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What are the benefits of publishing guest articles?

When you are a blogger, writing relevant articles with regularity is an obvious fact. This is one technique among many others to develop the notoriety, statistics and natural referencing of your blog. 

If publishing articles on your own Guest blog is obvious to all bloggers, this evidence is a little less unanimous when it comes to publishing on a blog other than your own. This difference of opinion is easily understandable. 

However, although this practice may seem counterproductive at first sight, writing articles and publishing them as a guest on other sites has many advantages that we will see in detail in this article. 

But before getting to the heart of the matter, and presenting these many benefits, let’s take a few moments to clarify what guest posting is.  

Guest articles and publication of guest articles: what you need to know-

Spotlight on guest articles and publication of guest articles

A guest post is an article that a blogger writes specifically for another blog. He will then publish this Amazing article on the said blog as a “guest” author.  

The invitation can be done in several ways. Either author A, owner of blog A, contacts author B, owner of blog B, to offer him a guest article directly. Either it is author B who takes the first step towards author A to ask him “very nicely” if he would like to publish an article on his blog B. In some cases, the collaboration can be bilateral, that is that is, each of authors A and B submits a guest article to be published on the other’s blog. 

In either case, there is an exchange of content, but also of the audience. This practice, also well known under the Anglo-Saxon names “guest posting” or “guest blogging” is very appreciated and very practiced in the sphere of blogging as well as digital marketing. 

The main reason is that it benefits all parties: the guest blogger, the host blogger, and their respective audiences. The blogger was invited to the opportunity to address, in addition to his usual audience, a fresh audience likely to appreciate his article and subscribe to his blog. As for the host blogger, he receives original, interesting and enriching content on his blog, to the delight of his subscribers.  

Improve your writing skills

This is the very first advantage of guest blogging, but few people talk about it. This advantage of guest blogging may seem impertinent at first glance, yet it is one of the most obvious benefits of this technique. 

When you write for your personal blog, it very quickly happens that you enter into a kind of editorial routine. You choose a theme, conduct additional research, cross-check your ideas relevantly, and write. In such a routine, the quality of text you settle for, in terms of writing style and originality of content, can dull over time. This phenomenon is completely human and gradually becomes embedded in your habits, especially when you lack pressure and new challenges to take up. Constrained by such a result, writing a guest article will encourage you to pay attention to the smallest detail: grammar, spelling, writing style and of course, the relevance of the information you share. 

Also, not all blogs have the same writing style, writing guest posts has the advantage of sharpening your ability to adapt to a wide range of writing styles.Thus, in the same way that a blacksmith perfects his art by forging, guest blogging allows you to improve in a very efficient and very productive way. 

Building Valuable Relationships

Guest blogging is mainly a blogging strategy based on mutual aid and partnership. Basically, you exchange good services between colleagues. They lend you their audience, and you give them free content. 

But guest blogging allows you to do so much more. You are aware that creating a blog is most often a question of passion. By collaborating with other bloggers in your niche, you are likely interacting with people who are passionate about the same topics as you. What to share your passion and learn more. 

It’s still up to you to keep your relationships healthy with other bloggers. To do this, all you have to do is: 

  • Be responsive and courteous in your email exchanges;
  • Submit original content;
  • Meet your deadlines.  

Reach a larger audience

A blogger writes, above all else, for the interest of his audience. An established audience that follows and appreciates the blogger’s works and is likely to grow over time. 

When a blogger publishes a guest post on another blog, he is addressing readers who probably don’t know him, who don’t know his works or his expertise. A guest post is therefore a great opportunity for a blogger to make a good impression on a completely foreign audience. 

By writing a guest post on a blog, you appeal to an audience different from yours. The people in this audience are interested in its author, therefore you. They come to your blog as simple visitors, consult your work. And some end up subscribing so you don’t miss any of your next publications. Simple, isn’t it?

In theory, yes. However, imagine for example that your blog is focused on topics related to digital marketing, and that you publish as a guest on a blog that talks about economics and finance. Do you think you will get the desired result? No Unfortunately. To hope for interesting results, it is above all necessary to choose with weighting the blogs with which you choose to collaborate. 

