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Christmas gifts for children

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Traditionally, Santa Claus brings a bag of sweets. But in general, giving sweets to children is a bad idea. Sweets can cause allergies, disrupt digestion, spoil the child’s appetite. Many parents do try to limit the amount of sugar in the diet of their beloved child. I’ve put together safe Christmas gift ideas for kids.

We welcome children up to three years old

The beauty of this age is that kids are happy with any new toy. Just do not buy the first cars and dolls that come across. Try to choose educational and “reusable” toys.

Gift ideas for kids:

  • Masses for modeling. For example, Play-Doh dough, air plasticine. I’ll add kinetic sand here. Modeling contributes to the development of fantasy, creative thinking, fine motor skills.
  • Busyboard. A whole range of educational toys. Keeps kids entertained for a long time, even adults.
  • Large mosaic. It will help develop motor skills, learn colors, counting. The kid will make the first patterns and pictures.
  • Puzzles. Choose puzzles with large details. A good idea is soft floor puzzles that gather into a rug.
  • Bunny Nanny. The interactive pet will tell the child a fairy tale, a poem, and sing a song. It will help to learn colors, letters, numbers.

Also pay attention to all kinds of sorters – puzzles with inserts of various sizes. There are a huge number of types of wood and plastic, different shapes and sizes. You can purchase the simplest sorters or entire developmental complexes.

Interesting and educational gifts for children 4-6 years old

Children of this age are looking forward to Santa Claus, now and then look under the Christmas tree, rejoice at every guest on the doorstep. Therefore, it is important to choose interesting gifts. Let the mischievous eyes shine brighter than the lights on the festive tree.

Top 5 ideas:

  • Easel. It has a magnetic and drawing sides, a pencil case, adjustable in height, foldable.
  • Suitcase of a young artist. A whole case of felt-tip pens, pencils, paints, crayons will please any child.
  • Constructor. It is not necessary to choose expensive Lego sets. I recommend the Belarusian company “Polesie” – no worse.
  • Sledges, ice rinks, snow blaster, snow sled. Winter fun is in full swing, such things will definitely come in handy. Of course, if you do not live in the sunny south.

A variant of a universal gift is a 3D night light. Pay attention to models with projectors. Then every preparation for sleep will turn into a small holiday. The only point – do not choose nightlights with a “short-term” New Year’s design. Give preference to neutral options (moon, ball, animals).

What to give a child 7-10 years old

Cubes, sorters, drawing boards do not surprise a student. We need to look for something more interesting.

Gift Ideas for New Year 2023:

  • Children’s microscope. It will help to explore the world around you on a new interesting level. You can consider the structure of sugar, apple, hair, leaves and any other things.
  • 3D pen. A device for creating plastic figures, souvenirs, crafts, toys.
  • The globe. With it, it is easier to learn geography, remember the continents, seas and oceans. You can give a globe-night light.
  • Cute Handmade soap (Scented)
  • Chemical experiments. Here I add sets of magicians, growing crystals, and other cognitive experiments.
  • Also, the child can be pleased with tickets to the theater, entertainment room, skating rink or New Year’s performance.

Options for children 11-14 years old

The most desired gifts are gadgets. Some teenagers dream of sports equipment, musical instruments. You can build on the hobbies, hobbies of a particular child. I will share universal options.

  • Karaoke microphone. On New Year’s Eve and all subsequent days, you definitely won’t be bored.
  • Sensory gloves. It will be possible to use a tablet or phone even in the cold.
  • Creator’s Kit. You can give a boy a set for burning, a girl – a diamond mosaic.
  • Twister. Outdoor game for a fun company.

Options for teenagers 15-18 years old

You will 100% miss if you donate clothes, shoes or some kind of headgear. It is also difficult to find a suitable backpack or bag if you are of different ages and are not up to date with modern trends.

A few good options:

  • Thermal mug. Will definitely come in handy in winter. You can buy a small thermos.
  • USB LED lamp. Suitable for both readers and those who like to hang out in computer games.
  • Beauty gadgets. Hairdryer, hair straightener, trimmer, electric toothbrush – a lot of options for any gender.
  • Silver chain. Perhaps a bracelet, earrings, a ring.
  • Fitness bracelet. At the same time, several bright straps to it.

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