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While a longboard appears easy at first there are some very important components and components work beneath the deck to ensure that you are riding effortlessly at high speeds.

While you must always keep your eyes on the deck as often as you do the bearings, wheels and other smaller parts however, don’t forget the trucks.

Longboard trucks, which are metal components that are shaped like a T and connected to the deck’s underside they keep your deck and wheels together.

The trucks you select are the most important thing to consider. Longboards require bigger trucks, however you have a variety of options.

Available in various types of materials, styles and from a selection of brands, you are able to modify your longboard’s appearance and the way it rides by choosing the right truck. Find the top longboard truck choices right here, with our top choices.

Best longboard trucks

This is the Best Longboard Trucks

  1. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50deg RKP Longboard Trucks
  • These trucks are swift and smooth, making the perfect vehicle for cruising or carving. They’re also extremely sensitive as well as precise.
  • This gives you greater durability no matter what you’re skating. The Caliber Cal II RKP trucks are specifically designed for longboards and come with a set of the original Bones Reds bearings, so you can improve your whole skating technique.
  • The trucks have an upgraded inner step which leads to a greater surface area for contact with the bushings , resulting in greater rebound.
  • It also provides better flexibility, which is a crucial characteristic to carve. The outside step of trucks is also able to fit any bushing and the kingpin’s size is much more precise.
  • You shouldn’t ignore the baseplate that is reinforced that increases the truck’s strength and the control of the user.

Be aware that these trucks could be requiring adjustments and modifications once they are installed.

Key Features

  • Two sets of
  • Incorporates Bones Red bearings
  • Size 10″ (axle from axle)
  • Available in a variety colors


  • BrandCaliber Trucks
  • Weight2.65 pounds


Stable ride

Highly responsive

Carve very smooth


It may need adjustments, or changes following installation

2. VJ Longboard Trucks

  • The trucks are priced affordably however, they’re built with top quality and are able to perform. With 7-inch hangers with an 9.75-inch axle and 92A bushings these longboards are constructed using aluminum of the highest grade which makes them light and extremely durable.
  • They’re reverse-kingpin with a 50-degree incline, which makes them perfect for turning and carving with just an ungainly body weight and a lean.
  • Combine these trucks with your longboard and you’ll be able to notice a huge difference in your skating. They’re great for pintail, downhill, or freeride snowboards.

While these are an excellent budget-friendly choice but they can be rigid, and you’ll probably require a change in the bushings on them for better performance as they’re of lesser quality.

Key Features

  • 7-inch hangar
  • 9.75-inch axle
  • Made of aluminum
  • Includes mounting hardware


  • BrandVJ


Smooth handling

Good construction

Ideal for cruises and sliding


Included bushings are not of high-quality.


3. Paris V2 Longboard trucks 180 mm

  •  While premium trucks might cost more, they provide certain benefits to every longboard’s skating set-up. Available as a pair these trucks are specifically designed to enhance your skating skills providing smoothness and smoothness that other components simply don’t.
  • It’s easy to move through your turns when you use the 180-millimeter 50-degree trucks that are specifically designed for longboards.
  • They’re made of aluminum that’s virgin and treated by a T6 heating process, the trucks come with grade 8 steel axles , as well as Kingpins that are pressed in, which means you’ll benefit from more strength and longevity. They’re extremely responsive and have high rebound because of the supplied Paris 90A bushings made of urethane.

The only issue is that these trucks are somewhat noisy during the initial few rides. But, this will be able to disappear after a few months of use.

Key Features

  • 180 millimeters
  • Made from virgin aluminum and steel
  • Accompanied by 90A bushings
  • Hardware for installation included


  • BrandParis

4. The Cal 7180mm Trucks with Wheels Bearings, Hardware

  •  They’re designed to withstand all the smacks and damage that come with longboarding. They’re made from lightweight aluminum, meaning you’ll still be able to cruise with no the extra weight.
  • Additionally, they’re extremely durable. You’ll enjoy a sturdy and smooth ride on the 9.75-inch wide axle of grade 8. The hangars are 180 millimeters.
  • A 50-degree baseplate is a must speedy performance. When you’re taking fast twists or racing along downhill they will let you to fly.
  • They don’t only come with the trucks , they come with a set 70 millimeter and durometer wheels that are specifically designed for cruising, as well as bearings, as well as all the equipment you’ll need.

These trucks are ideal to riders who are beginners, not experts with years of experience. If you’re an proficient rider, you may consider alternative alternatives.

