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WordPress counts among the foremost and pre-eminent website building platforms in today’s time. This can be manifested as it accounts for 26% of the total websites that are at present active.

It is a good idea to bring your business online that helps it attain success. However, it is not only sufficient to just have a website. It is important that your website is engaging, contains interesting and relevant content that makes visitors stay and make final purchasing decisions.

You can make all the above-said happen for your online business by simply embedding Instagram feed on WordPress website. Embedding Instagram on your website will help to add beauty. This, as a result, will drive more users and generate trust among them.  

Importance of embedding Instagram Feed on WordPress Website

Adding an Instagram feed on WordPress website offers a variety of advantages to your users. Doing this, you are letting your site visitors have a look at your fresh and new Instagram post. To know more, below, we have mentioned a few of the ways through which you can engage your audience by embedding Instagram feeds on your website:

By displaying your Instagram feed of product reviews on your website, you are growing your product sales. 

Make your visitors stay longer on your website and keep them engaged by adding pertinent content by hashtag feed. 

Let the best work of your team come out to your audience through a filtered Instagram feed on WordPress website, which, as a result, will let you gain more business.

Best Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Website

No doubt, Instagram accounts for over a billion active users, among which half of the users are active daily. 

With such a large number of users, it gives marketers an immense opportunity to gain more conversions, exposure, user engagement, and trust. However, many-a-times, it becomes difficult for them to bring such a huge audience to their website.

Therefore, you can acquire the ideal solution of embedding an Instagram feed on WordPress website. This will let you merge the power of social media into your business and leverage these opportunities.

Here are some of the best tools that will help you embed Instagram feed on WordPress website. Have a look-


Idukki is an excellent social media aggregator tool that aggregates with a variety of social media platforms. Instagram is a significant one of them. This tool lets you easily embed Instagram feeds on WordPress websites by discovering, collecting, curating, and displaying Instagram feeds in real-time.

With the help of Idukki, simply create an Instagram wall. The Idukki tool will generate an embed code for you. Copy and paste it on the webpage where you wish the content to get displayed.

Instagram Official Embed

Instagram itself has turned out to be a platform that offers colossal functionality. This is due to the fact that Instagram understands the advantages and significance of embedding Instagram feeds on websites.

With the use of Instagram’s official embed functionality, it becomes easy to embed your Instagram feed individually on the WordPress website. With no security concerns, this is a fast and responsive functionality as the source itself is Instagram.

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is a popular plugin for WordPress for social feeds that offers the functionality of making and embedding an Instagram feed along with similar options for Facebook and Twitter.

This tool centers around bestowing the customers with full freedom to generate social media feeds as per their liking and prerequisites with broad adaptability that is custom-made to fit any website. 

Without any specific limitation, this tool creates multiple feeds for Instagram. Hence this tool is simple and easy to set up without any extensive design or technical knowledge.


Photoslurp is another advantageous visual commerce platform that permits you to make online sales. This is done by showcasing user-generated content gathered from diverse social media platforms, Instagram, being the significant one among them. 

With this tool, you get the power to curate, publish, and analyze your user-generated content being embedded and displayed as shoppable Instagram posts on your website.

You can easily drive user engagement and gain social trust among your clients by displaying the user-experience by way of the embedded Instagram feeds. This, as a result, will help to grow your eCommerce sales.


SnapWidget is another tool with whose help you can easily embed Instagram feed on WordPress website. It presents various widget options through which you can embed Instagram feed on your website. 

This tool works in real-time, which lets it update the latest Instagram posts on your website automatically. Also, it offers a wide range of multiple widget options, such as an Instagram map, Instagram grid, Instagram scrolling, Instagram popup, Instagram slideshow, and many others.

Wrapping Up

Embedding Instagram feed on WordPress website could be a great strategic decision that can help drive marketing strategy positively. This, as an outcome, will let your online business grow effectively.

Also, each of the above-mentioned tools comes with unique and different features. It’s you who need to decide which tool suits your requirements and employ it as a part of your marketing strategy. 

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