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Typically tiny and white in colour, Burger Boxes Wholesale feature a slot for the burger meat and other slots for condiments. A toothpick is often used to hold a burger together once it has been assembled, and many takeout burger boxes feature a hole in the top to accommodate this. There is a broad range of sizes available for these burger containers. Typically, the smallest ones are about 4 inches by 3 inches, while the largest ones can be as big as 7 inches. Even smaller sliders can be served in specially designed mini burger boxes.

 You may have your restaurant’s name or emblem printed on these Burger Boxes Wholesale to make them match your establishment’s overall aesthetic. Separators in the burger boxes prevent the lettuce, tomato, onion, and other toppings from mixing with the burger itself during transport. In addition, special burger containers can be used to guard against the spread of germs by storing toppings in their own individual compartments. They maintain the food’s sterility during travel and construction by keeping items from falling apart. Here are a few alternatives to think about when personalising paper burger boxes:

Fast Food Burger Boxes Wholesale Suitable Packing

Careful consideration of custom packaging box material selection is required for achieving desired custom burger box appearance. Here are the three most important variables to consider when designing your own burger boxes:

Material with Corrugations:

There’s corrugated paperboard in these packaging materials. With this material, your product will arrive safely and securely at its destination without weighing you down.

Cardstock Substance:

The cardstock used for these burger boxes is sturdy. These containers are sleeker and glossier, making them look more expensive. It’s also very adaptable, so there are a variety of aesthetic routes for the buyer to go.

Solid Stuff:

The paperboard used to construct these containers is exceptionally sturdy. The material is long-lasting and adaptable to any desired dimensions, shade, or sheen.

Kraft Product:

The Kraft paper used to make these burger containers is brown. This helps greatly in lowering carbon emissions because it is simple to recycle, and because new and used paper burger boxes can be mixed to save waste. The versatility of Kraft lies in its adaptability and printability. Your food needs to be kept safe and secure, therefore when selecting a packaging material for your Burger Boxes Wholesale, it’s crucial to make sure it provides adequate protection for the product while also being environmentally friendly. To accommodate the growing number of eco-conscious customers, you should also verify that your personalised Burger Boxes Wholesale can be recycled.

Templates In Full Color For Burger Boxes

Burger boxes can be printed with your company’s logo in a variety of eye-catching colours and textures to attract customers. You should also pay some regard to the colour of the Kraft burger cartons. Colors should be chosen with both the product and the brand in mind. After settling on a container, it’s time to examine the Burger Boxes Wholesale hue. What follows is a list of available colour options:

Process Color System

You can use any Pantone colour you like with this colour model. Custom burger boxes are a wonderful application for this feature, since they allow your business to provide a differentiated and individualised product to customers. This colour scheme works for any kind of hamburger takeout box.

The CMYK Color Model

Colors in this model are constructed from cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, giving you a vast palette from which to pick. Offset printing uses this standard colour approach to make your paper burger boxes pop with colour and appeal to customers.

Methods of Burger Box Printing

When it comes to printing methods, you’ll need to know which ones work best for your Custom Printed Burger Boxes. There are essentially two paths you can take, and they are as follows:

Substituting Hand-Pressed Paper With Digital Ones

If you need to print a limited number of copies quickly, this is the best choice. When money is tight, this is a viable choice.

Types of Offset Printing

If you need to make a lot of stuff, but you want it to be perfect, this is the way to go. The model’s well-balanced hues also lend an air of professionalism to your little burger boxes.

Options for Individually Wrapped Hamburgers

The Custom Printed Burger Boxes can also be customised with branded add-ons. The subsequent choices are available to you:


Removing Spot UV Treatment from Window Patching

Pressing Hot Metals Together

You can personalise your burger boxes to your liking with these accessories.

Customized Burger Boxes, Finished

Also, burger boxes can be given a polished look with the use of finishing coats. You can choose from the following options:

Layer of Matte Varnish

Different types of finishing coats include varnish, soft-touch, and high gloss.

Any of these topcoats will work wonders in making your personalised burger boxes look sleek and polished.

Use Enticing Burger Boxes to Draw in Customers

Having your logo or business name printed on burger boxes is a terrific approach to get people interested in your business. The product packaging’s colour and material should be given some thought during the design process. The PMS Color Model, the CMYK Color Model, and digital or offset printing are the most frequent colour customization options for Printed Packaging Boxes. Embossing, debossing, spot UV treatment, window patching, hot stamping, finishing coatings, etc. are all available as options to further emphasise your brand and design. Using these, you may polish your burger box designs to perfection. Contact SirePrinting to have high-quality bespoke burger boxes made to your specifications.

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