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Digital Signature Certificate DSC is an officeholder advanced apparatus for the computerized record marking process and putting away fundamental information. Numerous administration divisions and other assistance areas have depended on the convenience and the remarkable highlights of DSC for marking electronic archives/structures. It gives staggered help of network protection to the private information traded and different web-based exchanges performed.

Computerized Mark is a calculation of a numerical calculation scrambled by hash esteems that store some specific message. This advanced marking declaration looks like the actual paper-based testament and reports are marked carefully. It safeguards the information by utilizing encryption-unscrambling components.

According to the Data Innovation Act 2000, the Public authority of India, it is fundamental to document any government forms accommodation, enlistment structure, and e-acquirement with computerized signature authentications. This guarantees no change or alteration of the traded data and approves the underwriter’s character.

Capricorn advanced declarations fulfill x.509 guideline which is a global Public Key Framework PKI standard. These testaments give a defense against noxious digital dangers, fraud, and information penetrating. It very well may be given according to IVG and IOG rules coordinated by the Regulator of Guaranteeing Authority CCA.

Capricorn CA gives various sorts of Computerized Mark Authentications DSC to people and associations through various application modes. As indicated by the marking needs, DSC candidates can choose any reasonable DSC type and apply for it. The following is a short portrayal of the different sorts of computerized marks.

Sort of DSC Declarations


Sign declarations must be utilized for record marking. This advanced marking arrangement can sign PDF records or reports for annual government forms, GST returns accommodation, MCA, and other electronic administrations. It confirms the client’s character and approves the bonafide idea of information.


This DSC authentication is utilized to encode records, documents, or classified information. It helps organizations or endeavors to scramble and transfer their records through delicate gateways. One can likewise utilize this endorsement to encode their own information and send that safely. Scramble DSC is normally appropriate for web-based business archives, e-delicate recording reports, authoritative records, and other private records. You can purchase our Encode declaration as an independent computerized marking device.

Sign and Scramble

This Sign and Scramble advanced signature authentication can be utilized for both marking and encoding processes. It is generally utilized for recording government structures, archives, and applications. Much reasonable for those clients who need to validate and keep up with the secrecy of the information traded.

The legitimacy of the Endorsement

You can purchase the computerized signature testaments with the legitimacy of 1, 2, and 3 years. (This legitimacy is constrained by the administrative body i.e the Regulator of Guaranteeing Authority CCA. You can not buy a DSC with the legitimacy of under 1 year or over 3 years.)

Classes of DSC Endorsements

According to the new rules delivered by the Regulator of Confirming Power CCA, Capricorn CA can give class 3 Advanced Mark Endorsements to its clients. Nonetheless, the recently given class 2 authentications will stay dynamic and being used.

Class 3 Computerized Mark Authentication (DSC)

Capricorn offers Class 3 DSC as indicated by IVG rules which are viewed as the most reliable and most secure type of testament. Its applications are inferred where the security and well-being of the information are the most fundamental elements. Certain use of this computerized signature authentication is in the recording of assessment forms, delicate documenting, e-acquisition, web based exchanging, and so on. These cycles incorporate gigantic cash exchanges and secret data of the endorser which must be saved by DSC.

Following administrations can be profited by utilizing Class 3 Advanced Mark Declarations:

  • e-Offering.
  • Patent and Brand name e-recording.
  • MCA e-recording.
  • Personal Assessment e-documenting.
  • LLP enrollment.
  • Customs e-recording.
  • e-Acquisition.
  • e-Offering.
  • e-Closeout.
  • GST Application recording.

Who could purchase our authentication

Any individual or association can purchase our Class 3 Computerized Mark Testament which is appropriate for Indian nationals and unfamiliar nationals both. There is no such constraint or limitation to purchasing DSC, given that they ought to meet our check rules and conditions. Check underneath all the given application frames and select in like manner.


The DSC is for Indians, who don’t need their association name to be important for the testament. Click here to get Individual DSC.


