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Laundry is a hassle for many people, and washing machines are their solution. 

From the invention of the first washing machine in 1782 to modern-day, washing machines have undergone various changes. There are numerous types of washing machines that have been invented since then.

In the United States, more than 80% of households have a washing machine.

However, in India, the number of households that have a washing machine is low. India’s washing machine market penetration rate is expected to expand to 21.8% in 2026, up from roughly 11% in 2016.

A washing machine is among the most important household items that every home needs to have.

Not everyone, however, has the financial means to purchase a washing machine outright. Here comes the role of EMIs, which helps them afford the purchase of a washing machine by spreading out their payment over a certain duration of time.

In this blog, let us dig deeper into the EMI options available and how they can help save money. 

EMI options available to buy a washing machine 

The EMI options available to purchase a washing machine are: 

1. Personal Loans

Personal loans, which are one of the most popular types of credit, can be used to buy washing machines on EMI without paying the full price upfront, and the repayment terms are adjustable.

2. Credit Card

Borrowers can buy washing machines with credit cards and pay for them in full or in instalments.

The cost of the machine will be divided into EMI instalments with the EMI option, making it easy to pay each month. On the other hand, borrowers will have to pay interest, which will be added to their EMIs.

3. Debit Card EMI

Customers can buy washing machines on EMI using their debit cards from many banks. This service is also accessible on several online shopping platforms that provide no-cost EMI plans.

4. Online Lending Platforms 

Another option for buying a washing machine on EMI is to use online lending platforms.

These platforms aid in dividing current purchases into EMIs and the payback of those goods over a specified period.

These platforms are notable for providing both online and physical buying options, allowing users to shop for all of their favourite washing machines easily.

On EMILife, you can get no-cost EMI for the latest washing machine models. Easy EMI deals are available on all semi-automatic, fully automated, top load, and other models. 

Pros of buying from EMI store 

A few pros of buying washing machines from an EMI store are:

  • It enables customers to purchase expensive or attractive washing machines that they would not be able to afford otherwise.
  • Consumers can also take advantage of exchange deals with the no-cost EMI option.
  • Unlike loans, there is no requirement for a down payment.
  • Individuals’ credit scores are also improved by taking out small loans and paying the EMIs on time.
  • Buying a washing machine on a monthly instalment plan allows customers to save their funds while attaining their dream of owning a washing machine.

These pros will help the borrower save money and manage its finances better. 

Cons of buying from EMI store 

 A few cons of buying washing machines from an EMI store are:

  • If EMIs are not paid on time, the credit score could be impacted.
  • The penalty could be high if EMIs are not paid on time.
  • People often overborrow, considering that they do not have to pay outright. 


Today, EMI schemes are available to help buyers get the best out of their shopping experience at a very low cost. This is a boon for the buyers, but they need to evaluate all schemes carefully. 

If people are thinking about buying washing machines on EMI, they need to ensure that they can afford them and assess their spending habits; if possible, prepare a record of their monthly expenses and income.

They can assess what will happen if they miss a payment before taking on any EMI. The consequences vary depending on the EMI plan. However, there is usually a penalty cost.

While EMIs allow consumers to acquire items that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive, it is vital that they do not go overboard and purchase products with unaffordable EMIs. Moreover, it is crucial to select a reliable EMI lender like EMILife, which allows you to purchase washing machines at no-cost EMI.

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