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Everybody who works here eats here, or visits here is considered part of the Panera family. Our number one concern is always the well-being of our loved ones.

When circumstances shift and routines evolve, we may find ourselves engaging in previously unanticipated pursuits. When you’re in a pinch, you can always count on Panera to have something tasty and healthy on the menu.


If you haven’t tried our delivery service before, you should know that we were one of the first fast-casual restaurants to start our own delivery service.

The “Panera delivery Instructions” section of our online order form allows you to specify the precise location where you’d like us to leave your food. The checkout process can also be tipped upon digitally.

Our drivers will give you a quick call before delivering your food to make sure everything is in order and to ask you where they should leave your Panera delivery according to the Panera promo code.

Our intention is to streamline the process of placing and receiving food orders. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to eat clean during this time, so we offer delivery services in addition to our own, and we also work with your favorite third-party delivery services like Door Dash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats.

My Favorite Panera Bread

We’ve made some changes to the way we do business. so that you can continue to enjoy your Panera favorites in a way that’s safer for you and others. With the growing trend toward solo time, we thought it would be nice to let you know about the Panera delivery, drive-thru, and rapid pick-up options available to you.

since this situation is always evolving. We recommend that everyone adhere to the most recent recommendations provided by the CDC, the WHO, and their respective local health departments.

Following the receipt of your delivery order, please consider the following:

Don’t even think about recycling the box it came in.

Do a thorough handwashing with soap and water after disposing of the package.

To avoid getting sick from eating on contaminated surfaces, clean them before and after each use.

You can place a delivery order from Panera Bread using either their mobile app or website.


  • Using Rapid Pick-Up is a great way to get your coffee fixed without having to wait in line or deal with the crowds while local cafes are still open. You can get dinner fast if you order it to go and pick it up on the way home from work.
  • Please observe our policies regarding social distancing when visiting one of our cafes to pick up an order. Remember to observe the following guidelines when picking up your order:
  • Give other customers a minimum of 6 feet of space between you and the merchandise.
  • If you haven’t washed your hands with soap and water, stay home.
  • Please cover your mouth and nose with your arm or elbow if you need to cough or sneeze in public and then dispose of the tissue.
  • If you’re feeling under the weather, we ask that you please stay home and take advantage of our Panera meal delivery service.

Quick Ordering and Drive-Thru Pickup at Panera Bread

With our new curbside service, you can order your favorite Panera meals for delivery and pick them up without ever leaving your car. At your convenience, your food will be waiting for you at the curb; when you’re done, simply press the “I’m here” button. Within a short while, we will bring out your meal.

Drive-Thru Available As Much As Possible

Not all Panera restaurants offer drive-through service, but if it’s available near you, it could be a safer option than entering the building.

You won’t be interacting with customers directly, but you will be speaking with a coworker at the
window, so cleanliness is still important.


  1. To that end, we’ve implemented a number of changes to the way in which meals are delivered and the restaurant is maintained. Among these are reminders about things like sick day policies and bathroom cleanliness.
  2. Improving standards of sanitation in the baking and cafe industries.
  3. Using a peroxide solution and increasing the frequency of cleanings in high-traffic areas.
  4. Working on strategies to evaluate workers’ readiness to return from leave.
  5. Limiting the use of airplanes and trains for business purposes.
  6. Hand sanitizers will soon be available in all bakeries and cafes.
  7. Cover Fast Lane Kiosks with antimicrobial materials as they become available.
  8. Making provisions for sick workers to take time off in an emergency.
  9. Orders are sealed for transportation via delivery, drive-thru, or Rapid Pick-Up.
  10. For the most recent information, please refer to our official COVID-19 response. You can expect updates to this page in the form of new details and restrictions.

How to Limit Your Social Interactions Through Diet

As people make greater efforts to isolate themselves from one another, it becomes more difficult to obtain food in a secure manner.

We promise to always use the most secure means possible to provide our service. Those of you who have the resources and the time to do so may be interested in reading our piece on the isolation that can result from cooking more of your own meals at home.

You can save time in the kitchen by purchasing ready-made meals.

After a long day at work, the thought of spending hours in the kitchen may seem absolutely horrifying. Several options exist, which is good news.

Fast 30-minute dinners, slow cooker recipes, and no-cook supper ideas may help you spend less time in the kitchen, but meal subscription services deliver all the ingredients to your door and give you pre-portioned portions.

But if you’re too tired to cook, Panera delivery is always an option for a quick family dinner.

The best part is that everyone’s palate can be accommodated. Dinner options range from Mac & Cheese for the picky eater to soup and salad sets for the health-conscious and light fare for large gatherings to meat and fish dishes for the meat and fish lovers.

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