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Different Sectors Bringing a Revolution in Startup Space

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India’s startup vertical is buzzing with activity. Fresh reports of investment companies fueling investment for startups leading to unicorn status are heard nowadays. Investment capitalists are boldly venturing to create new startup industry categories. Seed funding for startups allows entrepreneurs to work on their ideation and translate their innovations into revenue-earning models, which soon transfer into a successful business.

Businesses have undergone an incredible amount of change and faced enormous challenges over the last few years, but they are on their way upward and won’t slow down in 2023. Startups have grown remarkably in India over the years. Supported by government schemes, favorable demographics, increasing mobile penetration, and investors for startups, especially angel investors indulging in seed funding with an appetite for riskier investments. As a result,

India is now the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem.

During the pandemic, some sectors grew despite many ups and downs and could not stop the Indian entrepreneurial spirit. The country witnessed at least 14,000 recognized startups in fiscal 2022, according to the Economic Survey 2021-22

 In addition, the number of unicorn startups in India grew to a record-breaking 83 from 44.

Various sectors witnessed a boom in the startup industry categories, including Fintech and e-commerce, and experienced massive action. Apart from Fintech, EdTech, Health, and IT sectors are seeing enormous growth, as explained below.  \

The FinTech Sector

Technology has led to phenomenal growth in the Fintech sector. The transition of transactions of every single thing on a single handheld smart device from ‘in-person’ has transformed the way of managing finances. Online payments, business loans, education finance, medical expenses, insurance, housing finance, and different facets are now tech-driven.

The EdTech Sector

The coronavirus pandemic gave way to a whole new online learning study world. The New Education Policy backed by technology bought a changeover to screen-based interactive learning in the new age learning systems.

Businesses providing test preparations, subscription-based online courses, learning platforms, educational resources, teaching resources in the K-12 EdTech sector, and institutional management solutions that attracted funding for startups in Canada, India, and all around the globe. Usually, startups in the early stage go for pre-seed financing to gather funds, whereas a solid foundation sees investment in further rounds.

The Health Sector

Health and personal well-being undertook a whole new dimension after the pandemic. There are an estimated 7,000 HealthTech startups in India. IoT, big data, robotics, and AI have revolutionized healthcare services, getting tests and results delivered to the doorstep and eliminating clinic visits.

Startups with goals to solve problems in the health sector indulge in crowdfunding which raises funds by launching fund-raising campaigns from many investors. In recent years, crowdfunding in Toronto, the USA, the UK, and India has seen positive growth.

IT Sector

Businesses have attained new heights with the entry into various small e-commerce startups, establishing themselves among the consumers in the market. Emerging technologies and tech startups are transforming the industry as a whole. They’re influencing the brand’s interaction with modern consumers. These advancements accelerate the industry’s growth by providing online store entrepreneurs with new business prospects.

Top Startups in India


Aerosense Technologies Private Limited

It provides cutting-edge advancements in technologies and solutions for Unmanned Systems, Artificial Intelligence,

and Robotics through innovative thinking and revolutionary ideas. Innovation in robotics, artificial intelligence, and unmanned systems that save lives. JC Team Capital invested early in Aerosense, which is a venture capital firm known to invest early in promising technology-driven ventures through strategic capital.

Psytech International

It is a private company incorporated in October 2018 and located in Delhi and is one of the world’s leading developers of software psychometric tests for the workplace. They are global leaders in psychometric assessments and solutions for the workplace, with worldwide representation covering multiple languages. They are funded by ace venture capitalist firm JC Team Capital in their journey from going strength to strength.


It was founded in April 2013 and is a pioneer of Virtual Reality (“VR”) innovation. Omni by Virtuix allows users to walk in VR in place of pushing buttons on the keyboard or a gamepad while sitting on a chair. Virtual Reality is a fast-growing sector with investment bound to grow in the near future.



It was Founded in 2021 and is based in New Delhi, India. The company provides its users with a market trading platform operating in the fintech market using predictions to aid users in making trades based on opinions that matter to them. In addition, they can earn rewards for correct predictions.


 Based in Chennai is a startup founded in 2020. The company’s revenue-earning model is based on deployment and deployment of digital payment gateways that make it easy for freelancers, SMEs, and home-based businesses to make payments, an essential part of the business.


There has been an astonishing growth in startups with the aid of investment capitalists providing capital, guidance, and mentorship to budding entrepreneurs. JC Team Capital provides strategic capital to build long-term relationships with cohorts. As capital partners, their approach is building high-growth businesses founded on the bedrock of futuristic ideas and inventions.

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