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Medical Description

Nizonide 500 pill carries nitazoxanide as much the active ingredient. It is an anti-worm medicine, as is ancient because of the remedy on diarrhea of sufferers suffering beside an contamination appropriate after G lamblia then C parvum worms. This remedy is no longer effective so aged because of the equal infections of HIV contaminated sufferers and human beings including faint immunity.

Nizonide 200 acts by inhibiting the increase over that infection-causing organism, as a result preventing the in addition length on infection. Take it medication so counseled with the aid of your health practitioner for the prescribed duration. Complete the path regarding this medicine, too salvo thou start sense higher then beginning the cure with the Nizonide 500.

Uses regarding Nizonide 500 MG

Treatment of diarrhea contamination is broadly speaking caused by using worms such so Giardia lamblia then Cryptosporidium parvum.

Contraindications concerning Nizonide 500 MG

If thou hold a acknowledged hypersensitive reaction to nitazoxanide and any lousy member about it medicine.

Side effects over Nizonide 500 MG

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rash
  • Difficulty among breathing

Precautions then Warnings concerning Nizonide 500 MG

  • Pregnancy

Q:Can I drink Nizonide 500 pill for the duration of pregnancy?

A:Limited facts is on hand of security regarding the utilizes over the Nizonide 500 tablet throughout pregnancy. Do now not receive this medication condition ye are big except prescribed by means of thy doctor.

  • Breast Feeding

Q:Can I take Nizonide 500 tablet whilst breastfeeding?

A:You must keep away from receiving Nitazoxanide 500 mg proviso you are a nursing mother. Consult you medical doctor in relation to its safety then precautions.

  • Driving

Q:Can I power salvo I hold fed on Nizonide 500 tablet?

A:Nizonide 500 tablet do make thou sense bemused yet drowsy. Thus, such is recommended to keep away from or stand exact whilst driving.

  • Alcohol

Q:Can I eat wine including Nizonide 500 tablet?

A:Alcohol is now not known after have interaction along that medicine. However, thou need to avoid the use of potation as like it may extend the restoration yet minimize the body’s response to infection/injury.

Other General Warnings

Talk in conformity with thine health practitioner if

  • You suffer from HIV infection.
  • Your volley is sickly appropriate in imitation of immunosuppressant drug treatments yet some clinical condition.
  • You journey rashes or allergic reactions afterward reception it medicine.
  • Nizonide200 drugs must not stand back within youth under 12 years concerning age.

Mode about Action of Nizonide 500 MG

How Does It Work?

Nizonide 500 pill carries nitazoxanide acts via interfering including the enzyme responsible because power metabolism yet boom regarding the contamination causing parasites within the body, hence stopping the extent on infection.

Directions because of Use on Nizonide 500 MG

Take that medicine as a whole including enough cloud so true by means of thy doctor.

  • Interactions regarding Nizonide 500 MG
  • Interactions along other medicines
  • Some drugs perform have an effect on the access the Nizonide 500 tablet mill or the Nizonide 500 itself be able minimize the usefulness about lousy medicines taken at the same time.
  • Tell thy physician touching all the medicines, dietary supplements you are presently reception then would possibly take in conformity with keep away from someone possible interaction.
  • Especially, salvo thou are arrival gore thinners kind of warfarin, bravery medicinal drug like digoxin, suits remedy like phenytoin, etc.

Storage and settlement regarding Nizonide 500 MG

  1. Store at 25 tiers C in a uninteresting place.
  2. Keep that abroad over the attain concerning kids and pets.

Dosage regarding Nizonide 500 MG


  1. If ye hold taken too a good deal on this medicine afterwards touch thy medical doctor and attain outdoors to the nearest medical institution immediately.
  2. Missed a Dose
  3. If thou hold missed acceptance someone dose concerning that medicine after absorb such so quickly as like you remember. If it is meanwhile age for the next dose then omit the ignored dose and comply with the regular dosing schedule.

Q: Can I give Nizonide 500 pill in conformity with my 2 years historic child because of diarrhea?

A: Nitazoxanide 500 tablet ought to not stand devoted in accordance with teens beneath 12 years over age. Diarrhea perform stay big between children, consult a physician or follow helpful therapy prescribed.

Q: What moreover execute I deliver including Nizonide 500 tablet to treat diarrhea?

A: Along including Nizonide 500, attempt in conformity with follow the command suggested with the aid of thine doctor yet research respecting the advocated eating regimen then hydration. You should smoke an effortlessly digestible food plan within small, common portions. Make that least pinguid n least spicy. Fluid breach appropriate in accordance with diarrhea or vomiting should remain maintained through a excellent intake concerning water then electrolytes. WHO ORS execute remain made because of rehydration.

Q: When I bust Nizonide 500 tablet?

A: You ought to smoke Nizonide 500 precisely as advised via the doctor. But after keep away from belly soreness ye be able devour that with food.

Q: Is Nizonide an antibiotic?

A: Nizonide belongs in conformity with the Anthelmintics classification over medicines. It is an anti-worm medicine, who is chronic for the therapy about diarrhea between sufferers struggling out of an contamination fit in imitation of G lamblia yet C parvum worms.

Q: Can I smoke Nizonide 500 into covid?

A: No. You must now not bust Nizonide 500 or somebody medication to deal with yet prevent covid-19 barring consulting a doctor. If ye have been examined effective with covid-19 promptly convey you doctor. The physician desire advise you the suitable medicinal drug based over the rapidity regarding the underlying condition and scientific history

Q: What are the side consequences on Nizonide 500?

A: Nausea, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, dizziness, pores and skin blind are a not much aspect effects on Nizonide 500. However, this signs and symptoms are generally mild and resolve about thy own. Also, all of us doesn’t have after experience the identical

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