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The first form of perfume spray or as the French call it ‘parfum’ dates back to 4000 years back. It was incense made by Mesopotamians, and ever since it is being used to create a fragrant atmosphere or a way to enhance your personality and make yourself presentable to others.

A great fragrance has a significant effect in making an enduring impression on the other person. You might dress up in your finest fibers but if you don’t smell good, all of your efforts are in vain. Nowadays, perfume has become an important factor in the grooming sector.

Whether you are a man or a woman, You do need a good fragrance in your closet. While making that choice you do have to be very careful as you do not know what is the right fragrance to go with your personality, body chemistry and aura.

Most people have a hectic schedule, thus, there is no time to groom yourself repetetively. What you need is a long lasting perfume which gets you covered for the entire day. You might think that such a product might be expensive but no need to worry, in our list of best long lasting deodorant under 200 you will find your budget friendly fragrance. So sit back and buy the best deodorant online in India.

1- Wild Stone Hydra Energy Deo

Suitable for both men and women, this fragrance is crafted withTop notes of lemon with pinch(s) of jasmine mixed with a base of sandalwood, throws a sensual vibe to your body.

Whether you are a person who wants to be taken as an embolden personality or a secretive yet sensitive one, this fragrance is your best partener.

Mrp- 210/- Offer Price- 158/- (150ml)

Top notes: Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Lily, Geranium, Basil

Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk

Check out this product here- Buy Wild Stone Hydra Energy Deo Body Spray for Men, 150ml Online at Low Prices in India – Amazon.in

2- French Essence Desire No Gas Deodorant

The reason this fragrance might appeal to you is because of its musky base which is garnished with a spicy rosemary touch. The notes of this fragrance might be ironic to each other but that is what creates a dense and fiery aroma around you. This scent will surely turn some heads to you in a social gathering and make you out of the ordinary.

Mrp- 210/- Offer price 147/- (120ml)

Top notes: Rose, Tuberose

Middle note: Spicy

Base: Woody Musky

Check out this product here- https://www.frenchessence.com/french-essence-desire-no-gas-deodorant-120ml-10fe02sp011025/

3-Old Spice Amber Deodorant

This lovely item from old spice can be a part of your daily grooming regime. Its long lasting qualities keep you fresh all day long.It has a floral mist with a white flower note which makes it appealing to all age groups. Suitable for both men and women, the fragrance is crafted to  highlight your personality.

Mrp- 250/- Offer Price- 159/- (140ml)

Top notes- Amber

Middle note- Lily

Base- Musk

Check out this product here- Buy Old Spice Amber Deodorant for Men, 140 milliliters Online at Low Prices in India – Amazon.in

4-French Essence Oud Deodorant Body Spray

Directly from the house of French, this long lasting fragrance is one of the best deodorants you can buy online in India. Crafted carefully with exotic ingredients, it is suited best to cope up with extreme Indian climatic conditions and keep you fresh for a longer period of time. The fragrance is unisex and brings out the bold person hidden inside you and boosts you with confidence.

Mrp- 259/- Offer price 181/- (200ml)

Top Note:  Citrus

Middle Note: Amber

Base: Oud

Check out this product here- https://www.frenchessence.com/french-essence-oud-body-spray-deodorant-200ml-273/

5-Fogg Marco Body Spray

It has all natural odor blockers that absorb sweat and have a long lasting effect which makes it suitable for the time when you are working out. The USP of this spray is that it has no gas. It is easy to carry, pocket friendly and one of the best long lasting deodorants under 200.

Mrp-230/-  Offer Price- 165/- (150ml)

Top Notes- Ginger and  Bitter Orange.

Middle notes- Rose and Jasmine.

Base- Honey-amber accord and Sandalwood.

Check out this product here – https://www.amazon.in/Fogg-Marco-Body-Spray-150ml/

Before we end this, A few things you need to keep in mind while using perfumes:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Hold the bottle 15 cm away from the body.
  3. For external use only.
  4. Keep away from flames
  5. Store in a cool dry place.

That’s it. Get your pocket friendly deodorant under 200 now.

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