Accumulate excellent quality traffic

In addition to increasing the audience you reach, you receive excellent quality traffic on your blog. 

To simply attract traffic to your website, a known technique is to pay to sponsor advertisements that Internet users will see. The major drawback of this method is that the people who arrive on your site are not necessarily very interested in the subject. They are, for the most part, simply curious people who will leave your site after a few clicks. 

Conversely, when you publish as a guest on a blog, it is consistent that your audience is “really” interested in the subject you are talking about. You are therefore addressing a “warmer” audience that has more interest in visiting your blog and appreciating your work. 

Build a reputation in the community

Admittedly, getting a blog off the ground is not an easy task. The Internet is a big market where everyone does and says what they want. Internet users are aware of this, and for this reason, they will only believe you (and your blog) when they have proof of your credibility.  

Posting as a guest on websites that have notoriety has the enormous advantage of providing you with this credibility. Imagine for a moment that you have a developed blog, with a strong, well-established audience and notoriety. Would you accept that such publishes on your blog if you do not consider his work sufficiently original and interesting? No, of course not. 

No blog worthy of the name will accept that you publish on their site if you do not show up to it. That too, Internet users know it. If a blog with established credibility publishes a guest post, it’s likely that the author is worth paying attention to. Therefore, the higher the notoriety of the blog on which you are guest posting, the better the credibility you will be given. 

The best thing about this benefit is that it affects readers as well as bloggers. For having published an article of exclusive quality on an authoritative site, you will have less difficulty convincing another blog of the same rank to publish one of your guest articles. Simply because you are more credible.   

Boost shares on social networks

A guest post produces exposure with incredible potential. What I have already stated is that within the audience that discovers you, readers who appreciate your article are likely to subscribe to your blog. But in fact, the exhibition goes further. Readers who like your guest post also have the option to share it on social media. 

In terms of volume, social networks are the second largest source of traffic, just behind search engines. Thus, each sharing of your articles on social networks has two advantages. On the one hand, the audience reached by your article is multiplied and you implicitly gain new subscribers. On the other hand, it actively participates in the growth of your social profile, if you have one. 

It is very important if you are running a business to promote it in as many places as possible. And this advice also applies to your blog. 

Find new opportunities

By new opportunities, I’m referring to visitors who go way beyond just reading your guest post. These are specific visitors who, seduced by your guest article, visit your site, subscribe to your blog, and even go so far as to make a purchase. That’s quality traffic! 

Yes, it must be said openly, blogging is a very lucrative activity. When offering a product or service, what a blogger ultimately wants is to generate revenue. We can camouflage it as we want, but in the end, what really interests us is the quality traffic that leads to the purchase. 

Even for companies that can afford sky-high budgets, content marketing remains a wild and temperamental beast that can both increase revenue and completely digest the amounts invested. 

Guest blogging is an excellent way, free of charge, to increase your clientele. It effectively replaces the usual outbound marketing strategies. In other words, rather than contacting customers directly or waiting for them to find you, you take your message directly to interested people. Interested persons are the subscribers of the host blog. The message is your name, your brand and your value proposition. 

Create relevant backlinks and improve your natural referencing-

To better sell your name, the name of your brand, your products or your services, it is essential that you appear among the very first results in the search engines. Managing a website to get it to the top of this list takes resources, a lot of effort and time. 

The set of techniques used to mount a site in the results pages of search engines, and more particularly Google, is called natural referencing or Search Engine Optimization in English. One of the many criteria used by Google to assess the ranking of a website is the quality and number of backlinks pointing to this site. 

Even if you are new to the field, you have most likely heard of it at least once before. Nevertheless, as a reminder, a backlink is a particular link placed on any site and which leads directly to your own site. The more you get to have “good” backlinks on authoritative sites, the better you are referenced on search engines.

This criterion is well known to natural referencing enthusiasts. In fact, a website that does not have backlinks on other sites will hardly be referenced on Google. Therefore, the creation of links is one of the most important axes of natural referencing. And it’s also one of the main reasons many people get into guest blogging. 

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