptians. They used it to transition their pharaoh gods into the afterlife. It serves as a symbol of defense against any omen. 

Emerald also indicates vision and truth. It is a symbol of purity. In many religions, it is believed that the emerald birthstone can help in predicting the future. It can change its colors to show the future. Similarly, in Europe, the stone was used to test the intensity of love. People were used to checking the purity of lovers for each other in the Middle ages. Then, the Greeks and Romans found a new use for the stone. They used it for improving eye vision. So the stone was also associated with health and well-being. 

Color of the stone 

The emerald stone comes from the beryl mineral family. The deep green color of the stone is derived from trace amounts of chromium. And the slight hint of the blue comes from iron. You can find several shades of emerald stone, such as forest green, vibrant green, etc. The darker green shades are more valuable as they are rare to find. Sometimes the most expensive or rare emeralds come in blue-green shades. The trapiche emerald is also very rare to find. They come with a starburst pattern which looks breathtakingly beautiful. 

The Mohs hardness scale measures the hardness of material wherein the emerald birthstone scores a respectable 8. Emeralds naturally come with inclusions which are nothing but other materials trapped inside the base mineral beryl during the formative stages of the gemstone. It is extremely rare to find an emerald stone without any inclusions and such pieces command an exorbitant price.  

How to choose a suitable emerald stone?

Emerald is one of the most famous gemstones in the world and it comes in a wide variety of cuts, shapes, sizes and quality grades. A little insight and understanding of the gemstone are necessary to make the finest choice. Start by concentrating on the emerald gemstone’s 4 Cs. Begin by examining the color and cut. You’ll be able to get a general impression of its purity by looking at it from various angles against a light source. Next, check the clarity and carat weight of the item. Check to determine whether the color is scattered or distributed evenly. It shouldn’t appear light in some spots and dark in others. Opt for a light-colored choice if you’re trying to save money. They are less expensive because they are more readily available. Darker emerald gemstones are relatively more expensive. If the inclusions don’t fall straight in the line of vision, you can ignore them and go for that stone. It will also save you some dollars.

Emeralds are also made in laboratories nowadays using advanced technology that mimics the process of nature. Elements like chromium, vanadium, etc. are infused in the base mineral beryl to accord color to the resulting stone. Natural emeralds are the most sought after since each stone has a unique story to tell unlike lab-made gems. You can rely on the certification from the renowned labs such as GIA, IGL, etc. For the quality grade of your chosen gemstone. You can choose from the grades A to AAAA depending on your preference. 


Emerald gemstones make a perfect birthday gift. You just need to choose the right design and quality of a jewel featuring emerald or you can also purchase it loose. Focus on the preferences of the person you are gifting it to, along with your budget. 

GemsNY has a splendid collection of emeralds to suit every budget and style. You can buy loose gemstones be it single or matched pair and also explore thousands of emerald jewelry designs to the one for your loved one. And yes, don’t forget to take advantage of our deals. Happy shopping!

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