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Daily Planner Apps That Help You To Organize Your Days Better

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Juggling a lot of daily responsibilities like taking the kids to school, answering emails, going to business meetings, making presentations and sending Christmas gifts to everyone in the family can be quite tiring.

How do you choose the highest priority tasks, create the best daily schedule and keep track of everything on your plate during the work week and on weekends?

Have you ever thought about using a daily planner app? A tool like this can help you check off almost anything on your to-do list, make planning and scheduling easier, and give you a sense of accomplishment day after day, week after week.

So if one of your New Year’s resolutions and biggest goals for 2022 is to finally get better organized, then this list of 5 daily planning apps could help you make that goal totally achievable!

Factors to Consider When Browsing Daily Planner Apps

How can you make sure you get the sweetest deal out of so many great daily planner apps? Let’s go through a list of factors that can help you spot the best deal!

  • Productivity Features – A daily schedule app or daily schedule planner should help you gain focus, reduce distractions, manage your time better, and create new, positive habits that will ultimately make you more productive. Some of these features include a focus session timer, voice sensing, a phone silencer, reminders, and progress reports. etc.
  • Integration – You should be able to integrate your daily planner app with your favorite app and other apps you use daily (Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more).
  • Compatibility – Most daily planner apps are compatible with multiple devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Make sure that the daily planner app you plan to purchase can be used on the devices you use frequently. With the daily planner on your mobile phone, planning tasks on the go can be a breeze!
  • Budget – You can use a free daily planner app, although some of these tools have limited features or are paid. If the daily planner app you intend to use delves into the project, time, or team management, then investing in such a tool would be a smart move!

5 Daily Planner Apps You’ll Want to Try

1. Journy

Do you ever feel like your days are running for you instead of you running them? Well, that’s the case for most people whose days go something like this: do laundry, attend a meeting, send a message, and pick up the kids from school, except for those who use journy.

Journy is a daily planner app that can help you master tasks, prioritize tasks, evaluate what takes up most of your time, and organize yourself better.

First, journy boasts a colorful and intuitive design and structure that anyone can handle. Start from a workspace, then create a board, folders, and tasks. This daily task planner includes sub-tasks, checkboxes and checklists, which are some of the most necessary attributes when planning something big.

You can see all tasks on the calendar to make sure you don’t miss an important deadline, while journy also allows you to set a start and end date, and more importantly, set reminders for all tasks or just some of them.

Powered by automation, this tool can help you be more productive. For example, in addition to reminders, journy allows you to create recurring tasks and lots of IFTT automation once you choose your triggers, actions, and conditions.

2. TwoBirds

TwoBirds is one of the best daily planner apps that you can use for free. It brings all your tasks and conversations into one place, making it convenient for you to prioritize your day and put off tasks that can wait.

The chatty design of this daily task planner puts an end to endless switching between calendars, emails, documents and other apps (read: time wasters) that just scatter your tasks so you’ll never be able to remember them all.

TwoBirds makes it easy to manage your days (meetings, events, emails, grocery lists). Plus, you can use it to set reminders for anything that lands in your inbox, which is why many users consider TwoBirds the best free daily planner app.

3. Notion

The notion is the kind of tool that offers the simplicity of a document or spreadsheet and countless customization options and powerful features that can help your team tame the chaos.

This daily planning app ensures that you and your team never lose context as you can keep track of what was done yesterday, write down what needs to be done today and make notes about what needs to be done in the coming days.

To make your daily tasks easier to manage, Notion has designed thousands of free templates so you can focus on planning, scheduling, and completing tasks instead of thinking about how to organize them in the first place.

4. TickTick

TickTick is one of those daily planner apps that help you stay organized while boosting your creativity. That’s why millions of people use this tool to organize literally everything in life—from grocery shopping to organizing family gatherings to delivering projects.

Whether you’re working on personal goals or work tasks, with TickTick you can literally tick off those tasks. With TickTick, you can schedule things on your plate and track your schedule from 5 different calendar perspectives!

In addition to helping you plan and schedule your tasks, this daily task planner makes it easy for you to keep thinking about deadlines because it comes with built-in reminders (you can even set “pesky reminders” for tasks you don’t like but still must manage).

Finally, TickTick lets you collaborate with your team, turn emails into tasks, and plan teamwork, teambuilding, and more, helping you stay productive together.

5. Friday

Friday is a daily schedule app and daily time planner in one. This truly powerful tool is designed to help you allocate your time and attention in the best possible way.

You can use it to bring all your tasks, tasks, and meetings to one place, track time spent in meetings, and also things you accomplish in a day. Friday even lets you block out distractions and mute notifications while planning, doing, or reviewing work so you can really focus on those activities.

Plus, if planning isn’t part of your daily routine, this app for planning your day can help you with that too! It allows you to automate your daily recap and reflect on your achievements at the end of the week, making you feel accomplished and helping you develop healthy habits.

Not only can you plan and schedule things with Friday, but this app will make sure you know what’s next at every moment, so your work never falls flat. All in all, this tool can help anyone centralize their activities, work on the right things, and free up more time.

Last Words

There’s no doubt that all the daily planner apps we’ve listed so far have been created to help you stick to your daily plans, streamline your days, and manage your tasks. However, if you had to choose just one, which would it be?

Just a reminder that Infinity is currently running lifetime deals (note that time is ticking) so you can get a pretty good deal at a bargain price and easily organize yourself and meet all your plans.

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Hii I am Nadan NiaziI am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, business, and financing the latest Blockchain marketing trends.

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