Key Features

  • Virgin-grade aluminum trucks
  • 180-millimeter hangars
  • 9.75-inch axles
  • Includes two riser pads


  • BrandCal 7


A complete set of parts

Durable, long-lasting, and extremely durable

Wheels and bearings that are included are of top-quality


More suitable for novice skaters or those who are just starting out than the pros with experience

5. Caliber Trucks Cal II 44deg Longboard Trucks

  •  These trucks were specially designed for speed, and feature an entirely different design and extra-strong materials to stand at the top of your speed and the highest performance requirements.
  • They have a 44-degree hanger angle that allows downhillers to surpass the limits of speed racing. With the latest designs and techniques for manufacturing.
  • These trucks are 40 % stronger than comparable trucks, so you won’t need to be concerned about wear and wear and tear.
  • A bushing seat that is non-slip provides greater stability and stability and eliminates any movement during you’re riding.
  • It is also possible to decide if you would like an original set of Bones Reds bearings with your trucks.

However certain customers have complained that their trucks had blemishes. Be sure to inspect the product after delivery to ensure it isn’t damaged. If you find it, speak at the maker.

Key Features

  • 44-degree hanger angle
  • Ideal for downhill and high speed
  • It comes with 89A bushings


  • BrandCaliber Truck Co.
  • Weight2.6 pounds


Excellent for balance in downhills.

High-speed performance

Very precise


There are a few manufacturing imperfections that trucks might have.

6. VJ Longboard Trucks and Wheels

  •  If you’re just beginning to learn about longboard skating, a product such as that of the VJ Longboard Trucks and Wheels is a good option.
  • This package comes with the equipment you require and wheels that are a great match. There are two 180 millimeter trucks, with 7-inch hangers as well as 9.75-inch axles, as well as 70 millimeter wheels specifically designed for longboards.
  • Also included is a set of ABEC-7-type bearings as well as screws, 6-millimeter riser pads, as well as spacers, allowing you to build an entire set-up.
  • This is perfect for beginner skaters who haven’t yet decided to choose each piece of equipment but aren’t quite ready to do so yet. It has all the parts required, and they can all be used for freeriding and downhill skating.

However, the insufficient longevity is the main drawback you’ll experience with this set, as many of the customers have complained that the components do not last long.

Key Features

  • 7-inch hanger
  • 9.75-inch axle
  • Reverse kingpin construction
  • Includes bearings, wheels and more


  • BrandVJ


It is simple to put together

Very functional

You don’t need to purchase separate components


Parts don’t last long

7. Atlas Truck Co. Reverse Kingpin Ultralight Longboards

  •  Its Atlas Truck Co. Reverse Kingpin Ultralight Longboards will keep you covered in two crucial skating characteristics: strength of the truck and the ability to ride with precision.
  • The trucks come with 180 millimeter hangers and base plates with a 48-degree angle, and axles of 8 millimeters. They’re made of A356 aluminum forged.
  • These trucks are extremely strong and designed for precision. They’re so adept in controlling their speed that they’re nearly as good as the more expensive models.
  • With a ball pivot machined with a tapered kingpin and speed rings built-in You’ll be riding with a minimum of weight and be able to cruise smoothly as well as carving and freeriding. The lean is amazing and you’ll appreciate the responsiveness and fluidity under your feet.

Due to the accuracy of these trucks You’ll enjoy a predictable ride over a long distance. However, if you travel at high speeds, these trucks can be prone to wobble.

Key Features

  • 180-millimeter hanger
  • Made of A356 aluminum that has been forged
  • 48-degree angle
  • Kingpin Grade 8


  • BrandAtlas Truck Co.


Smooth ride

Great for deep carving

Excellent control


Unstabil at high speeds

8. Paris V3 180mm longboard Trucks

  •  The Paris V3 180mm Longboard Trucks are made with high-quality construction and performance after being mounted to your board.
  • Every set is manufactured using the latest manufacturing techniques and an alloy-based process that increases strength and reinforces.
  • The 180-millimeter 50-degree trucks are ideal for all types of longboards, and will fit on most longboard decks.
  • Whatever your preferred mode of riding, the high quality of the response you’ll receive from these trucks will result in an extremely high level of smoothness and maneuverability.
  • A reinforced structure, which has larger hanger shoulders, as well as the reinforced baseplate, eases the strain of skating and lets your board endure all types of wear and wear and tear.

Be aware that you might need to be sure to tighten the wheels in case you are planning to do lots of carving. The mounting hardware will not come in the purchase.

9. Gullwing Two Longboard Sidewinders

  •  The trucks are able to provide simple turning, precise carving, and a remarkably smooth ride. Combining the truck with your deck for your longboard makes each ride feel like riding in the street.
  • Built for maneuverability and effortless steering, the trucks come with the double kingpin configuration which tightens the board’s turning radius.
  • It also doubles the bounce when you’re carving or pumping. It will create tight lines and create more momentum.
  • If you’re riding in difficult terrain or just need to experience exaggerated turns that are easy to execute This is the perfect pair.

But, remember that these trucks need an appropriate amount of clearance in order to prevent wheel bites. Additionally, these trucks don’t come with hardware, which means you’ll need to build your own tools to set them up.

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