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You must have seen ads about Gay Whatsapp group links which pop up on your screen when you visit some websites. Whether your sexual orientation belongs here or not, you should know about these Gay Whatsapp group links and how these are helpful in making an isolated person feel like himself again. So the question is ‘Can Gay Whatsapp group links help you come out of the closet?’ Read further to understand this sensitive issue even if not for yourself but for people around you. 

Coming out of the closet

Closet generally means the place or cupboard where you store things which are precious or rarely used like clothes, old toys, furniture, occasional decorative stuff and so on. “Coming out of the closet” is a metaphorical phrase which is associated with homosexual people and their self-disclosure of hidden sexual orientation. Just like a closet has been hiding things and waiting to get open, a person with different sexual orientation feels the same. Since this world has a majority of heterosexuals, they do not accept people different from them. Homosexuals are basically ‘Normal’ people with normal bodies but physically, mentally and spiritually attracted towards the same sex. It’s like their souls are born in the wrong body. Even though people are still in disbelief and blame modernisation for this movement, they do not know that this is natural and has been existing here since the existence of mankind. 

It’s just that now people are aware through the internet. The Internet is responsible for connecting a person to the whole world, so it is easier for them to make friends who click with them in the same type of stuff. 

LGBTQ movement has been helping people to come out of their closet and declare their freedom. While some support them, criticism is still roaming around them. While we think that we are surrounded by heterosexuals, there must be one person around you who is confused about his sexuality and can’t even share his issues in fear of getting ridiculed by the society. 

Confusion on Sexual orientation

There are many sources which are helpful for you to find people who can understand you as it is hard to discuss what you feel with a regular individual. We will talk specifically : 

  • Health Experts : Through the internet or making phone calls, fix an appointment with the health experts to discuss the puberty issues you feel as it is the Storm stage and your stress level is already high enough. Do not just google and do it. You might be confused about your sexuality. While you might notice your behaviour in childhood which can be feminine or masculine but also you might have confusion if you’re like males or females. Some people are Bi-sexuals and they like both. 
  • Research : On the internet, you can search about topics like sexuality, types of sexual orientation, feminine behaviours, masculine behaviours, puberty, etc. and gain knowledge. 
  • Sex Education : There are many workshops happening online and offline which talks specifically on sexuality and awareness. Find out about the events and attend them. Some might cost you but most of them are free.
  • Trusted Person : The person whether elder or younger which is your most closed and trustworthy friend or family member can help you come out of the closet. Tell what you feel and he can guide you.
  • Group Chats : There are many group chats online on social media platforms which are specific and people there share the same interests, you can join these groups on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit or Whatsapp. Since these groups are secretive and secured, you won’t find perverts or hackers. 

Gay Whatsapp group links (Updated)

These are recent Gay Whatsapp group links name for you or your gay friends to join in and make friends : 

  1. The Rise of Gay Empire
  2. 14-Gays Colombianos
  3. Man 4 Man BD
  4. Sri Lanka Gays Group
  5. Gay boy Whatsapp Group
  6. Gay Teen
  7. Camp buddy R21+ 
  8. Bad Life
  9. Stay Home and Have Fun
  10. Thanks for being in my life group
  11. Tamil Pasanga Gays
  12. Gordos y gorditos CDMX
  13. Catradora end game
  14. Gay Lounge chat
  15. The One
  16. Youth
  17. We are
  18. Dubai Friends
  20. World of Hunks…
  21. American Paradise
  22. Just Teen Guys cute
  23. Unknown Gay
  25. Resenha Baiana
  26. Tops Vs Bottoms
  28. Panas Barinas
  29. Solo Pies
  32. House of Gents
  33. Cookies Island
  34. Fetish Gays
  35. Love Forever
  36. Men Prostitute Kozhikode
  37. I Love Boy
  38. Chennai gay bottom slave
  39. Content
  40. Gay club
  41. Chat Hot. Gay y bis
  42. Chat Hot Gay, Bi
  43. G-228
  44. Cruising Piura
  45. Trichy Gay
  46. Delhi Gurgaon gays real
  47. Karachi gay and incest
  48. Gays with Pleasures
  49. Helix Studios
  50. Jogadores

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Things to keep in mind before joining these groups

As you are going to click on the whatsapp group links mentioned above, you need to keep some important things in your mind : 

  • Never share your discreet and personal information like bank account details and current address to any person. 
  • There might be hackers sitting there to find any important information and use it against you. Use VPN and another contact number.
  • Perverts are everywhere, even if those people have the same sexual orientation, they might be there just to take advantage of you and your body.
  • Never talk about your family member or friend in detail.
  • There might be virus or malware in photos, videos or links shared in the group. Never click or download without being sure about it and always run an antivirus scan on your operating device.
  • Inform your parents or any trustworthy person about what kind of group you are joining in case of any emergency.
  • If people in the group chat make a plan to meet in person, always take one of your friends for security reasons. Don’t be an emotional fool, be alert. 

We hope that this post was helpful for you as a gay person to find a new source of making friends or love partners and as a heterosexual to gain a new piece of information on a sensitive issue and taboo. 

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