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The most successful and well-liked telecom provider in India is Jio. The corporation will own roughly 36.15 percent of the market in 2021, as should be the case. On September 5, 2016, Jio first introduced its 4G LTE service, giving members access to limitless free voice calls and data. Users of Jio’s prepaid and postpaid plans can utilise the techniques discussed in this article to check their balances, data use, validity, and other information. Prior to Jio, other service providers including Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, and BSNL overcharged for 4G data and calls. Jio revolutionised the telecom industry and nearly eliminated competition. Customers’ cellular bills were cut by 70% as a result of the fierce competition.

How to check Jio balance?

The cheapest 28-day prepaid recharge in 2023 costs Rs 209 and includes phone calls, data, and texts. Hence, in order to keep using the service, a user must verify their balance, data consumption, validity, etc., and avoid any delays in recharge. Reliance Jio offers a mechanism for you to check the status of your existing plan, offers, and validity. Just sending an SMS, calling a number, or logging into the MyJio app will allow you to access all plan-related information.

1. Jio balance check through SMS/Missed call

Dial 1299 to find out your Jio balance and validity. The call will be instantly ended, and you will receive a message at the number you called. Alternatively, you can text MBAL to 55333 to receive a thorough text message regarding your balance. Your plan, data usage, SMS usage, recharge balance, and plan expiration date will all be included in the text. The following are some crucial SMS messages that you should store for later use:

SMS text

SMS number




To find out the bill amount



To find out about your ongoing monthly plan



To activate 4G data on your SIM card



To check call rate



Know your Jio number



4G/5G data consumption check



Verify prepaid validity and balance

2. Jio balance check via USSD codes

You can call the following USSD codes to find out your Jio Balance and Validity: *333# – Dial the number to check your main balance *111*1*3# – Dial the number to get internet balance information *333*3*1*1# – Dial to activate caller tune service *333*3*1*2# – Dial to deactivate caller tune service *1# – Dial this number to find out your Jio number

3. Jio balance check through call

    • Step 1: From your Jio Number, call 1800 889 9999 or 1991 to reach Jio customer service.
    • Step 2: You will be prompted to choose your chosen language on the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) device, such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kannada, etc.
    • https://www.cashify.in/all-jio-postpaid-recharge-plans
    • See all Jio Postpaid Recharge Plans here.
    • Step 3: Choose a language that you are familiar with, then press the corresponding key.
    • Step 4: The IVR system will now inform you of your daily Data balance and the remaining time left on the plan.
    • Step 5: Thereafter, you will be prompted to provide information on your recharges and plans, current data balance and validity, ISD plan, Jio Tune, and work-from-home packages. Enable the present strategy, etc. After that, click on the appropriate key to learn more about each plan’s specifics.
  • Step 6: To view the balance, choose the current data and validity option. To view the plan, select the prior recharges option.
In addition, you may set a caller tune, speak with a customer service agent, learn more about Jio’s various plans and offers, and do a lot more things while on call.

4. Jio balance check on My Jio app

Many Jio subscribers use the My Jio app to manage their Jio accounts and keep track of their active 4G plans, their validity, and other Jio plan-related information. For instance, a user can instantly check his balance, data use, plan validity, and most recent offers. Jio subscribers may also find nearby Jio stores, as well as generate a complete statement of their calls, messages, and internet data.
    • Step 1: If you don’t already have one, go to your smartphone’s app store and download the MyJio App.
    • Step 2: Use your Jio number and OTP to complete the registration process in step two.
    • Step 3: Open the app now and select See Detail.
  • Step 4: After clicking on “see detail,” you will be able to see your remaining SMS credits, Data Balance, Voice Call Credits, and Plan Expiration Date.

5. Jio balance check on Jio website

Jio.com is a further simple method for managing your Jio account and monitoring your Jio balance. You might attempt this practical way if you don’t want to rely solely on my Jio app or other solutions.
    • Step 1: First, visit the official Jio website and select Sign In.
    • Step 2: Click on Mobile and type in your Jio cellphone number.
    • Step 3: After receiving an OTP on your phone, input the code and press the submit button.
    • Step 4: At this point, you’ll see information about your plan, your data balance and use.
  • Step 5: To view a more detailed balance, click Check Usage or View More.
Also, by selecting My Statement, you may view your last six months’ worth of voice calls, data consumption, and SMS as well as check your recharge and billing histories. When you’re ready to recharge, evaluate your options, pick a plan that works for you, and rapidly recharge your Jio number.

How to check plans and recharge your Jio Number

My Jio app and the Jio website are extremely dynamic and user-friendly. You can use either of these to check calling and data plans. My Jio app and website are highly recommended for recharge purposes as you get exciting offers in both. Let’s see how you can check plans and recharge in My Jio app and the website:

On My Jio app

    • Step 1: Open My jio app and click on the Recharge button located on the home screen.
    • Step 2: Choose one of the numerous Jio recharge plans that are displayed now.
    • Step 3: To view a detailed plan overview and more information about the plan, click the View details button.
    • Step 4: After choosing a plan, click the Buy CTA button to be taken to the payment gateway.
  • Step 5: Choose a payment option and complete the transaction. You will receive a confirmation message on your Jio number that begins, “Recharge is Successful,” once the payment has been made.

On Jio website

    • Step 1: Go to jio.com
    • Step 2: Click on ‘Mobile’ from the menu at the top of the page.
    • Step 3: Scroll Down to find ‘Easily Recharge or pay bills online’ banner.
    • Step 4: Click on ‘Recharge.’
    • Step 5: A new pop-up will open. Enter your jio number and click on ‘Continue.’
    • Step 6: Click on ‘View all plans.’
    • Step 7: Scroll through the page to choose a plan of your liking
    • Step 8: Click on ‘buy’ option present beside the plan.
    • Step 9: Pay for the plan using UPI, card, wallets, net banking, pay later, etc.
  • Step 10: After payment, your plan will get activated.
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Reliance Jio has a huge user base in India. The quickly growing network provider has just eclipsed a number of India’s leading networks. There are various quick ways to check your balance if you’re a JIO network member using both Jio balance check numbers and Jio balance check codes. Jio offers exceptional customer service and numerous options to stay updated on your balance or data consumption. To keep track of the balance and validity of all of your secondary Jio, JioFi, and Jio Fiber accounts, you can link them to the MyJio app. The app can also be used to stream music, movies, and TV shows in addition to charging devices.

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