The DSC is for organizations (any kind of element), that need their association name to be important for DSC. Click here to get Association DSC.

Unfamiliar People

The DSC is for outsiders and might want to involve our endorsement in their name. Click here to get Unfamiliar Individual DSC.

Unfamiliar Association

The DSC is for Associations enrolled in external India that might want to utilize our Computerized declarations. Click here to get Unfamiliar Association DSC.

Record Endorser Authentication

Assuming you expect to involve our authentication for mass marking of records, you could utilize our Mass Endorser Testaments. We would offer this declaration in the PFX document for Class 2 and is offered to Associations as it were. Click here to get Record Underwriter Authentication.

IET Endorsements

We have an extraordinary Computerized Mark testament for IEC code holders, this endorsement is explicitly utilized for DGFT entry. Click here to get IET Testaments.

DSC Handling Strategies

Capricorn CA is an authorized Confirming Power CA that is approved to give a computerized Mark Declaration by the Regulator of Guaranteeing Authority CCA. The Service of Corporate Issues has ordered the utilization of a class 3 testament for different internet-based administrations.

With the assistance of Class 3 DSC, the reports/structures can be marked carefully within a couple of moments anyplace and whenever. DSC can be utilized for online personal duty recording, merchandise, administration charge documenting, IPR, IRCTC, and so on.

We give different DSC application modes through which you can apply for your DSC according to your inclination and comfort. Allow us to examine them momentarily.

Online Aadhaar-Based Paperless Mode

A candidate who is an Aadhaar card holder can apply for DSC utilizing a Paperless Mode. No record is expected in this cycle. You need to give your 12-digit Aadhaar number then your Aadhaar information would be recovered and apparent on the application structure. The application would be checked through an email address and versatile. A video check is required. The entire methodology to apply for DSC to produce orders and download DSC would be finished within a specified time.

Online Aadhaar OTP Mode

By choosing an Aadhaar OTP mode, the candidate needs to give his portable connected aadhaar number and an OTP will be shipped off the enrolled versatile number. By entering an OTP, candidate aadhaar subtleties will be apparent on the screen. No record is required. Video confirmation will be finished. After fruitful consummation of DSC confirmation, DSC can be downloaded. This is a quick and helpful technique to get DSC anyplace whenever.

Online Aadhaar Biometric Mode

This DSC application mode is more dependable and valid as it is joined with a biometric gadget. This system would require introducing the ‘Capricorn Biometric’ application in the machine. The candidate needs to give his Aadhaar or Video number and sweep the chosen finger. All your aadhaar subtleties will be noticeable on the screen. No video confirmation is expected in this mode. This cycle is straightforward and bother-free.

Container-Based Mode

This method of DSC application mode requires a few fundamental subtleties like Skillet Card number, name, portable number, and so on. The candidate needs to give an e-KYC ID and an e-KYC PIN to get an OTP. In the wake of checking an OTP, candidate subtleties would be noticeable in the application structure. Confirmation would be handled by utilizing versatile, email, and video modes. This cycle saves time and lessens endeavors in getting a DSC.

Capricorn e-KYC Mode

This course of applying for a Computerized Mark Declaration DSC is more reasonable and adaptable for some clients. The candidate needs to get a paperless disconnected e-KYC and afterward top off the necessary e-KYC subtleties in the application structure. After checking the subtleties, candidate aadhaar subtleties will be recovered on the screen and confirmation would be finished through portable, email, and video. This interaction would call for less investment and exertion.

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Capricorn Existing e-KYC Mode

For applying through Capricorn’s Existing e-KYC mode, the candidate needs to give his e-KYC ID, and e-KYC PIN, and, the candidate would get an OTP to check the qualifications. The Candidate’s subtleties would be noticeable in the application structure. In this technique, the candidate doesn’t have to show any archive during the video recording. This mode is appropriate for the people who have applied for paperless DSC and need to apply for DSC once more.

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