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Pakistan is a country located in southern Asia. The commercial
vehicles market in Pakistan is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 9% during
the forecast period of 2020-2025. The major factors driving the growth of the
commercial vehicles market include the growing population, rising disposable
incomes, and increasing infrastructure development.

The Pakistani commercial vehicles market is segmented by vehicle type into
light commercial vehicles (LCVs), heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs), and buses
& coaches. The LCV segment is further sub-segmented into pickup trucks,
vans, and other LCVs. The HCV segment is further sub-segmented into trucks and

According to ACMA Automotive Limited, the total number of registered Light
Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) was 592 thousand in FY 2019-20 as compared to 574
thousand in FY 2018-19, registering a growth of 3%. On the other hand, Heavy
Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) witnessed a decrease of 1% with the registration
figures reaching 22 thousand in FY 2019-20 as compared to 23 thousand units
last year. However, Buses & Coaches grew by 2%, from 4 thousand units registered
in FY 2018-19 to 4 thousand units registered in FY 2019-20.

The top three players in the Pakistani commercial vehicles market are FAW
Jiefang Pakistan Limited, Isuzu Motors Pakistan Private Limited, and United
Auto Industries Private Limited. These companies together accounted for a share
of around 62% of the total market in 2019.

Best Vans in Pakistan

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a van in
Pakistan. The type of business, the amount of products or services to be
transported, and the budget are important considerations. Vans come in
different sizes and with different features so it’s important to do some
research before making a purchase.

The best vans for businesses transporting large quantities of goods or
materials are usually panel vans or box trucks. These types of vans have high
ceilings and plenty of space for storage. If your business requires you to
transport people as well as goods, then a minibus would be a better option.

Minibuses have more seating capacity and some even have wheelchair lifts
installed. When it comes to budget, there are both new and used vans available
on the market. New vans will obviously be more expensive but they also come
with warranties and other benefits such as lower maintenance costs.

Used vans can be a great option for businesses on a tight budget but it’s
important to make sure that the van is in good condition before making a
purchase. To sum things up, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes
to choosing the best van for your business in Pakistan. It all depends on your
specific needs and requirements.

Top Selling Suv in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan is a country located in southern Asia. The population
of Pakistan is approximately 207 million people, making it the world’s sixth
most populous country. Pakistan has a land area of 796,095 square kilometers,
making it the 36th largest country by landmass.

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and Karachi is its largest city. The
official language of Pakistan is Urdu and the currency is the Pakistani rupee.
The automotive industry in Pakistan is growing rapidly with local and foreign

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for SUVs due to their
utility and off-road capabilities. Here are the top selling SUVs in Pakistan
for 2022: 1) Toyota Fortuner – The Toyota Fortuner is a popular midsize SUV
that offers great value for money.

It features three rows of seating, a spacious interior, and a powerful engine.
The Fortuner also comes equipped with standard safety features such as ABS and
airbags. Prices start from PKR 5 million (US$30,700).

2) Honda BR-V – The Honda BR-V is another affordable SUV that offers good value
for money. It features seven seats, a spacious interior, and standard safety
features such as ABS and airbags. Prices start from PKR 4 million (US$24,200).

3) Suzuki Vitara – The Suzuki Vitara is a compact SUV that offers excellent
fuel economy and off-road capability. It comes equipped with standard safety
features such as ABS and airbags. Prices start from PKR 3 million (US$18,100).

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